Amazon Refuses To Sell Beyonce's CD, Beyonce Does Walmart Giveaway

(Allhiphop News) Amazon may one day will be able to fly your package to you in 30 minutes with a flying drone…unless it’s Beyonce’s new album Beyonce. Due to Beyonce’s unorthodox album release, Amazon has joined Target as retailers refusing to release the CD of Beyonce.

Apple iTunes was the exclusive distributor of Beyonce for the first week of its release, a move that kept Target from selling the CD as they “are primarily focused on offering CDs that will be available in a physical format at the same time as all other formats,” according to an official statement. Amazon has not released a statement on their refusal to sell Beyonce’s CD other than through third party retailers.

Industry insiders speculate that Beyonce’s surprise release is the reason for Amazon’s decision. Reportedly, Sony Music Entertainment denied Amazon pre-order rights to the new album due to its surprise release. The Beyonce album is being featured in the “New Releases” section of Amazon’s Music department, however a few fan reviews on the site complain about not receiving the 17 videos that came with the iTunes-exclusive of Beyonce.

Not one to take opposition lightly, Beyonce surprisingly appeared at a Walmart in Tewksbury, Massachusetts last night (December 20th) and gave away $50 gift cards to all the shoppers.

Check out Beyonce’s surprise appearance below:

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  • RapItUp

    Definitely Jay’s wife.. Working that media w/ a coy undertone and a smile

  • briebo1

    This is just cutting off your nose despite your face, a very childish move to make publicly. This album is going to sell physical copies. Period. Since when did retailers need special treatment in order to sell a sellable product? They get money for every unit they sell. Now they may adjust the amount of copies they order based on the iTunes sales, but not to want a piece of the profits of what is one of the best selling – and may end up being the best – albums of the year. This is an attempt to hurt Beyonce’s sales, hurt her personally, to discourage other artists from doing the same. It is also a huge giveaway to retailers like Walmart who, besides already being a larger retailer and reaching more customers than Amazon and Target, will have more of the market sales of this album. The thing is when people go into Walmart they will buy other things usually, and if they bought it on Amazon they would also usually buy something else to get the free shipping for example. So good for Beyonce in going to Walmart! She just gave them some free PR as well as basically a commercial for the fact that her album is now on shelves in Walmart along with some holiday good will. In truth Beyonce sales will not be hurt by these moves be Target and Amazon – the result of these moves by retailers is really just a big holiday giveaway to Walmart.

    • It’s a power move, how many will shop at WalMart hoping to see Beyounce & get a $50 gift card?

      WalMart & Beyounce WON.

    • pauleyPee

      Not to be an asshole… But “cutting off your nose (to spite) your face”, is the saying.

      • 5% Hov


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  • Havoc Wreaka III

    Fake ass TMZ headline

  • she should have taken her promo game to a whole new level and only delivered physical copies to mom and pops

  • Chris

    All this hoopla for a promotional mixtape.

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  • Darslow

    I haven’t purchased a Beyonce album since Destiny’s child survivor, because I’ve never really gotten into Beyonce the solo performer, but just because these retailers are acting a damn fool – trying to control how an artist and her label chooses to distribute an album, I’m going to Wal-mart today to purchase a copy of “Beyonce” the explicit version. How are you gon’ tell people that they can’t make a decision to distribute their album they way they want to? This is just another control move by corporate big wigs who see her brand and power as a threat.

  • musicbusiness advisors

    Power to QUEEN B – that’s INDIE POWER! Don’t let the ‘suits’ control your creativity & passion to give your fans WHAT YOU WANT! Empower your music career with INDIEPOWER!

    • pauleyPee

      Beyonce is not indi. She’s popular. She has endorsements. She’s in commercials and on magazine covers… She has a great image, good presence. So forth and so on. That’s the only way you pull something like this off and do the numbers she’s doing. I can certainly believe that it saved a lot of $$$ in promotional fees that her company would have forked over conducting traditional pre-release fare, though. But that’s not what “Indi” means. Smh.

      • 5% Hov

        Indie doesn’t mean anything you said either lol

        Read the Forbes article… she is basically negotiated a semi-independent deal with Sony where she has 100% control over the product and marketing. She choose not to spend 1penny on marketing, and to have Pepsi pay for making of the video’s….

        She essentially makes 20% profit share on gross profit… Jay might of helped with that structure but she is definately more “Indie” than most “indie” artists…

  • We’re not selling it because iTunes got it first… that’s some real live hating shit, refusing to make money just to be stubborn

    • Sean Taylor

      It’s called business.

      They lost out on a lot of sales due to iTunes getting it first.

      Go back to buying food w/ your EBT card and leave the business to the grown folks.

