Drake Responds To Kendrick Lamar's "Control" on Future's "Sh!t" Remix

If a n*gga say my name he the hot sh*t/but if I say that nig*a name he still the hot sh*t

(AllHipHop News) In the most subliminal manner possible, Drake has finally responded to Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse on the remix to Future’s “Sh!t”.

After that line highlighted above this post, Drake further hints that he is speaking on Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse by rapping “funny how they dangling the bait but I’m one killing n*ggas on the hook.”

Terrence “Punch” Henderson and Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith, CEOs of Top Dawg Entertainment quickly responded to Drake’s diss on their personal Twitter accounts:

The song is featured on DJ Esco’s No Sleep mixtape.

Check out Drake’s response Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse below:

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79 Responses to “Drake Responds To Kendrick Lamar's "Control" on Future's "Sh!t" Remix”

    • Caliwaver

      how is he late? hes talking about more shit then k dot. you didn’t hear the nigga spit about his Jordan deal? sound like a hater.

  1. bigdoe6

    This goes to show u how the real the 90s was. All this back and forth crap. I’m sure these guys done either saw each other in public since that control song. None of them ain’t pop off yet? Too much catty girly stuff to me.

    • Charter

      Waaaaaaiiiit a f*ckin minute here… you’re actually MAD they’re keepin it on wax and not tryna KILL each other over music???! They’re only REAL if they end up like Biggie/Pac/Etc???
      LOL…… Sounds like you and the KKK got somethin in common, wanna see niggaz die.

      • Dope

        They don’t need to kill each other, but a good lyrical battle is always welcome. But these rappers afraid to say anything nowdays. I’d would never even notice this line as being anything other than a random line, that’s how sneaky the whole game is.

      • bigdoe6

        I never wrote anything about someone killing each other. Get the nuts out ya mouth.

      • Charter

        Unless you’re just as “catty” as the ppl you’re callin out, what else could “None of them ain’t pop off yet” mean????

        Iono bout you, but where I’m from “pop off” only means one thing, and it damn sure ain’t rappin/talkin.
        Sounds like you may be a lil “catty” yourself.

  2. majesticking

    I think they’re both lyrical. Drakes got the formula which he has proven as far as being marketable, he writes decent songs personally I don’t care for some of the production a lot of these guys have, Kendrick to me was a breath of fresh air from the norm, I’m all for lyrical competition for battling has always been a cornerstone in Hip Hop. I think Kendrick would win in a battle, he just sounds harder to me I can’t visualize drake sounding hard I mean its just my opinion.

    • Caliwaver

      damn so rappers have to sound hard to win a battle now days lol. and u said Kendrick sounds hard? have u herd dude voice? he sound like a girl fam.

    • BigHomie337

      Kendrick sounds harder? Lol. Yea right. A battle between Kendrick and Drake would be equal to a pillow fight between cheerleaders. Drake is as lyrical as Kendrick but he makes music for everybody. The 2 songs they were on 2gether, Drake had a better verse each time. But they both soft as shit if u ask me. Ppl hate Drake because of his success and give Kendrick a pass cuz he’s from Compton.

      • Caliwaver

        True statement!! And they hate Drake cuz he light skins and feel like he don’t fit in.

  3. majesticking

    What a response, please someone should get in his ear and let him know that just because your popular and have sold a lot doesn’t make you a dope MC. IN FACT MOST THESE DUDES IS JUST RAPPERS. TALKING LOUD YET NOT SAYING NOTHING, MC means master of ceremony, to move crowds there’s still some of us left just not to many of us are mainstream.

    • LaurynHernandex

      Actually it does. See what you don’t understand is “Real Hip Hop” doesn’t sell,but Drake has this market on tap. Three platinum plaques and grammy nomination without a deal or a record out. That’s talent. MC is old and no one cares for it. If these MC’s were so good they’d be selling. Now go listen to nas and tell me you like that shit.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        Hip hop doesn’t, and never needed awards and certifications to be Hip hop. That’s what’s messing it up now. True lyricism is determined by the people who understand, and are fans of lyricism. Not people who buy an album because of the clothes the artist wears, the car he drives or who he hangs out with. By the way, Drake does have a deal. He signed to YMCB who’s parent company is universal.

      • LaurynHernandex

        Lyricism lol? That doesn’t mean anything. Just because you don’t understand a rapper don’t mean they nice and multis are very easy to do. Also I was referring how he was nominated for a Grammy without a label or album. He has the biggest buzz since 50 cent ten ten years ago. Also just because less ppl buy it doesn’t mean it’s lyrical. Some people just like feeling smart listening to wack shit.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Whoa whoa whoa whoa!!! What nas ever did to you?!? What your sayin makes no sense when any rapper thats sellin any records wear that MC name with honor. Eminem, kanye, jay z, kendrick lamar, NAS, ti, even drake macklemore and lil wayne are MCS. Expand your mind. When u think of MC you think of mos def and common. All them dudes sellin albums would be insulted if you didnt consider them MCS.

      • LaurynHernandex

        So? I don’t care if they’re insulted they need to try to sell some records it is the entertainment business after all. Also I never said that Drake and ect weren’t MC’s. They are successful MC’s.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Your contradicting yourself. You said “mc is old and no one cares for it”. It cant be old and no one cares for it one minute but all the rappers sellin albums consider themselves MCS and now their the “successful MCS”. The rappers who have sold the most records consistantly and have gotten the most acclaim have been MCS. if you wanna just talk money and capitalism all day and thats how u wanna view hiphop then thats cool. But its still an art form and the rappers who become successful for a career as apposed to a single or 2 are true MCS….

      • LaurynHernandex

        Nah. It ain’t art. Black people think it is,but singing is talent. Talking fast isn’t.

