Lil Boosie

Lil Boosie Gets A Release Date

(AllHipHop News) The rabid fans and supporters of Lil Boosie finally have what they have been publicly clamoring for – a release date.

Boosie is all set to come home on August 18, 2014, according to

The paper was jailed in 2009 for probation violation when he pleaded guilty to marijuana charges.

Some speculated that he would be headed home before the end of 2013, but those dates continuously came and left.

The Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections has listed the adjusted date as well.

  • FlyTy


  • MrWindyCity82

    ***Aug. 18, 2014***, 2012 has passed already!

  • ImaFoolBoy

    2012?? really??…cmon son

  • MrNoName2K

    backyard writers lol wtf

  • Celz

    Ya’ll aint heard.. Boosie cellies wit Marty McFly

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    Thank god boosie gonna be free August 2012 cause December 2012 is the end of the world

  • Chris

    *scratches head*

  • John Q. Public

    The LOX last album was in 2014, And Boosie gets out last year… AHH needa step up their journalism skills. Amateur hour over here

  • Brindle

    all kinds of errors in this

  • great newz, waited for long long time to see bussy coming out of jail, 2012 gonna be good years for him.. oh wait..

  • Sean Taylor

    2012 is loooooooooong gone.

  • JimJames29

    In a lot of ways the writing on AHH is not THAT bad, but then its errors like this that really make me wonder whats going on in peoples heads over there. You don’t even have to READ your own article, just LOOK at it before you press ‘post’ and you’d see that 2012 is wrong.

  • musicbusiness advisors

    Great journalism……’2012′ instead of 2014, & the ‘paper’ instead of ‘the rapper’, typos galore, are you in THAT much of hurry when you type these stories, as they are up forever. Love the news, but it reflects on the site’s credibility……

    • Guest

      are you from the future?

  • Im done man….guess bruh been out all this time and weaintenknowit

  • Getatme

    If y’all believe these are mere typos then your gullible. These are deliberate failures. The writers and AHH staff does not respect it audience. It happens everyday with almost every article, particularly the rumors section. They have lost all credibility as an information source. I only come for the commentary.

  • Shotgun_Packa

    2012? I cant wait!!!!!!

  • Greg

    Good Lord man ya’ll are terrible. No wonder I left this site years ago. Do ya’ll not proofread your articles before posting them?

    • LaurynHernandex

      Black ppl are the main editors on here.

  • Greg


  • soyhiphop

    really? 2012 wow hes on that back to the future type shit

  • scullyson

    Had to go read it from another scource to get some accuracy. That ish crazy AHH….8-14-2014….Was that too hard to get right ?

  • dutch357

    SMH – “The paper was jailed in 2009 for probation violation when he pleaded guilty to marijuana charges.”

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  • don king

    August 18, 2012??????????????? shame on u! do only retards work 4 ahh? i mainly come 4 the comments now! ahh r a bunch of airheads.

    • richard_b_hard

      Airheads??? that’s an insult to Airheads everywhere,at least real airheads know their airheads,AHH is just plain clueless.

  • Damn that nigga gotta wait to earth’s speedometer rolls over

  • patriot_CA

    AHH. get ya shit together. Yall slippin.

  • 7yoyo7

    According to AllHipHop, we are all time-travelers and we can actually put paper in prison.

  • d6510

    Fix this shit. Its embarrassing

  • Behonest

    Lets see if they hold to their word and release him on that date.l I doubt it the playing with this guys life like its the thing to do.They essentially destroyed his ability to make legal money though rap just by the length he was away. What is he supposed to do now? I hope he can make more hits but they certainly put obstacles in his road to redepmtion.

  • Good News!!!!

  • bigdoe6

    Office full of interns who just don’t give a shit.

  • Gully Creepa

    Great news, now the Jamaican justice system needs to do the same for Vybz Kartel.

    • DollasTX

      sarcastic azz … lmao

      • Gully Creepa

        Just because you don’t know who Vybz Kartel is doesn’t mean I am being sarcastic. I am a fan of Lil Boosie and I can’t wait for his release

      • DollasTX

        i can tell you are young my man … of course, i know who vybez kartel is another niggah that dont DESERVE a release date

      • Gully Creepa

        I am 30. Vybz Kartel is innocent. All of the evidence and testimonies against him were either missing or fabricated. Heck, the police can’t even find a body and the blood found did not belong to the victim. Free World Boss!

      • Gully Creepa

        I just hope you are not one of those Texas cats who think Z-Ro, K-Rino, Trae the Truth, and the original S.U.C. are trash.

      • DollasTX

        never been a K-RINO fan – but I ROCK with RO and TRAE

      • Gully Creepa

        You score respect for liking Ro and Trae. Thank Jah you didn’t say you were a lil’ Wayne fan, that jerk stopped being relevant after the Carter 2 album. K-Rino is one of those rappers that takes acquiring. He is definitely not for everyone, kind of like Kool Kieth (Dr. Octagon).

  • leftcoast13

    “The paper” ? do u mean ‘The rapper ?

  • DollasTX

    phuck this niggah release date … yeah i said it – cuz you kniggahs too damn BRAINWASHED to know better …

  • baller187

    MMG is signing him, ross has it on the quiet

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