      • EBT card? …bitch I’m not white, I just know how to spell!

      • 5% Hov

        It’s called bad business. It’s real stupid move by Amazon… they are trying to deter any other artists from releasing their albums in this way… “we won’t stock you, so don’t try it”

        Just like the music industry in general… they are behind the curve

  • John Q. Public

    Too bad WalMart only sells edited CDs… and this is her 1st explicit lyric album

    • COL Bull-sigh

      Too bad they sell ANY of the beyotche’s crap. And they’re not receiving another dime of my money as long as they sell this RACIST White-Hating Ho’s crap!

  • pauleyPee

    No disrespect to Miss B., but to all of you who keep saying that she “must be Jay-Z’s wife”, dude, it’s not like she thought of this! lmfao… She has a team, including Jay-Z, that get together and think this stuff up. She writes songs, sings, produces, and performs but she’s not a marketing genius. Smh. Don’t sensationalize this, please. lol

    • RapItUp

      Exactly.. Jay’s wife. Jay’s management. Dumbass

      • 5% Hov

        Nah – she isn’t managed by Roc Nation… give the woman some credit – she has always been bigger than Jay-Z….

      • RapItUp

        I don’t mean to take away from Beyonce’s musical prowess.. By inferring she couldn’t pull a play like this without Jay. I meant the two of them making moves such as these, it bounces off each other and reflects well.. If anything, makes their business plans seem in tune with each other and their tactics in sync.. I won’t buy her cd, but I like this effort

      • ursocalledgod

        bigger then Jay? where? dudes as well as females rock with jay black or white. i dont know ANY niaaz riding to some byonce shit. her fan base is mostly black females. you got this one wrong homie. plus the fact jay been around alot longer. come on sun!

    • $17637591

      Beyonce DEFINITELY deserves credit for this. While she may not have created this unusual marketing she damn sure had to ok it which took an amount of vision and courage.


      • pauleyPee

        lmfao… Simpleton.

    • 5% Hov

      LOL U guys are hilarous.

      Clearly she got a fee from Walmart to attend the store – she probably asked they donate it to shoppers in-store as a gift.

      It’s not rocket science, nor some amazing marketing ploy…. Business is Business

    • Mec-One

      Nice cape, captain obvious … smh

  • Hating at its very finest

  • Trill Gates

    Chicks be wanting a relationship like Jay and Beyonce but dont even like ugly dudes

    • Papi Peligro


  • Papi Peligro

    I gotta give it to Jay. His chick is harder than allota you

    • Big Dog

      She from the South what do you expect?

  • arrdeesss

    So because this batch at Walmart giving away $50 gift cards i’m supposed to think she a saint and want to go buy her album? Nah playa, if she gave me the damn gift card i still wouldn’t buy that shit. Mama didn’t raise no sheep over here.

    • Mec-One

      She didn’t say you had to buy her album with the gift card tho ….. mad much…….

      • arrdeesss

        In my bidness much?

      • Lorenzo Middleton

        well….when you share it publicly…..

      • arrdeesss

        No shit?

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  • ingmarmxy321

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    • COL Bull-sigh

      Your scam is well known for putting tracking viruses on the computer of anyone STUPID enough to fall for your crap. GO TO HELL!

  • Lorenzo Middleton

    They’re not selling the album because the demand is high? I wonder how it’s a mystery these box stores have been having to close doors over the years.

    • AlbertoRipRon

      Yea because a Beyonce album is so much revenue that these places depend on it. C’mon my dude, you talking about Amazon. They can do without a Beyonce album and won’t be phased. They moving on principle, not because of money

      • Lorenzo Middleton

        No shit, I’m not stating that her album alone will keep the companies afloat. But box stores (not Amazon) like Best Buy who’ve had to close stores due to online consumerism seem to not be able to grasp the concept that if people will come to their stores to buy specific items – maybe they should sell the said specific items. A general principle move would be “if it will bring them to the store, sell it”.

  • AlbertoRipRon

    Broad is mad annoying

  • SouthernSmoke88

    y’all fail to realize thats the point of how Jay, Kanye and Bey have released their albums! Minus all the corporate bullshit.. new day, new rules and back to the artist dictating how it goes… Magna Carta!

  • i’mreloaded!

    Think she givin a damn?…………She woke up one morning and decided to go platinum. She’s a boss and still did a mil without Target. So tell ME who won?

  • feeliama

    50 MF dollars? The b!tch is cheap, period.

  • big mo

    i’m so tired of greedy beyonce and jayz ……all they care about is their image

  • COL Bull-sigh

    I’m not spending another dime at Walmart until the get rid of Beyotche’s crap. I can’t wait for someone to harass her and she calls 911 for a cop. I hope they can’t find the beyotche’s address!