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Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg Says Louis Farrakhan Is The Wrong Person To Defend Kanye West

(AllHipHop News) After Kanye West stated in an interview how he believes Jews have better connections than Black people, the Anti-Defamation League said the comment was anti-semitic and called for Kanye to apologize. Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam recently defended the rapper and told him not to apologize for things that he said. Now, Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97 has added his views on the matter, and the morning show host feels Farrakhan is the wrong person to stand up for Kanye in this situation.

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After saying he agrees with the minister that Ye does not need to offer amends to the Jewish community and pointing out he is certain that Kanye is not an anti-semite, Rosenberg then makes an analogy between Farrakhan and Trayvon Martin’s killer George Zimmerman.

“Do you want, if you say something anti-semitic, is the first choice a person to defend you – to prove that you’re not anti-semitic – would you want that person to be Louis Farrakhan?” asked Rosenberg. “That would be like if a cop was arrested for police brutality and George Zimmerman decided to release a video to be like ‘Naw, fam. He’s good’.”

After co-host Cipher Sounds compares Farrakhan’s defense of Kanye to the cops who beat Rodney King making a YouTube video, Rosenberg goes on to say he has love for Minister Farrakhan but he should have stayed out of the issues between Kanye and the Anti-Defamation League.

The segment ends with program director Ebro Darden pretending to speak with Farrakhan on the phone. The fake minister purposely says ant-semitic comments before the skit ends.

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Watch Hot 97’s “The Realness: The Farrakhan Defense!” below.

96 Responses to “Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg Says Louis Farrakhan Is The Wrong Person To Defend Kanye West”

    • ccwaterbound32

      i heard that too HOWEVER jewish people have just about everything on lock. you can’t even so much as SPEAK on a jew without recieving some form of backlash! why is that?

      • mike jones

        to keep us blind to the truth. they are so high on their ego they think they can manipulate God on the day of judgment. the veil of lies will come down and everyone one will look stupid. black white asian so called jew. but his promise was with Abraham and we are his children!!!! take that to heart!!!

    • mike jones

      so untrue farrakhan did not kill malcolm and there is no way to prove such nonsense. the only thing you will know is if he had that would be the only way they can pull him out of place and shut him down. but over 40 years later he is still here telling the truth even if it hurt feelings. if God wasn’t with him believe me they would have set him up a long time ago. farrakhan is not raciest he just tells the truth something people don’t want to except. they feel better about the lies in the matrix as long as they have their steak and air jordans

  1. Judah Nazayar

    if kanye wasnt such a coon.. and had knowledge of self.. Jewwish ppl couldnt accuse him of anti semitism…becuz kanye is a shemite…a israelite… and Jewwish ARE NOT!!
    and farakhan knows the truth.. but this ninjas still preaching shriner freemasonry disguised as islam..
    welp, when them Missiles come from Iran and russia…

      • mike jones

        no jewish is man made for white so called jews. there is no letter J in hebrew alphabet so jewish is not historically correct just like the rest of the story!!!

      • Jared

        Correct me if I’m wrong but “Jewish” is not spelled using the Hebrew alphabet meaning its a translation.

      • mike jones

        man made word has no power or truth. they can’t call themselves hebrews because history refutes. Jewish people, are a nation and ethnoreligious group[12] originating from the Israelites (Hebrews) of the Ancient Near East. key word here is originating from which means they were made or made up!!! not the original!!!

    • CJ MAC

      Why do niggas think they’re Jews? Serious question. I’m black and can’t understand for the life of me where all this “we are the original Jews” shit comes from. Africans and Jews are the most hated people on the planet. Why double that shit?

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        Because of genetics. Them Israelis stole our people legacy (and I am speaking of a certain group in Ethiopia) and openly scream they are jew’ish for the credit, but there are a group of Africans that practice a purer form of Judaism and there genetic prove who they are, them Israelis genetically can not prove who they claim to be. But that’s just to answer your question. And your wrong, the most hated on this planet is one people and that’s the original wo/man. the so call Jews made a deal with Anglo whites to be the buffer between Anglo whites and blacks. And if you think that’s far fetch then ask your self why is these so called Jews in every aspect of black people lives and business through out history.

