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Footlocker Gives Kanye West's Nike Red October Air Yeezys II A Release Date

(AllHipHop News) Footlocker just gave thousands of sneakerheads the greatest Christmas gift of their lives. After a few issues with release date confirmation, Footlocker announced today (December 20th) that the Nike Air Yeeys II will be released next Friday (December 27th) online only.

On Foot Locker’s Twitter account, the company announced the release date of the sneakers dubbed “Red Octobers”:

The news comes a day after Kanye West informed Chicago’s Stylz & Roman radio show that his clothing partnership with Adidas will be released in September of 2014. During his announcement, West took one more jab at his former partner, Nike:

I’ve been under the wings, playing it the right way at Nike and everything but I’ve wanted to create more and not been able to create more for no reason.  I have a new product partner with adidas. I just got back from Germany yesterday and it was one of the greatest creative days of my life.

The Red October Air Yeeys II will be available on Footlocker’s website at 8 A.M. on December 27th.

  • RapItUp

    Sounds like a middle finger from Nike to Mr. West…

    • SSgt Williams

      How, so? If anything this frenzy shows the world how much of an impact Kanye West makes with his designs. Fail on Nike’s part to release him.

      • Da Ledgendary

        Well Kanye already got paid a flat fee for designing them, so Nike is releasing them to recoup their money. Kanye not seeing any more money from them.

      • Tjzoo

        West left Nike not the other way around, mainly because he wanted royalties from the Yeezys and from Nike to let him design more than one Sneaker every 2 years, Adidas gave him what he wanted, so Nike releasing the Yeezys as a Footlocker general release IS a middle finger to Kanye considering the hype of these kind of releases, usually only carried in Nike stores and select boutiques in very limited quantities, i wouldn’t be surprised if they mass produced them to kill the hype and affect him as these particular release was very anticipated and sought after.

      • sharqganq

        Here’s the thing though, if you have been listening to Kanye’s “rants” you would know that his whole thing is releasing product. No matter the conditions that they are being released on they are still the product he designed so no matter what Yeezy takes the W.

      • Tjzoo

        Nike’s way of business for those kind of products is the hype, so if they plan to flood the market with these Yeezys it defeats the whole purpose of Kaye saying “People paying 90,000 dll for Yeezys” because they will be widely available, and you know Kanye as much as he says he wants his products releasing and he wants to make product “for the people”, he makes product for Certain people only because of his Hypebeast way of thinking. Nike keeps winning because they will kill the Kanye hype with Adidas and still profit from the product they already made Kanye design without giving him a dime more.

        Plus, when have you seen people camp out for any Adidas release?

      • SSgt Williams

        Camping out for an Adidas is about to change once Yeezy releases the shoe under that imprint.

      • 5% Hov

        Any btw No-One paid $90,000 for Yeezy – someone listed them ebay for that but no-one ever won that bid…

        They are on ebay now for faarrr less…. And Yes – I’m with Nike – they need to flood the market so regular people can see how wack the Yeezys are….

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  • Black Jay

    A win for Kanye…. Although he probably burned a bridge with Nike. Looks like all of those rants produced a little something.

  • Freebe Jackson

    So I wonder if Kanye will ask people to boycott the sneaker…..he already been paid and doesn’t receive royalties ….

  • Live Well

    Glad he got what he wanted but damn, them joints is ugly as shit. Look like some shit Ronald McDonald would hoop in.

    • Casor_G

      That’s the type of wack isht new yorkers wear

  • John Q. Public

    The most over-hyped and over-priced sneaker in history

  • Guest

    Dirty move from Nike. Considering it’s after his partnership with Adidas and he’s not getting any royalties from Nike.

  • MrWindyCity82

    Dirty move from Nike. Considering it’s after his partnership with Adidas was announced. Plus he’s not getting any royalties from Nike.

    • chiboy773

      Thats what whitey does when their in power. Uses blacks to push there product and drop em to the curve just like a prostitute when they done with em

    • 5% Hov

      The finna to ship over 1million boxes – so clearly the Yeezy’s price is about to rock bottom.

      U can already get them on ebay for $2000

  • Doc Franchise

    Dave Chapelle Season 3 repeat, dirty move…..Kanye adidas line is going to be dope I think….maybe he can be the Tinker Hatfield to the adidas company

    • Tinker is a legendary GENIUS!!!!

    • Akuma84

      Tinker Hatfield is a true shoe Genius to the industry and has made many more shoes than Kanye,for Kanye to even come close to that he would have to design shoes for a long time as well.Becoming a Legend doesn’t happen in a few pairs you just make in a short amount of time Legends are built over time just saying. #NikeRulesTheShoeGame #Jordan #KanyeWho

  • Guillaume Pilon

    nike ))))))))))))))) any shoe brand

    • Jared

      Word. Nobody looking for Adidas.

    • 5% Hov

      Hell Nah lol

      Nike has no style bro. Addias = Hiphop.

  • brotha_man

    no thanks donate them joints to a charter school

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  • Immortal

    I learned off a home building show that when you design something, you’re not designing it for your tastes, you’re designing it to get others to buy it. Somehow Ye didn’t get the message. Not to mention they look like a low class Jordan rip off.

    • Jayson C Williams

      But they jumped over the jumpman

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  • atle fjeldstad

    Kanye west designed a shoe with a mohawk? Whoa! I guess those shoes are designed for kids..

  • Luckey Bono

    Nike releasing the shoe after keeping kanye in the dark and snubbing him about the release date only proves the controversy kanye claimed the founder of nike had with him . I mean come on they’re pricing the shoe at $5000, that alone exemplifies the status of his production. The white man will always to find away to present his self as superior to the black man.

    • Troll_E_G

      Whoa sun, u saying this red October shoe is going to be 5 g’s

      • GQ

        The red octobers are coming out at $245.. The resellers push the prices up..

      • Akuma84

        Price will go up even more since the controvery with Nike and that he no longer is with them.Limited pairs for sure so who ever gets them is a come up for real.

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  • WhiteBlack

    anyone who actually cops these are gay as hell..

  • scullyson

    Nike is on Kanye’s mind more than Kanye is on Nike mind.

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    • JondoE303

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  • Mec-One

    Would have been funny as hell if Nike dropped the same day as his Adidas