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The Street On Beastie Boy's "Paul's Boutique" Cover Could Become "Beastie Boys Square"

(AllHipHop News) New Yorkers may have been denied the opportunity to walk down Christopher Wallace Way in Brooklyn, but a new petition has begun to give the Lower East Side some Hip Hop history. A petition by film location scout and Brooklyn resident LeRoy McCarthy has begun to turn the street corner pictured on The Beastie Boys’ seminal 1989 album Paul’s Boutique after the Hip Hop trio.

McCarthy’s campaign to rename the intersection of Ludlow and Rivington streets in New York City’s Lower East Side neighborhood to Beastie Boys Square is his latest after Brooklyn Community Board 2 rejected his request to have St James Place and Fulton Street co-named Christopher  Wallace. McCarthy wants to have one street dedicated to Hip Hop in each of New York City’s five boroughs due to the genre’s lasting impact on the city:

Over the course of 40 years, hip-hop has contributed to the economy, to fashion, tourism, race relations and New York City had projected this onto the world. Where is the recognition from New York City? Has there been any? I don’t see that.

While Christopher Wallace Way was rejected due to the Notorious B.I.G.’s criminal past and vulgar lyrics, The Beastie Boys’ reverence in the area could help their cause. On the famous intersection now is wrap joint Wolfnights and its general manager Vicky Dalva expressed the continued support for The Beastie Boys in the area:

When Adam Yauch passed away, people came here for three or four days putting candles and flowers out, taking photos, really mourning his death. At least one person comes in each week asking if it’s Paul’s Boutique.

This past May, a small park near the Brooklyn childhood home of late Beastie Boys’ member Adam “MCA” Yauch was named “Adam Yauch Park”, a year following his death.

The petition for “Beastie Boy Square” can be viewed and/or signed here

  • Jared

    NO!!! They’re too white and skinny, lol.

  • Freebe Jackson

    better not or they gone spark a protest because they aint name a street in brooklyn after biggie

  • Elayorx El

    I am so sorry here, to anyone that this may offend, but I’m not sure how Hip-Hop the BB’s truly have been, because if they were, I don’t believe a park, place, or street would have been named after them, with all due respect to the member that passed away, especially, of course, if they were a group of color. I am so tired of people thinking race relations have improved so much, when the absolute truth is, through the very actions of those that “matter”, it is the same patterns of times past, with excuse, after excuse, whether it makes sense or not, as to why things go the way they usually do. It did not take a psychic to know BIG was not going to be approved for a street sign, because if it had so happened to have been, I don’t know, KRS-1, or someone similar, I guarantee some other lame excuse would have been given, as to why he could not have one either. These people are psychotic, and it is this same psychoticism, that has been Hip-Hop’s downfall ever since it’s nasty inception, yet again, into something as sacred, and misunderstood, as original people’s culture. In this case, Hip-Hop. To me, BB’s represent more so, the other genre of music that was also usurped, co-opted, and palmed off, as if invented by others. Just disgusting, and a typical horrid reminder, of what the true problems are that plague our societies the world over.

    • iamwhoiam

      C’mon man, KRS is still alive. The dude said he’s tryin to get one in every borough….do they all have to be black only???. The Beasties would be a perfect candidate. How are they not hiphop? Enough with the race cards already. All the streets should be named after OLD SCHOOL artists only. It makes since to pass off big, no disrespect but Christopher Wallace had a criminal past it is what it is. You think there’s ever gonna be a John Gotti blvd? Don’t make it black and white thing all the time.

      • Elayorx El

        I respect your view fam, but there are those who have done worse than John Gotti, that have straight up monuments. I respect BB’s, but the America you, and I have come to know, is completely constructed on the foundation of “race”. Your right, it does not have to be a “black, and white thing”, but unfortunately that is what it is when the entire deck of “cards” is comprised as such. Read between the lines brother, and do thorough research, to TRUTH, not to “race”. It is easy to say let’s just all hold hands, and forget the past, but that is the very thing that allows the perpetual behavioral patterns of injustice, still readily displayed to this very day. First, “do they all have to be black only?” Then later on, the words, “don’t make it black and white thing all the time”. I understand this oxymoronic like expression, which is what we all deal with daily, at some level.

  • Vinsanity

    licensed to ill pic right there. (Then and now style)

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  • iamwhoiam


  • Immortal

    Haters gonna hate, but I think this is a good look for them and Hip Hop. But if they’re going to have a requirement that all those that are given a street named after them have a “clean” background, then most of those named after folks now need to be removed.