Hip-Hop Rumors: Shaunie O'Neal's New Reality Show Gets Shut Down?

Shaquille O’Neal allegedly wasn’t having it when he heard that his ex-wife Shaunie had plans to launch a reality TV show with their five children. Shaq threatened to shut it down claiming they’d have a show “over his dead body,” but then Shaunie went to court today hoping that a judge would grant her an emergency order allowing her to shoot with her children.

The judge wasn’t amused either says The YBF. An LA judge rejected Shuanie’s bid for an emergency order allowing her to shoot a reality show with her, kids but there’s no word on what actions Shaq is trying to take to block the show all together.

Shaunie wanted to start filming her show entitled, The Shaunie Project, for Vh1 in January, but now it looks like that remains to be seen. The show is described as a Cosby-style reality show, which doesn’t sound so bad but Shaq’s concerns about his children appearing on TV are legit too.

I’m going to do some digging around about this. Stay tuned.




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24 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Shaunie O'Neal's New Reality Show Gets Shut Down?”

  1. Romia Blue

    Selling out your kids talking about it’s a Cosby style reality show? You aren’t a lawyer and Shaq ain’t a doctor so already the foundation is unstable. Just please go away Shaunie..PLEASE. Just co-parent your kids and stay off my TV

  2. RealSpit

    This lady is confused!! You’re not no star, you were just married to one. Shaq is the superstar, now get your money hungry a*s off the stage!! BaHAAaaahaaaa WAAAaaaahaaa!!!

    • pauleyPee

      Sadly, she is a minor star……….. Damn “Basketball Wives”! But I guess what she’s finding out is that big-bank-takes-little-bank.

  3. eddieknucks

    Good shit Shaquille. Them reality show kids is fuqqed up and he don’t want that for his. Lil boy already wearing that suspect shirt and dress shoes.

  4. Lance Bronx

    Why are black woman always looking for a hand out? She has made money making other woman look stupid and now she is doing it with her kids? What kind of woman does that. Yes I know white celebrities do it also but it seems as if black girls have baby after baby and then expect a hand out. They said some of the kids are struggling in school as it is, why isn’t that worth spending time on? Don’y you people care about education or is the white mans fault for your kid reading at a 3rd grade level in 8th grade? Some of you reading this now have two or 3 different baby fathers and have not even tried to go to college or anything like that, why? You instead go to court a dn sit around getting checks from the Gov. and other men. Why is this glorified in your communities? Instead of going off on me and dancing around the question, I would love to receive an educated response on this behavior. It seems like your community is more pressed about making money then you are educating yourself to have “long” term money, money for your kids, kids. Woman like this is why we often have such a poor outlook on blacks. Just my opinion

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