Jay Rick Ross The Devil

Rick Ross Ft. Jay Z “The Devil Is A Lie”

Finally! Rick Ross released his highly anticipated new single “The Devil Is A Lie” featuring Jay Z.. This collaboration is a product from  Ricky Rozay’s upcoming album “Mastermind.”

  • Siflan

    Not much into rap anymore, but the lyrics were cool.

  • Disclosure

    Beat is cold. but its nothing spectacular rappin about the same shit while we stuck in the system.

  • Sean Taylor

    WOW Jay really likes working this ex-co fake thug. I guess fake recognize fake…huh Jay.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      how many niggas make songs with T.I all day.

  • Romia Blue


  • JimJames29

    Beat is a little too loud for me

    • Guest

      You listen to too much Drake.

  • fullyautomatic

    It’s alright not bad…

  • $17637591

    Of all the Ross & Hov collabs this was a slight disappointment. Beat is hard but the hook is mediocre.


  • Truth Powell

    Ross is the only guy making hardcore hiphop on a mainstream level.

  • C. Black

    Jay touched on a few things that I expected to hear. However, they didn’t come with the power bars that I thought this cut was going to be full of. Its cool though, beat was tight, bars was normal just not what I thought they were going to be talking about.

    • C. Black

      Still waiting on the full album release though. By the way, to be a bit more specific with my previous post, I was thinking that they were going to be spit tin some more of that deep “tears of joy” type shit. Its cool though, I’m expecting some heavy shit on the album.

      • Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

        I never bought teflon don, dont feel ross enough for the album. First time I heard the tears of joy beat was on the slaughterhouse mixtape. Their version should have retired the beat. All real spit.

      • C. Black

        Word? Didn’t know anyone else spit over that beat.

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  • SBRon

    Disagree with y’all!! Jay addressed his critics quite nicely IMO…

  • Dee

    IMO, Ross spat the same ol’ bullsh*t he’s known for but JayZ did justice to it. “gotta be the illuminati if a nigga shine”.

  • $18916246

    Jay does it again…dude just gets better with time…..

  • DJ7

    Fat boy on that Wale flow…

  • C. Black

    Jay say he mansa musa, I can dig it. Only thing though, if I’m not mistaken mansa, moved through regions so filthy rich he just gave away gold to niggas. Jay let me hold somethin!!!!!!! I’ll get it back to you once this thing of mine bubble up a lil bit more. Ross should’ve came wayyy more introspective and deep on this one.

  • What a beat

  • You know this shit is going to get a nice Kanye remix.

  • b-b-ba-bacon

    the controversy that came form this shit. haha. here we go again.

  • b-b-ba-bacon

    whats that sample?

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