LA Reid x Yo Gotti

Hip-Hop Rumors: LA Reid Vs Yo Gotti?

This is odd. But, the word on the street is that Yo Gotti and LA Reid are involved in some beef, which is really rooted in business. I didn’t know this, but Yo Gotti has a label called CMG Records. And LA Reid runs Epic Records, which distributes Yo Gotti’s label. I’m assuming Yo Gotti is the main act on CMG. Well, for whatever reason HSK is reporting that there aren’t enough sales for Epic to continue to push CMG out to the people. This relationship just started earlier this year! This is what the source says: “Gotti should have stayed Indy because it’s hard for a major label like Epic Records to brand him. CMG record sales are weak and L.A. Reid is going to drop him.”

Yo Gotti was just on Arsenio. He’ll be fine.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • don king

    they tell u “im a boss, im a kingpin. i made big $ with pushin drugs” than sign with labels 2 get financial support. all frauds n lames! stop buyin diamonds, gold n expensive gay ass clothes n support ur artist boi!!! cause thats what a real boss does. but instead he gets pissed at his financial supporter, cause he wants results after a whole year. real weak!

    • lenny

      hey dumbass you try funding a label with millions or thousands and not have the Feds including the IRS asking questions about where it came from dumb king says it all

      • don king

        hey idiot, how about washin the money with his shows n record sales? (since most of them numbers r fake anyway) n thats just 1 option. mfs r buyin cars, houses, recordin sessions, jewels n clothes with drug money, but cant pay 4 their artist? i see u dont know nothin bout that drug shit, but u probably bump trap music all day lol.

      • PBM1986

        Hey idiot, why would he have to wash his money???? This nigga dont sale no dope…LMAO… U must be one of those kids who still believe that bull-shit…

      • don king

        read all comments n ur birdbrain might b able 2 understand the pathway of the conversation!!! in my first comment i wrote that gotti is a fake drug kingpin. fuckin retard!!!

      • E McArthur


      • E McArthur

        ^^^hatin or dry snitchin…

      • don king

        what is there 2 snitch about??? gotti released mixtapes full of drugdealer-lyrics, there is nothin i could say 2 get him even more on the radar of the feds. u guys all pick up some thug slang n throw around with it. u dont know shit. just shut up n dont call me a snitch ever again..

  • brollya

    how u run a website but aint know yo gotti had a label called cmg….. who run this site, donald trump?

    • don king

      lol yeah ahh is full of rookies! but honestly, can u name 1 artist on cmg other than gotti himself? i knew bout cmg but till this day i cant name 1 of gottis artists.

      • brollya

        zed zilla, they did have a girl name sylver karatz…. she from my city cincinnati but i dont know wat happened wit that situation

      • don king

        oh yeah right zed zilla, but i never heard bout this girl tho.

      • S/O Sylver K

  • Ike’s Mood

    who in the hell is yo gotti? he’s like nikki minaj, i’ve seen his music on this site but i never bothered to click on to listen. tell that that the ’90’s are over so get rid of the fade & i might youtube some of his music. i hope he dont sound like these other losers…

    • lenny

      and just like minaj they doin fine without a asshole like you using youtube fuckboi

      • Casor_G


      • Ike’s Mood

        shut up lenny, or i’ll have carl kick you outta moes

    • Truth Powell

      Yo Gotti is a pest of hiphop, he’s always hiding behind your fave rapper.
      But real talk who in the hell is L.A. Reid????? What musical/artistic credentials does this man have? Who is he to decide what music gets pushed or not? He looks and sounds like a lame to me.

      • don king

        wtf??? u dont know l a reid?! he produced tlc, outkast, usher, pink n many other successful artists. he has a huge name in the music biz.

      • Truth Powell

        I know who is he is yes. The man hasn’t done ish but sign off on checks and contracts. Google his discography.

