A$AP Rocky and Rihanna

Hip-Hop Rumors: Rihanna Has A New Rapper Love?

Rihanna is pretty much living her life, but the super starlet was recently seen with none other than A$AP Rocky on a low-key date in SoHo New York. You know, she was previously seen with Drake and it was heavily rumored that they were an item. BUT, that never manifested in the truth form. But, according to the New York Post, the pair A$AP RiRi went out on an intimate date Monday. They have a relationship if you recall. A source with the New York Post said, “They were playing pool and hanging by the stairwell. They weren’t kissing or anything, but they were looking very friendly.” Sounds about right.

These mofos are living the life.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • maya

    Doesn’t he already have a girlfriend?

    Island hussie.

    • Guest

      She might get popped off one day for fvcking with the wrong woman’ man.

    • johnblacksad

      lol… what’s that got to do with anything?

  • $18916246

    Man these young stars is livin..and I say let them live..alot of young sistas could learn from Rihanna..yeah she dates who she wants as she should. She actually the biggest female pop star in the world with the most consistent hits (I LOVE BEYONCE TOO!)…Rihanna has the illest grind in the game and I ain’t even talkin features. Rihanna ain’t washed up and far from it, she ain’t knocked up and slaving out to no dude, boss chick in her own right. I respect that in her. Get your money lady and when and if the time is right privilege a very lucky man with your hand in marriage but if not continue to be beautiful and like you say,,,LIVE YA LIFE!;) P.S. I’m a Chris Brown fan too.

    • BigHomie337

      A lot of young sisters can learn from Rihanna? U lost me right there homie. Rihanna definitely not the ideal woman of anyone. Would u really want your daughter Ro grow up and be like Rihanna? I’m sure your answer is no. Yea she got money, but in her case that money doesn’t conceal everything else about her.

      • Dray ♐

        .as a matter of fact, I don’t think Rihanna is all that bad for a young woman growing up. People forget she’s only 24 and to be honest, she is living life very much like 24 year olds out of the limelight. She works hard and she plays hard. What’s the problem? If she was in college doing the exact same thing, it would be fine and trust me, she is doing nothing out of the ordinary for a single, young woman. Because she’s a star, we have seen her ups and downs and the only thing we seem to do is judge. Sad. . Would I rather my daughter be open with who she is. . .yes, I would, which not a lot of females FEEL the freedom to be. That’s why you have many people living lies. I really think the hate towards Rih is the fact that some people hate how transparent she is because they don’t have the courage to just live their life without fear of condemnation. Keep doing your thing and keep carving your lane. . .

      • Havoc Wreaka III

        Words of girl who twerks for bus fare -_-

      • Gina Arauz

        1] She’s actually 25, soon to be 26… more than half way to her 30s = too grown to act like a spoiled child all the time.
        2] I don’t know a lot of 25-year-olds obsessed with Internet bullying and showing their snatches to the world on a weekly basis. Cheap t*tty shots are not considered “sexual expression.” That’s classless attention-whoring.
        3] “Rihanna works hard” needs to be retired from use. She doesn’t work a damn thing! Where do you people get this? All her work is created by other people. When she does have to put in work, she sings off-key, shows up HOURS late… and her performances are lackluster. This has gone on for YEARS now.

        Stop making excuses because you like the songs someone else made or the clothes someone told her to wear. She’s a horrible person, lazy performer and anyone admiring her just for “living” and having money should be ashamed. Don’t try the “black and successful” thing either because she’s constantly bringing down black women.

        “Only 24” like that’s some reason to be ridiculously immature and vile toward other people.

  • lackin

    cool they can wear dresses together

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  • David Gonz


  • dehova

    Do either of these broads rap?

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  • Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

    Bet Rhi wore sweats and Tims and asap wore a leather skirt.

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    Illseed is a girl

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  • $31017678

    he kissed her on the neck for a reason