Ohio Police Chief To Kanye West: "Check Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself"

(AllHipHop News) Once again something Kanye West said is upsetting someone. This time it was Ye comparing himself to police officers and military members. During a recent interview, West said, “Wow, this is like being a police officer or something, in war or something” in reference to what he sees as the danger of being a performer.

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One cop took offense to those assertions and penned an open letter to the “I Am A God” rapper. Police Chief David Oliver of Ohio’s Brimfield Police Department wrote a post on the department’s Facebook page addressing Kanye’s “very ignorant assessment.”

Oliver also calls Kanye “misguided,” suggests he sign-up for the military to fight in Afghanistan, and ends his letter with “check yourself, before you wreck yourself.”

Read Chief Oliver’s letter to Kanye West below.

Dear Kanye West,

I am honored to be writing such an important star. I am a mere Internet sensation. I’m not sure I am worthy to address you, although the Huffington Post did say I was “Humorous and Insanely Popular.” I don’t pay much attention to those things. Anyway, please excuse my interference in your life for a quick second.

I read your interview and also watched it on video.  You said:
“I’m just giving of my body on the stage and putting my life at risk, literally.….and I think about it. I think about my family and I’m like, wow, this is like being a police officer or something, in war or something.”

I want to thank you for putting your life on the line for all of us every day.  I know that being a rapper is tough work.  I have tried to rap, and it is very difficult to keep up with the pulse of the rhyme flow…although when Ice Ice Baby comes on the radio, I can usually keep up with ol’ Vanilla. Anywho, your job is just some very dangerous work. Most people don’t consider… if you rap really fast, without a chance to inhale, you could pass out and hit your head.

That last paragraph was covered in sarcasm.  I’m letting you know,  just so you do not think I agree with your very ignorant assessment of your career (or any other performer)as it relates to a person in the military or a police officer’s service.  You sir, are as misguided as they come.  I do have a suggestion for you.  Since you are accustomed to danger, from your life as an international rapper, I am strongly encouraging you immediately abandon you career as a super star and join the military. After joining, I would like you to volunteer to be deployed in Afghanistan or one of the numerous other forward locations where our men an women are currently serving.  When the Taliban starts shooting at you, perhaps you could stand up and let the words flow. It could be something like “I’m Kanye West, wearing a flak vest.”  I’m sure they would just drop weapons and surrender. You could quite possibly end all wars, just from the enemy being star-struck.

Your line of thinking is part of the problem in the world today….which include entertainers thinking they are something more than just entertainers.  I know it is supply and demand and the demand for your services is high. I get economics.  What I do not get is you EVER comparing what you do for a living to our heroic military members, who are always in harm’s way… and my brother and sister police officers who have to go to work carrying weapons and wearing a bullet-proof vest to protect themselves.

Check yourself, before you wreck yourself….Chief Oliver.

via HuffPost

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  • HipHopDurso.com

    I like that

  • Chief went strong on him. well played i say

    • danny4572

      but why “well played”? what was the point of this letter? why is he so concerned about a couple of words that came out of another mans mouth? it wasnt something so serious yet he tried to make it like it was.. kanye has his own experiences.. every person is different.. it’s not like he said “f the police i could do a better job and i am in a higher risk of dieing than most police officers” lol

      • wow, u didnt have read the letter.. kanye is nothing just artist, is he gonna save the world or stop the war? no, cuz soldiers do what he cant, and his risk is nothing worth

      • danny4572

        i “didnt have read the letter”? yes i did actually.. “kanye is nothing just artist”? if he is “nothing” how can he be “just artist”? you ask “is he gonna save the world”? well that depends because im sure his music has helped a lot of people out there.. im also aware that he has used a lot of money to help people and you may find that out if you use trusty google… but im guessing in your case you relate “saving the world” to holding a gun and playing governments chess huh?.. seems like you also took his comments a little too far btw.. he was basically saying that he’s stepping out in front of random people who could attack him at any moment based on his status.. yea you could argue it being a bit over dramatic to be comparing it to fighting a war in the middle east (whatever country the powers have decided to invade now) but why make such a big deal out of THIS? yea why not focus on being a cop, fighting a war etc. rather than being caught up on a few words that came out of kanyes mouth?

  • Say y’all bois need to listen to 1997. From ringleader shon. Here’s his website. Just connect the spaces cuz I can’t link it

    www. Ringleadershon . com

  • Obi Won

    “When the Taliban starts shooting at you, perhaps you could stand up and let the words flow” Lol, Bulls eye
    Now, only if Kanye would understand it, and not lash out like a kid whose parent told him no cookies before bed.

  • Casor_G

    Kanye keep losing

    • danny4572

      i think he’s winning to be honest.. living HIS dreams..

      • brotha_man

        how do u know he’s living his dream?

