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EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Powell Calls For Boycott Of R. Kelly

(AllHipHop News) R&B singer R. Kelly has been facing criticism over claims he was involved in sexual acts with underaged girls for over a decade. Despite that cloud of accusation hanging over him, the 46-year-old performer has managed to release numerous albums to varying success. Political activist, author, and president of BK Nation Kevin Powell says it is time for the public to stop supporting Kelly until he openly addresses the allegations.

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Powell and his BK Nation grassroots movement is calling for radio stations, video channels, music publications, websites, members of the entertainment industry, and consumers to boycott R. Kelly’s music. The organization created a petition asking signers to agree not to buy Kelly’s music until the singer apologizes for his reported behavior, undergoes counseling, and condemns sexual violence.

Kevin Powell gave an exclusive statement about his petition:

Because of my own past personal  experiences and a commitment to counseling, healing, raw honesty, and action, I have worked against sexual violence in all forms since the early 1990s. This is an issue that is deeply personal to me, especially as I have done activism and community work in New York City, across America, and internationally. I’ve written and spoken about the R. Kelly saga which has dragged on for 15 long and painful years. The new and very detailed information just released raises so many red flags that BK Nation, my new national organization, felt compelled to create a  petition asking concerned citizens and the entertainment community not  to support R. Kelly’s musical career any further, or at least not until he speaks openly and honestly about all the allegations, and takes ownership for behavior that apparently has not only been destructive and hurtful to others, but to himself as well. Beyond R. Kelly this petition is about any man, any person, who thinks there is nothing wrong with sexual assault, with sexual violence, with sexual misconduct and irresponsibility, no matter the form. We are saying yes there is and that men especially have got to raise our voices loudly and say enough. This kind of behavior is literally helping to destroy our  communities.

In 2008, R. Kelly was acquitted of child pornography charges stemming from a videotape prosecutors claimed showed Kelly having sex and urinating on a teenage girl. The allegations rose again over the past week when The Village Voice published an interview with former Chicago Sun-Times reporter Jim DeRogatis. The article presented previously unknown details about other allegations against Kelly.

[ALSO READ: R. Kelly Responds To Sexual Assault Accusations In Village Voice Article]

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  • Keith Bussey

    R Kelly said it best, haters gonna hate, balers gonna ball

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

      Then he said, Hey little girl. You want to taste some of the Pied Piper’s piss?

      • All black men are rapists


      • Keith Bussey


    • Celz

      And real niccas gon call bitch niccas out on the bullshyt..

  • bigdoe6

    Kevin Powell listens to R-Kelly. Bought all of his albums too. Somebody slap this hater.

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  • $18592567

    BK Nation??? I thought this nigga was from Jersey City…

    He need a better cause to champion, because this is super old news.

  • brotha_man

    where was he at during barney situation, zimmerman, chicago summer killings? sleeping with the enemy type ish

    • YungKizz

      yeah good question GTFO wid dis shit

    • castingstones2

      He was commenting on it! Read his article in Ebony!

      • brotha_man

        ill check for it

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  • Sean Power

    no going boycott cause make hits doesn’t matter how much under girls he hit on,
    true be told r kelly should be jail

  • Homegrown Chicks

    I don’t care what people do with him “willingly”. If he ain’t raping nobody I don’t give a damn!

    Start raising your daughters to have more respect for themselves that to be letting rich men entice them into doing anything for dick and money and you won’t have to worry about the likes of R.Kelly!!

    No I ain’t signing no petition to boycott R.Kelly!

    “Black Panties” in stores now! Album is fire!!


    • Gia

      I am so sick of seeing this idiotic reasoning. So according to you, if an adult and a child engage in sex, the child is to blame, rather than the adult? Do yourself a favor and learn the definition of statutory rape, because clearly you are ignorant. This blaming the victim mentality is the reason why men get away with rape. Imagine if you have a daughter who gets approached by her idol/ celebrity crush, and he starts paying her inappropriate attention and because your daughter is a CHILD, her judgment about her idol’s behavior is lacking, despite what you hope to have taught her. If she gets raped, are you honestly going to be mad at her instead of the adult celebrity who clearly manipulated her? If so, you need to refrain from EVER giving parenting advice–just go sit in the corner and enjoy your black panties, you sad soul.

      • DJ7

        Say word!

      • unknown

        my Grandad married my Grandma when she was 15 and he was 21..I dnt look at him as a pedophile..

      • Homegrown Chicks

        Exactly!! Most people are considered adults by 15 worldwide. Only in America do adults “leave the house” by the time they are 25 to 30. Statutory rape is such a bullshit law, most states can’t agree on a uniform age!!