  4. Obi Won

    That damn Hook was the worst, who ever was in the booth with Future when he spit that is not his people for real.
    Glad to hear 3 6 Mafia still flows through Juicy J’s blood. Juice ripped that beat.
    Drake, as much as I don’t like or listen to this ninja, he did his thing on here, he was faking hard, cant really miss with a beat like that though.

    Some lines were tough
    “I hear u talk about your city like you run there, then I brought my tour to your city you my son there”
    “A million aint shit when you get a mil, niggaz say its all good that’s how you better feel nigga”
    “Fuc niggaz gonna be fuk niggaz, that’s why never gave a fuc when a fuk nigga switched up”

  5. Crenshaw on my shirt

    U would think if a nigga took 4 or 5 months to respond he would come up with sumthn better than that bullshit…

  6. Elayorx El

    Umm, did I miss something, or did actually making a name for oneself have to do now, with only dissin somebody, cause last time I checked, Kendrick did not need any of these ploys. In my humble, Drake is feeling this way, and does not feel KDOT is on his level, therefore throwing only a few lines to the sitch. We are so desensitized to what real is anymore, we’re so ready to call any old thing great, or high quality. Lamar will be on Drake’s level when he finally decides to just do him, and stop foolishly thinking Hip-Hop was built on this beef, and having to sound hard crap! Both these dudes is fire, and should beef prevail, let them both team up, and go at these modern day minstrels, still getting official budget backing. Real Hip-Hop turn up!

      • Elayorx El

        Real Hip-Hop is like our subconscious. You really can’t see it, or know it’s there, but you couldn’t exist without it, and instinctively, I think REAL Hip-Hop, is what we all are truly searching for, at the end of the day. Respect.

      • Immortal

        Bruh you know when you hear REAL Hip Hop from a REAL MC. It’s not a tangible thing where you are correct, but it clicks in your intellectual mind and not in your groins where most rap is today. Hip Hop you can connect with, relate to, and in some way or another feel as if the artist is actually speaking to you personally. Everything comes together to make a complete package, and there’s no dumb dances, just a lot of head bobbin and vibin going on. And again you are right, we all are searching for it, we know where it is, and it’s not just east or west or third coast, but for most of us, we shy away from it because it might not bring the ladies out; they won’t shake their a$$es to a mindless drone on a beat; Hip Hop is complicated and the rhymes are usually to hard to memorize the first, second, or even third go round. The beat is there just for you to tap to, but the message is loud and clear. That’s why I say and will continue to say there are many cookie cutter, factory-made, run of the mill rappers out there with danceable beats and catchy hooks, but very VERY few Hip Hop artists or MC’s as they are correctly referred to. Hip Hop lasts forever where rap is the here and now….and now is forgotten. It’s been almost 30 years since Run DMC came out, and we STILL know the words to My Adidas. 10 years from now will we know who future, Khaled, Jeezy are? I think not.

      • LaurynHernandex

        Nah. Real hip hop doesn’t exist. It either is or it ain’t. What you need to argue is if hip hop is even music.

      • Immortal

        If that’s you opinion, then you roll with it. But notice that you are on a “Hip Hop” site talking about the music, so something in there doesn’t add up.

  7. RBG

    its funny that kendricks yes men are acting like nobody has done a good response. to be honest kendrick just said peoples names. he never got indepth on any particular rapper, so why should anybody dedicate a whole song much less a whole verse to show kendrick any attention?

      • Celz

        He didn’t pick targets he shouted niccas out.. If you in a cypher you tryin to make ANYONE look stupid who is in the cypher wit you. So if he even acknowledges you it’s respect.

        This shyt prolly a fake Kanye 50 Cent industry beef anyeay..

    • Jayson C Williams

      Those aren’t yes man those are his bosses who propelled him to this level. Don’t forget rappers are still employees and while the can gross they usually have to venture out of rap or solidify their brand.. Everything else i agree

  8. Caliwaver

    I love how when its about drake you haters come out lol. niggas don’t comment on nothing in the news section even if its yall fav artist, but let it be about drake, yall show ya faces. smh

  9. majesticking

    So who thinks Kendricks verse on control wasn’t hard, listen to how his voice changes when he’s in battle mode this is what I mean by he sounds harder, again they both do a little harmonizing here and there yet one needs to be careful with all that singing when your an Mc.you think not ask Ja-rule then? A lot of you people on here need to grow up and stop being so sensitive to peoples opinions, its just that their opinion, Both these guys are talented without question yet KDOT raised the bar so stop with all the subliminal disses be a man pull your skirt up and call out who you talking about. This goes out to any so called mc that’s been called out. Shits getting tired for real!

  10. ILL Will

    My first Kendrick song was look out for detox..I liked lil bruh since…I really dont dig Drake cuz bruh seem kinda outta place with the gangsta talk and I cant stand the singing seriously..but I think lil Disney got talent and he sounds smart and all but I don’t think Canada dry wants it from that lil Compton boy. Both them young boys talented man but if I had to choose I gotta roll wit Kdot. I mean did anyone see that memphis video from Drake with his pops…Bruh looked so out of place and his mannerisms show he isn’t used to our kind….American havenots that is…

    • Celz

      Co-Sign everything X10

      Drake is one of the most talented niccas in the game period.. But he need to meet up with Andre 3000 and learn how you can be a real ass nicca without being hood and STILL get respect in the hood.. On some emcee shyt he wants no parts of Kendrick. But Drake is naturally close to the Michael Jackson lane.. He can make music that anyone can relate too and he has enough talent to be a legend but he pretty much threw away his chance to be a musical legend by trying to be relevant today..

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