      • danny4572

        im pretty certain he has a passion for music.. he has attained great success in music as a rapper and a producer.. he also has passion for fashion, art etc. and is pursuing them…

      • brotha_man

        i guess we all define “living the dream” differently

      • danny4572

        how do you define it?… seriously im very curious?

      • brotha_man

        my dream is irrelevant for this topic. im just saying u cant assume he is living his dream, unless u know him personally….sure he’s happy, he’s rich, and successful. but that doesnt mean he is living his dream…maybe his dream involved his mom….maybe be it didnt. it appears he is living his dream….hell, MLK had a dream.IJS

  • MrNoName2K

    I know theres some ruggish thuggish wannabe dumbass out there thats gonna take his statement the wrong way but on some real sh*t, he aint lying at all. Hell even Obama called his a jackass lol. You can think you whatever you wannabe goin around and actually declaring that sh*t is something else. Ol Ye gotta eat that humble pie but the sad thing is he gonna shrug it off and keep on doin what he do and saying what he wanna say and aint no one gonna stop him because hes already “YESUS”..FOH..Good move Chief

  • JimJames29

    Unnecessary and corny. WTF does Ohio police have to do with Kanye West.

    • hoeyuno

      What does kanye have to do with police or military…there both dumb.

      • danny4572

        nothing… he just used a comparison in relation to the possibility of being randomly attacked because hes in the public eye and theres dangerous people who could randomly try and attack him because of his status.. then this old guy latches onto the words and for some reason felt so offended (CHOSE to take offense) over something so little…

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  • danny4572

    so he took some little comments too serious and decided to try and get some publicity from it? the police officer is in the wrong here for CHOOSING to get offended over something kanye said.. something little he said which he probably didnt give full thought too…pointless.. also he was saying he could basically be attacked because of the position he is . people are unpredictable..

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      exactly. if someone else besides Kanye would have said it then people would have understood.

  • hoeyuno

    “If you rap really fast. without a chance to inhale. you might pass out and hit your head”…that was kinda funny..

  • They are both idiots!

  • kanye west ruffling everybody’s feathers.people trip and wanna get serious over every little comment he makes.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    Is this dudes eyes blue in this picture? WTF? Negro? might be time to trade this dude in the racial draft. where is Dave Chapelle when you need him!

    • Jay Rey

      dam I miss dave!!!…..forshizzle!!

  • Jason Mazur

    Let me preface by saying that Kanye is a great artist and entertainer. I would even further that statement by saying I would even call him a bit of a renaissance man. However lets put things into perspective for those that keep saying “why everybody making a big deal out of everything Kanye does” or some statement similar. Point blank period, Kanye has all the makings of a spoiled self centered child with a ME ME ME syndrome/complex. Most of his “defenders” will never come close to attaining a small portion of what he has or achieved YET without these “defenders” and supporters, Kanye would not have a portion of success that he has attained. One would think that someone with such blessings would be more grateful and humble in his approach to what he considers HIS difficulties. One might even use the phrase of “being more sympathetic”. Kanye won’t get royalties on his million dollar plus Nike deal HOWEVER most will not get the deal and many cannot even afford Nikes. The paparazzi just won’t leave Kanye alone, Many won’t have the opportunity to be heard or seen when there is more dire need to have this publicity for their plight and struggle. Kanye is in a war. A class war within a class. However there are youth, military and police in these streets of America and world wide that are in a more desperate war. Their blood is shed daily. Their bodies litter the floor as they are shot down over drugs, guns, crime, being an innocent victim or protecting our country and even more close to home protecting our homes, mothers, siblings and communities. Kanyes issues are trivial in comparison to that of the mainstream world. As for everyone coming at him, there is a saying that goes something to the affect of

    “If one person tells you you’re a horse , they are
    crazy. If three people tell you you’re a horse, There’s conspiracy
    afoot. If ten people tell you you’re a horse,it’s time to buy a saddle”

    • Pierre Elliott



    LOL.. well… kanye was just asking for it!

    I’ve always been a fan but this guy is losing his mind! he’s made too many stupid comments lately!

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  • Arrie Mental Woodard

    the cop needs to go patrol a neighborhood, nopt worry about wht kanye says… i think the cop just wanted his 15 minutes of fame. What kanye says doesnt affect me at all!

    • Rosely Rosario

      It doesn’t affect u because you are not a cop nor are you military personnel. So how about you stfu because the cop had all the right in the world to feel the way he does Fu*k FACE
      -retired Marine

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        active duty navy, 10 years deep puzzy, and still feel the same way. no go play in traffic with your retired ass. Captain Save A azz mufuka

      • Rosely Rosario

        Lol ok devil dolphin your definitely not a sailor fake ass hardcharger do not pose as active duty personnel when your actually not dick face

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        i would never sit and debate my military career with you. you are a marine and your IQ isnt high enough, now go clean your rifle, and watch full Metal Jacket on repeat. you mad because i feel the cop should not be wasting time on kanye or his thoughts. We got mufuckas playing the knock out game, inncoent victims being hit with stray bullets, crack and other heavy drugs still pumping thru communities and this dude writing letters to Kanye??? And to say i am not a sailor is laughable. i guess you are not a retired marine either, huh? FOH. if you served your time in the military then big ups to you but GTFOH with that other shit you’re talking. if you’re concerned about kanye and his bullshit then the military taught you nothing. live your life and save all that tough shit for the battlefield!!!!