        And no, I don’t condone pedophilia! I do endorse teaching our children to be responsible for their decisions and their choices! Unlike most American women who are always looking to blame somebody else for their fucked up and immoral choices! Black American women own the patent on deflection!

        How many of us went to school with girls who were always dating guys much older than them? I remember being 14, jealous cause I had classmates going out with 24 year olds. My point is it happens – ALOT!!!

        I got twelve nieces, four single parent raised, NONE of them pursuing grown ass men, begging them for money and semen!! Why? Because they were raised to have dignity and respect for themselves. Something that has SADLY become a foreign concept to most of you males and females! You wait til they’re half grown to start teaching them about responsibility, accountability and repercussions. It’s too late by then, they’ve already been out chasing R.Kelly down!!!

        You people stop with your fake outrage!!! OWN YOUR BULLSHIT!!!

      • Gia

        Smdh. Your thinking is so screwed up. The fact that this stuff happens a lot does not make it ok. It makes it more problematic. So sad to see people with your attitude. I pray that you don’t have daughters and that your nieces are never victimized…

      • Homegrown Chicks

        My nieces are virgins, in college, married or in some cases all THREE! Because me and my stock teach accountability, responsibility, morals, values, pride and self-respect from the time they were old enough to speak! That’s why they haven’t been “victimized” and never will be. It’s liberating when you know you’ve done a good job!

      • SBRon

        And then he slipped ‘er a “mickey”…

      • Celz

        Did your grandad treat her like a woman? Cuz I don’t think you would respect your grandad making fetish porn with your grandma and kicking her to the curb. And 6 yrs is a lot at that age but nothing compared to 15-20..

    • Celz

      Real shyt you a dumb mutha fucka bro.. Girls (and boys) going through puberty are BECOMING sexually mature. Having sex with someone who doesn’t fully understand sex and it’s long term repercussions is disgusting. So basically any girl who’s dad passes, works to much, or skips out is fair game? I’d wager you have some of those in your family. So If I get your daughter, sister, cousin, niece some Jordans and tell her some 14 yo game and smash it’s all her fault huh.. You prolly a molester ass nicca yourself.. Fucc R. Kelly the destruction of the family unit will be the demise of Black people. Let’s keep blamin the white man and ignore our own problems. As long as we stuntin on them lame niccas over there everything is A-OK!

      • SBRon

        REAL TALK!!!

  • ONE

    At the end of the day n*ggas are still gonna disregard the fact that he’s a child molester, and support him.

    • clownshoe hater

      just like a walking boondocks episode….

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  • a decade too late for this sh!t man,those allegedly underage girls are grown women now right,im surprise those women never came out or did some type of tv show to expose r kelly.

  • YungKizz

    omg really kevin

  • Executive

    That cookie song sound good in the car though!?

  • Kevin obviously never saw that Boondocks episode about R. Kelly…

    • John Q. Public

      Season 4 next month finally… cant wait to see who they go into next

      • Yes indeed, you already know fam. Whatever happened to that Uncle Ruckus movie they were talkin about though?! I know they were tryin to get a Kickstarter campaign poppin for it, and I know damn WELL they got enough loyal supporters to reach whatever the goal was…

      • Malik

        No dude, goal wasn’t met. They couldn’t raise the needed cash in the stipulated time frame so the plug was pulled.

      • DAMN, I was lookin forward to that too. Oh well, hopefully they can make it happen eventually.

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  • PL

    LOL I think AlmostHipHop and the mainstream media have a personal vendetta against R Kelly…Every story about him is straight hate..Good luck with that campaign…Album is fiyah tho!

  • DJ7

    Put the pressure on ’em KP…either come clean or fade to black weirdo…the truth will come to light sooner or later!

  • broadstreetbastid

    Waaaay too late.

  • Sassan

    With all the supposed so-called “evidence”, does one think the prosecutor would give R. Kelly a pass for all these “rapes”? I think not. The fact is that these were accusations from people who looked at Kellz as a dollar sign. If there was SO MUCH LEGIT EVIDENCE, it is preposterous to think that charges would not have been filed out of the dozens and dozens of these accusations. So-called “reporting” from a nobody loser reporter trying to gain his fame off the back of R. Kelly.