      • mike jones

        your original culture and way of life, the God you worshiped and the life your forefathers lived was stolen and made into a lie. the purpose of you learning the truth is to prevent you from going into the same stage of judgement that the creators of the lie will face. we can glory boat all we want about our jordans, cars and jewelry. all the things in life to keep people like yourself distracted from the truth. we try and justify it to maintain this life we live. Yahweh spoke what would happen to us if we chose to follow there way of life and there culture ( dueteronomy). if you don’t believe in the bible than that would not concern you but if you are a believer in truth then you must be prepared to face the truth along with those that have hidden it. you are greater than you think you are and no physical thing in this world that you can put on or connect to will make you greater than being a inherit child of GOD and the receiver of his promise to Abraham. think about this, they spent hundreds of years trying to separate us, destroy us , and keep us mentally dead all by force. now they don’t have to try as hard because they have us mentally in a state where we perpetuate the lie for them and the devil doesn’t have to work as hard. the NSA isn’t for monitoring terrorist but to listen for the coming of GOD and his voice to prevent the resurrection of his people. note: the reason that blacks are the most hatted world wide is because of birthright, we are the blessed seed of Isreal and they hate us because they know the truth not just because we are black!!!!

  2. Obi Won

    Its seems like fun and games to these radio host now, but Farrakhan is the type of dude that will come to the radio station and want to have an on the air discussion. Especially with the magnitude of listeners that the station has, that would be a good opportunity for each to express their views.

  3. Brooklyn Stoop

    I wonder if this clown would have made this comment in the 90s during the media (which is controlled by who???) created east vs west coast so called beef when the minister was called in. Or when the majority of hip hop rocked with the minister hardbody. Negus wanted to throw rocks at lord jamar comment about these guest in our home called hip hop now this jew’ish guy think he can determine who is the right and wrong person to defend someone in hip hop………..get outta here.

  4. RichFromBX

    I’m surprised that people still listen to this clown Farrakhan – he all but admitted that the nation killed Malcolm. He basically said that if they had killed him it was no one else’s business.

    Actual quote:
    “Was Malcolm your traitor or ours? And if we dealt with [Malcolm] like a nation deals with a traitor, what the hell business is it of yours? A nation has to be able to deal with traitors and cutthroats and turncoats.”

    Not too mentioned that he also said he believed that what he had said about Malcolm the months prior to his assassination “may have” contributed to those events. I guess that’s how you repay the man who mentored you…

    • Guest

      Before you speak on a subject you clearly are no expert of, you should do you research thoroughly or not speak at all. Malcolm X was assassinated by the United States Government, the C.I.A. and the FBI to be exact. John Ali, an FBI agent, was the NOI secretary who created the climate of hate towards Malcolm X. He spread rumors within the organization and people like Louis Farrakhan were young and unaware of this.
      Farrakhan stated he may have “contributed to those events” meaning he and many other brothers that malcolm was a traitor. That doesn’t make Mr. Farrakhan guilty, but he was simply duped by the FBI’s counter intelligence, COINTELPRO.
      If you’re black than you understand the importance of Farrakhan for the African community over the past two decades and still today.

      • Elayorx El

        Then maybe the great minister should himself say these things, CLEARLY, and plain, and avoid having to sift through hours of lectures, on a subject as important as the slaying of probably one of the realest to this day. It would really help with all of the confusion. Respect.

      • Nathaniel

        he has, CLEARLY, and plain. every thing the brother above typed, minister farrakhan has said, over, and over, and over. extensively. and a subject this important deserves hours of discussion, which have been dedicated. you can find it all on youtube if you take the time to learn truth. there’s one at malcolm x college in chi, there are two called “28 years later” he did RIGHT when (as the spike lee movie was being made) the gov. started trying to blame him. and again at the apollo WITH betty shabazz where he called for the amer. gov. to release their files on the NOI, the NYPD, and the FBI surrounding the murder, no matter WHO it condemned. there is also currently a petition started by the NOI to get signatures to force the gov. to open up all the files. you should sign it. it, too, is online.