      • Myleage

        he is giving an analogy. he is saying there are dangerous ppl and when performing you never know when someone might target and attack you hence why he says he feeeeeeels like a cop. since when do similes are taken wholeheartedly. entertainers, especially rappers, are targeted. look at what happened to 2 chainz. so yes, being a famous rapper is tough and ur life is at risk. so how does that take away anything from what a police man does? the niggas who clean them windows 50 feet in the air have a dangerous job too. police arent the only ones. firefighters, lawyers, judges, actors, nurses, pilots, all have danger to them. is he gonna get mad at all of them?

      • danny4572


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  • J. Scott

    Awesome. Kanye is a little bitch and people need to keep telling him so he doesn’t forget.

  • micky jones

    Well said cheif oliver.

    Okay so my feels and thoughts on rappers being in danger and such,if they are,they bring it on themselves sometimes,i wont say all the time,but sometimes,but nothing compared to police officers and military members. I mean look at what lyrics kanye writes these days,and look at how much anger and trashy lyrics is shown through his songs. Maybe if the man would write a meaningful song and get his perspective together,things would be going a little more smoothly in his career,and i might actually respect the guy and buy his tunes. But as of now,i don’t see that ever happening. He has got no respect for other people! Such a shame,ill pray for the dude,not completely bash him,we all should do that for a change for a lot of the mainstream artists that are in the wrong path in life – micky

    • danny4572

      theres nothing wrong with including anger in songs.. it’s an emotion and he’s expressing himself.. look at the amount of stuff coming out where it’s just “artists” mumbling a script over a beat with no emotion in hopes of making a quick check.. “meaningful”? you cant judge that in this case with your bias.. and your last few lines just make you come across as a holier than thou, pathetic person who thinks he’s superior.. you pray for other people and determine that their life is the “wrong path in life”? who the f are you? what makes YOU know that HIS life is the “wrong path”? derp.. living life from your gut feeling, chasing your passions etc. seems like a pretty good “path” to me.. much better than listening to you (another person) and living your life as someone who is not you…

      btw i pray for you man.. hopefully your life will turn around and you will become a better and happier person.. 😉
      “God bless”

      • micky jones

        His newest album yeezus should speak for itself! I’m not gonan quote some of the stuff he says. But I’m not better than anyone. It just disappoints me how twisted people perspectives can be.

      • danny4572

        yea lets face it you get offended over some naughty words and anger being expressed that you use it to totally overlook everything in such an ignorant way.. anybody who is involved in music and music production can respect yeezus.. originality, creative, pushing boundaries etc.. i dont get the point fo your comment honestly.. it’s “disappointing” to me how “twisted” your perspective is tbh… “God bless you”.. i will be praying for you and hopefully your path will change and you will be less judgmental, less ignorant and less close minded.. o_O

      • micky jones

        your defending silly lyrics from a guy that says his music career is as dangerous as people in the military. I’m close minded? I actually have morals and care about stuff i listen to and how it can affect me. You can go enjoy those silly lyrics as much as you want,and look up to the guys ignorance,but ill pass.

      • danny4572

        yes you are very close minded and the evidence is there as you can see your comment still stands in plain view.. “morals”? that has nothing to do with this but “morals” are subjective to an extent anyways and the standards change yearly.. im not the biggest fan of kanye though actually but i can respect the art and creativity produced especially in such an original and innovative sounding album like his newest release.. and im also not an oversensitive crybaby who thinks that naughty words and expressing anger (an emotion) in music are bad.. do you also ignorantly overlook songs like “Eminem – Kim” just because they happen to be a little dark and edgy? just w/e.. anyways back to the actual subject of this page i again think it’s pointless to catch feelings over something very little and to magnify it is very “silly”..

      • micky jones

        Eminem may write catchy songs but if he wrote clean lyrics like twenty one pilots ,or trip lee does,man i would so love his music,but trashy music is just not something i enjoy. I don’t hate kanye’s music all together as a whole,i love the 808s and heartbreak album,but id do anything to have talent like him,and for him to write such trashy lyrics ,it disappoints me. He can be better than that. And stop calling me close minded,why would i want to be open minded to trashy songs,there’s pleanty of other words you can express yourself with lol anyways,take care,this arguement ,although it has been sorta a fun debate,we both apparently have totally 2 different opioins,so i guess we can just let our opinions be as they are. peeace

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