    • Ace

      Point, I asked 1 mutha**** on here DJ7 who’s always bangin on about r.kelly and his rpy was criminals walk everyday and innocent get locked which is true bt if he knew how much jealousy is their for a person lyk kels so they would do wateva they can to get him lockd… If they haven’t done that yet they knw it’s bulsht evidence they got…soon as his album drop all these pple come out, but be careful on those type who make the loudest noise coz they always got suttin to hide

      • DJ7

        See The Arsonist’s post above ^ … engage in dialog with that brotha from now on since you’re in denial as we already spoke our piece about this and obviously don’t see eye to eye…contrary to your flawed logic, one being vocal when something is wrong or someone has been wronged simply implies one seeking justice and equality…silence will get you nothing

    • The Arsonist

      Actually yes they would unless one of these girls went brave and agreed to help the prosecutor then it would be hard to prove a case with no witness, thats how he got off on the child porn case, no girl would admit to being the one he pee’d on so they couldn’t determine the actual age of the girl because she wouldn’t say that it was her. He paid the chick about 300k to go away, most of these females don’t want the shame that comes along with fighting someone of that stature, its no different than normal rape cases the vast majority of them never get prosecuted because the victim doesn’t want to relive the situation over and over. So most women take a civil judgment and agree to not say anything else.

    • The Arsonist

      And let me bring my point home a little bit more, I have a family member who was also approached by this dude at the age of 13 while visiting her middle school as a special guest, man these just aint allegations the dude is a pedophile and his day will come it took Jerry Sandusky damn near 30 years to get caught.

      • Ace

        Since it’s your fam member tell her to come forward and be a witness, they put away far more scary figures and R.Kelly is no gangsta for anyone to be scared of testifying. Sometimes theirs smoke without fire. In the bible Joseph was accused of attempted rape and the woman had his torn clothes so anyone can be set up

    • clownshoe hater

      what more proof do you need than two separate video tapes.
      Peep this scenario….If I down load and watch the “R Kelly tapes” I could be charged with watching child pornography..which is punishable by up to 15 years…..but he can STAR in it and get no time?
      How and the hell do you make sense of that????
      please enlighten me

      Black people please stop being a walking “Boondocks” episode….damn

  • broadstreetbastid

    I’d rather boycott TMZ for holding a “nigga poll” the other day. Where was KP when that happened?

  • Eli Pinilla

    ME this and ME that and I did this here and I did that there and MY new company and MY personal experience…..this looks like 20% honesty 80% agenda…

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  • Guest

    I know this gay ass nigga aint talking ? I read about u turning rappers and RnB artist over at Def Jam out over the years for contracts and record deal , having gay sex party’s with upcoming artist and shit he prime example of the “pot calling the kettle black” ask Usher

    • Eli Pinilla

      This dude was on the real world. You thinkin kevin liles

      • leftcoast13

        LMFAO ol my bad

    • Tony G.

      wrong Kevin asswipe

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  • castingstones2

    Many comments here have proved what the journalist who covered RKelly’s story came away with: Nobody matters less to our society than young black women.

    • clownshoe hater

      that’s so evident by most of the men’s reactions….i hope they don’t have daughters

  • El Chapo Gwapo

    He married Aaliyah when she was 15 and he was 27!!! So you don’t think he hit that? What more evidence do you need that the nigga likes young girls

    • clownshoe hater

      co sign

  • Tony G.

    I respect KP to the fullest..but this actually sounds a little personal

  • Troll_E_G

    I can see his aim but at this moment…it serves no purpose…instead of going at your own….Boycott the Federal Reserve

    • lola lovely la’shaun


  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    you have to do stuff like this when it first happens not years after when the artist hardly has any steam in the business. this is like free promotions while he has a new album out……………….

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  • david3528

    I still lose it when I see those old Dave Chappelle videos. “This is the remix to ignition, and its all about pissin..” HAHAHAHAHA

  • cruzan_stx_6661

    So he got away (yes I know he guilty) but they want to start this up gain after now long they been quiet about it? why they ain’t doing somewhat with all the killings in black comunities? Or the politicians who robbing folks?

    • lola lovely la’shaun

      tell the truth….

  • Sounds like a witch hunt

  • Sicko

    I get what he is saying 100% but why wait until R.Kelly has a success album again to say all this shit it does seem extremely personally. Kells a sick muthafucka…but the boy can sing his ass off lol

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  • lola lovely la’shaun

    robert s. kelly shouldn’t be boycotted if you ain’t going to boy cott, the rest of them. he got caught…if yall, not me havent stopped him now only GOD can…

  • lola lovely la’shaun

    also they gave the cooch up….

    • SBRon

      WTF are you sayin’?!? They’re 14, 15 years of age…