      • Elayorx El

        That is all well, and good brother, but again, that takes EXTENSIVE research, which commonly is frowned upon by those that truly need the information. Like the BIG, and PAC files, they may never be released due to who would rightfully be incriminated, or even convicted, but yet, and still, would this reverse the wrongdoings of the NOI relative to El’s departure, and subsequent assassination? Absolutely not. Respect.

      • Nathaniel

        you can’t blame every member of the Nation of Islam for malcolm’s assassination. you can say that certain so-called muslims plotted to have him killed. but where does that leave them? the FOI don’t carry guns. so, who are the so-called muslims who pulled the trigger? if elijah muhammad admonished his followers to leave the brother alone, and a few disobeyed a direct order, then who are they? do they represent the Nation of Islam? no. they represented themselves. min. farrakhan said he spoke words that helped to create the climate for malcolm’s assassination, and he has admitted to that on national tv. but if he was not the gunman or a part of the planning of killing, to throw this in 2013 as a detractor for a man who has represented black people well for decades, for what happened in 1965, and is in no ways tired at 80 years old? when will we settle this?

      • Elayorx El

        Well, my good brother, I can tell you exactly where the actual perpetrators are, which I will just leave at the state of NJ. So if it is a case, in fact, of concentrating efforts to really get more information, that would greatly be an awesome place to look. I am totally in agreement with you here, but am I to believe an allusion has been made in Farrakhan actually not knowing he was used himself in all of this, because if that is his feeling, I have not heard him express this.

      • Nathaniel

        and it doesn’t take extensive research. it only takes not being intellectually lazy. as one should never be when the issue of murder of a man like malcolm x, by a man like louis farrakhan, comes up. i’m in my 20’s. i’m an FOI. i’m in the NOI. i’m not responsible. i and we are working tirelessly for the liberation of black people. and i love malcolm very much.

      • Elayorx El

        Thank you for confirming my speculative thoughts, regarding your NOI affiliation, and just to be crystal, I am in no way holding this against you. The research is considered, “extensive”, again, by those that are “intellectually lazy”, unfortunately, but that should by no means preclude the ability of all to know the FACTS, and if you are truly working tirelessly to this end, I commend you, and all you are involved with to bring this about.

      • FX

        Elayora El have you even heard of the COINTELPRO program?

      • Elayorx El

        Yes, and just to be clear, have you read the rest of my conversation down below?

    • Nathaniel

      that’s not an admission of guilt. that’s a black man saying to the american gov. and their news media who was trying to pin the murder on him, “what is your motive? did you love malcolm? you plotted the destruction of every black org. and leader raised to free our people, so what the hell business is it of yours, anyway?”

      he was saying if “we” (the entire NOI can’t be held responsibile for what a few, agent, so-called muslims MAY have helped execute on our brother) did kill malcolm, what the hell do we look like being called to task by you, white man? we don’t answer to you.”

      if you watch that entire lecture, or the countless others, you’ll see more context. and if you watch he and betty shabazz reconcile in harlem 3 or so years later after that FBI agent manipulated Qubilah, you will again see that the american gov. has been feeding the lie that farrakhan killed/had malcolm killed just to create disunity among black people, even as we were trying to come together. they’re mischief makers.

      • Elayorx El

        Not to mention all of the despicable portrayals, and scathing diatribes in the NOI’s Final Call newspaper about Malcolm, formerly known as Muhammad Speaks, started by none other than El Hajj himself. Oh, the cruel irony here. Respect, nonetheless.

      • Nathaniel

        no, muhammad speaks was founded by elijah muhammad. but as his national spokesman, malcolm contributed largely to the paper and a smaller publication ‘mr. muhammad speaks’ out of NY. and yes, the NOI was angry at malcoms betrayal, and they didn’t pull any punches making that plain. as they didn’t with anything else. the final call was started by min. farrakhan in 1979.