      • Da Ledgendary

        Yes, Its called running a label and having an ear for talent and/or the next thing poppin. Deosn’t always work out but that’s what presidents and CEO’s of companies do. They sign the checks and negotiate deals and pay employees under them to do the hard work because they worked their way up to that. Him and Babyface Edmunds founded LaFace ( A play on there names) Records which was distributed by Arista which was also ran by L.A. Reid.

    • C. Black

      Ol boy say the 90s are over get rid of the fade? You lightweight lost me with that one mayne. What kind of hairstyle is he supposed to have, a conk or some shit? You either gonna have dreads, murder 1, or a fade, all pretty much timeless cuts. Oh and maybe a short taper with the 360s all around. Pretty much sums it up.

    • MrNoName2K

      nigga you crazy in your scalp, Yo Gotti go hard

      • Ike’s Mood

        i’m bald cuz & gotti is hot garbage… HOT

    • PBM1986

      If you dont know who Gotti is, why did you click on it??? And fades are played out??????????????? No… Jerry Curls are played out… Fades aint goin no where…

      • stackzscrilla

        I just copp’d the S Curl Kit from Sally’s the other day! Curl.. Curl… Do the Jerry Curl.. That’s about to be my next banger on my self debut album called.. Curl Juice In the Trap…

      • ha, they dont know who Robert Townsend is ether

      • stackzscrilla

        Hollywood Shuffle had me in tears when i watched that joint B!!! That’s some ole school right chyea!!!

      • Yes indeed, I’m gonna have to pull that out the vault sometime in the near future…still wonder to this day what them ho cakes tasted like. LOL

      • Ike’s Mood

        fades are played out?? gotti fan too. yall are like roaches & crabs! you fuckers just wont go away…

    • YungKizz

      kill urself boy

      • Ike’s Mood

        you must be a gotti fan?!? you want pops to tighten up your fade too? have a glass of clorox too, dickrider…

    • L.

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  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    Yo gotti is just another run of the mill cocaine rapper.

  • Bitch it ain’t mine

    Gotti got some bangers but he draw too much of a Jeezy comparison, and doesn’t have what it takes to overshadow Jeezy.

    • Live Well

      Exactly. It ain’t just the voices that sound the same either. It’s the rhyme patterns, the beats, and the persona that all sound like Jeezy knock offs. I like Gotti, too, but that lane is already sewn up.

  • unknown

    Gotti bumpin in the streets tho,but he should’ve stayed independent and got money that way..His music is not made to be Mainstream..

  • YungKizz

    F*** LA Ried

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  • Obi Won

    I was surprised LA Reid even signed Yo Gotti, his music has a limited audience. Maybe he felt like he could have his own Trap Star, but when your mixtapes are Cocaine Music 1-7 lol, Reid should’ve thought about it a little more.

    • 5% Hov

      La Reid Gave Shine 10mil…. his best recruitment days are over..

  • brotha_man

    slim thug and paul wall did it the right way. get a little of the commercial money and then go back indie

  • BulldogCG

    GOTTI will have to be good enough for this statement. I couldnt click on half the last rumors cuz I dont even want to give them a page hit. Bieber and all this? Crazyness.

  • stackzscrilla

    Is it me or do this dude have a Foe’ head that don’t quit???? YOU’LL NEVA’ FIND..BLOM’ BLOM’ BLOM’.. A HAIR LINE LIKE MINE!! Snatch that leather wig off yo head wit’ them suede side burns! Dudes wig is pushed back like a Vert 5.0 Fox Body GT.

  • David Gonz


  • Gotti was just on Power 105 bragging about him and LA Reid’s partnership and how much LA Reid understand his vision “mrusically” *gotti vc* #notypo …Im confrused << lol

    • 5% Hov

      This is a rumor for reason dawg.

  • Why the nigga L.A. Reid’s head look like one of the old California Raisins though?? o_O

  • C. Black

    Ya’ll niggas in here foolin, I love it!!!!!!

  • iamwhoiam

    I don’t believe this one. Yo Gotti has a pretty solid following, he was big underground before he even got on the radio.

  • baller187

    i called this a mile away, i knew gotti would flop, yet every nigga on the net was talkin shit to me, gotti your done