      • Elayorx El

        Well, considering I don’t need any Google searches to confirm what I’m already aware of, you might want to speak to people that were really there regarding this. What you term “betrayal”, we perceive as the real representation of the “Most High”, which is TRUTH. Weak, degenerate, flesh worshiping creatures can’t even begin to apprehend what that is truly all about. Respect.

      • Nathaniel

        i have, brother. i know several pioneers. i called it betrayal because if malcolm could condemn one man, then follow another with multiple wives, one as young as a pre-teen, then it’s intelligent to question if his motive was altogether what he claimed. that math doesn’t add up. if we disagree, that’s fine. but “weak, degenerate, flesh-worshipping creatures”, i don’t know who that’s directed at. i do wonder why you’d say that, and then end with “Respect,” though. i’m striving to understand TRUTH. i’m not trying to fight with you.

      • Elayorx El

        Both sides of the proverbial frequency human beings are made of fam. If “weak, degenerate, flesh-worshipping”, does not apply to you, then it should not elicit a response from you, because it is directed at those that fit the mold. The mere mention of the word “respect” in this case, illustrates my acknowledgement of the phenomenon of who we are, and what we’re capable of. It’s all truly genuine, really. Resp…..aww you already know.

    • RichFromBX

      I never said I loved or hated anyone – I only pointed out how full of sh!t Farrakhan is but I suppose a sheep such as yourself will never see faults in your shepherd…

      • The_Trumpet

        Negro please! Listen how silly you are, referring to a man who is standing up to our open enemy as a CLOWN is very foolish! Those same enemy that you speak on behalf of will burn your black ass quick as hell, but you disrespect a man who stands for black people! Brother you better be careful how you speak about the man of GOD today! We are in that hour!

      • Shalove2

        You intellectual light weights really think you are qualified to be the judge of Min Louis Farrakhan. Ebro the poor confused half breed.

  5. Elayorx El

    Whoa…some very real, and “in your face” comments, and I definitely agree with most, but just to add, if I may, when I was growing up, “Jews” actually played a role in taking care of my family, and I, for quite some time, and I truly do believe that most “Jews” have no idea what has been going on in their name for ages now, it seems. P. Rosenberg, in my humble, knows a lot of this information, and quite often looks to be torn between his “race”, and the actual factual, screaming at him in the face, which is understandable, considering how he was raised. He may come around when he is in his Golden years, which is what I have witnessed a lot of “Jews” do. Farrakhan is a whole nother ball of wax, because the way he has expressed himself in the past, can be considered “anti-anything”, not just so-called Semites, which when you break it down, does not even make any real sense, but we get the Freudian technique being used there. For all intents, and purposes, and when everything is said, and done, we are dealing with the flesh, and as the old saying goes, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”, so we can expect history to continue to repeat itself until we go back to being more spiritual, and going beyond the flesh, like how we used to, showing Qabalah to those that now use that knowledge to torment the progeny of their teachers.

  6. The_Trumpet

    Farrakhan has spoken against our open enemy on our behalf and you cowardly negros are so afraid of those wicked Jews pulling money away from you, that you will turn against your own mother. You negro will kiss a jew’s ass till the end! DAMN COWARDS!

  7. mike jones

    you can’t be anti-semetic when you are semetic no one has proven farrakhan to be a liar or a speaker of untruths. even the so called peachers are getting hip and looking for insight from a Muslim. if Farrakhan is not the voice of GOD then prove it!!!!!!!!!
    media have been trying to denounce him for decades and he is still here in their face with no fear. my advice to ALL mankind TAKE HEED!!!!!!!!! the 6k year history of the devils rule is over, things are changing and changing fast and your so called leaders and preachers are going to be running faster than you to escape , but those who are of GOD’s truths will stand firm with no fear!!!!

    • Papi Peligro

      Come on dawg you can’t really believe that. White people haven’t even ruled for 6k years. The richest mad of all time was WEST AFRICAN. The largest kingdom that ever existed was the Mongol Empire.

  8. Guest

    Peter Rosenberg should Keep his mouth SHUT!!!!! This pecker-wood and his house negro Ebro, don’t decide who gets to speak up for one of the biggest BLACK artist of today. They don’t. As someone else said earlier, Farrakhan has played a pivotal role in Mending/Healing Hip Hop during the aftermath of the Zionist Media and Corporate sponsored East/West Coast Beef. He was the only voice the young hip hop stars would listen to, because they recognized his true love for them and the entire Black Family. They trusted him. And my generation still trusts and love him to this day.

    In addition Farrkhan was trusted by the most popular artist of all time, Michael Jackson. Michael had a very strong relationship with Farrakhan and his family. Why? Because Farrakhan always came to Michael’s defense when the Media tried to assassinate his character. He defended Michael when the same Anti Defamation League called MJ an anti-semite. So…I wouldn’t want anyone else defending me BUT Farrakhan, because Farrakhan is very well versed on this Zionist subject. Farrakhan loves all human beings by the way. He is not an anti semite. He only criticizes the hypocrisy of the jewish nation. Thats called Criticism, but sensitive jews defined that as HATE. Why? Because they want to sustain their power.
    He criticizes whites, arabs, asians, and even BLACK people, but we never called Him ANTI-white, anti-arab, anti-asain, or anti-black.
    PLUS WE ARE THE SEMITES, THE ORIGINAL HEBREW. The Jews of today are Khazars who converted into Judaism in the 8th Century. They learned the religion from our Black ancestors.

  9. Mahalieka Muhammad

    Mr. Rosenberg with all due respect, if you respect Minister Farrakhan and agree
    with him and you agree with Kanye then you should realize your place and stand
    down. We don’t need or want your opinion. Furthermore, you should be very
    careful, especially as a radio personality to compare the Honorable Minister
    Louis Farrakhan or any civilized person with George Zimmerman. I believe
    your actions and comments are careless and dangerous and you should mind your
    own business. STAND DOWN this has nothing to do with you.

    The ADL refuses to meet with Minister Farrakhan and this is why, because people
    like you out of fear (whether you know it or not) speak what you don’t fully
    understand so that the Jews (whom Kanye is referring to) can continue to hide and
    play victim and use straw man techniques to avoid a meeting or the real show

    Out of respect you should apologize to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan for
    comparing him to a MURDERER. I am not surprised by your need to say something because it’s in your nature to do so, but you are out of line and planting seeds of dissension among the people. I repeat, stand down, and mind your own business.

  10. Andre' Muhammad

    Hip Hop community. Mr. Rosenburg MUST pay a price for offending our community by suggesting that Minister Farrakhan is Anti-Semitic when it’s been well documented and proven that this claim is false. The time is now to make those who offend us pay. Mr. Rosenburg should be pushed OUT from among us and treated like a leper in Hip Hop circles. He has one HELL of a nerve to compare a man who has given nearly 60 years of his life fighting for us to the likes of George Zimmerman!!! Then he mocks the Minister on his radio show. EVERYONE SHOULD STOP TUNING IN TO HIS RADIO SHOW!!!

  11. Andre' Muhammad

    See, this is the arrogance of white and Jewish people to think that their opinion is welcomed as it relates to who should defend us. Minister Farrakhan has been the greatest defender black people. Furthermore, if you pay attention Mr. Rosenburg you’d notice no one else among black leaders is willing to defend Kanye or anyone else against the Jews. Just because Rosenburg likes our Hip Hop culture doesn’t mean he cares about the plight of black people. We take GREAT OFFENSE to you comparing Minister Farrakhan to George Zimmerman. Be careful. Your presence among us could soon be UNWELCOMED!!!

  12. Andre' Muhammad

    Hey Ebro, don’t get caught up in the wake of their stupidity, sir. You owe you people an apology for aiding and assisting Rosenburg’s so called agreeing with Minister Farrakhan and making mockery of the Minister with your skit. NOT FUNNY AT ALL!!! IT WAS QUITE OFFENSIVE!!!

  13. Born Unique

    Jesus and Farrakhan) are they one in the same? Is there any
    similarities? ( How would you recognize ( Jesus ) if you saw him?, Jesus
    was a man of miracles, Has Farrakhan perform miracles? join us next
    Saturday on ( LET US MAKE MAN) topic Farrakhan DA Jesus) This will be
    one the most talked about sessions ever on ( LET US MAKE MAN), Our goal
    Is to make (Believers out of Disbelievers) This will be the first and
    Last Debate, held In ( LET US MAKE MAN) We will prove be on a shadow of a
    doubt that ( FARRAKHAN Is DA JESUS) so tune In We accept the challenge
    to all those who are in doubt , (We warn You there will be No level of
    standard time 530 881 1300 ( 182642)

  14. Guest

    Jesus and Farrakhan) are they one in the same? Is there any
    similarities? ( How would you recognize ( Jesus ) if you saw him?, Jesus
    was a man of miracles, Has Farrakhan perform miracles? join us next
    Saturday on ( LET US MAKE MAN) topic Farrakhan DA Jesus) This will be
    one the most talked about sessions ever on ( LET US MAKE MAN), Our goal
    Is to make (Believers out of Disbelievers) This will be the first and
    Last Debate, held In ( LET US MAKE MAN) We will prove be on a shadow of a
    doubt that ( FARRAKHAN Is DA JESUS) so tune In We accept the challenge
    to all those who are in doubt , (We warn You there will be No level of
    standard time 530 881 1300 ( 182642)

  15. Born Unique

    In TRUTH we had enough of making the JEWS who own HOT 97 rich off the Backs of Black artist in the HIP HOP WORLD its TIME WE CUT THEM DOWN AND BUILD OUR OWN Black OWN AND OPERATED RADIO station to promote our Black art In Music SAY KNOW TO 2014SUMMER JAM PROMOTED BY HOT 97

  16. Born Unique

    Join Us In ( LET US MAKE MAN) as we expose the true ( ADL) and there leader ( ABRAHAM FOXMAN ) Next SATURDAY IN (LET US MAKE MAN) if you never new who or what the ( ADL) are and stand for I promise you this you will know next ( SATURDAY)

  17. Michael Muhammad

    On the Rock Newman interviews “The Honorable Minister Farrakhan “Calls for A Public showdown 4-27-2013″ Let’s clear all the Lies, That ADL has” LIve in NEW York …Farrakhan is the God of Peter Rosenberg(ADL) that is why they will never show

  18. Michael Muhammad

    book Jews Selling Blacks: Slave Sale Advertising by American Jews. And, according to Dr. Brackman, “Jews were about twice as likely to be slave owners as the average white Southerner.” To the fake Jew in America…”We are Your father”

  19. Michael Muhammad

    but the ADL issued no press releases or charges against Mr. Maher. Republican Senator Chuck Hagel, who is now the Secretary of Defense, wrote that “The Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people up here [in the Senate, but] I’m a United States senator. I’m not an Israeli senator.”

  20. Longdickstyle

    QUESTION TO ROSENBERG: What specifically, has Farrakhan ever said that is “Anti Semitic?” Or is that just a talking point against him?

  21. Helenofreims

    Personal struggle with Louis bigotry whom controlling financial levels of “Hip hop” well those non
    Black since entrenched animosity is problem. Black men nothing to defend also you notice media
    lenient upon remarks Farrakhan why not relevant Kanye once you antagonize your sorry ass! Louis going discard with you it’s only political believe ask him whom killed. Malcolm,Chauncey Bailey and Khalifa Hamaas Abdul murdered why? Opposition aware Malcolm X legacy not remember certain Ummah nations why political okay for Louis whom using them for profits beware of danger ahead!

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