Hip-Hop Rumors: Rihanna And Beyonce "Wrestling" Behind The Scenes

So, it seems like the rivalry between Beyonce and Rihanna has taken and interesting turn. As you know, RiRi is Roc Nation official and has worked with Kanye West and Jay-Z. Well, recently (and I have not confirmed this) Rihanna had a big show and she and Kanye were looking to do “Run This Town.” All they needed was Jay. Since, it was in New York, they were like BOOM…lets make it happen. But, the word on the street is that Beyonce put the kibosh on Jay Z’s wishes to partake in the performance. AND, then Kanye dropped out,because he didn’t want to be charged with filling the lyrical void left by his Big Brother. So, fans can thank Beyonce for making Jay actually take a vacation instead of working. That’s what they say, at least.

There is another report on the other side of this.

MediaTakeout has reported that RiRi is mad at Beyonce because she thinks that B released her new album JUST to upstage her. “Rihanna and Beyonce have always had a very cordial [relationship], but they are definitely competitors”, an insider tells the MTO adding: “I think Beyonce is JEALOUS of Rihanna. First there were those Jay Z rumors, and lately people are acting like Rihanna [is] the top girl in the game. . . . [i think] Beyonce definitely pulled a power play and let Rihanna know who the Queen is.”

Rihanna even, allegedly, called B’s management to complain. Hope that’s not true, because RiRi seems too cool and confident for that. But, a rep for Beyonce has definitely shot down the notion that Beyonce’s release has anything to do with Rihanna.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Jonathan Bacher

    Theyre just keeping it “interesting” so we keep buying their shit. Same camp.

    • I agree with you

    • MrNoName2K

      ^2 thats what im sayin..

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  • don king

    why should beyonce b mad if rihanna sells records? riri sells = jay gets payed = beyonce gets bigger presents lol.

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  • Weedras

    why the f**k should i take anything from mediatakeout seriously the site is garbage and is full of fabricated shit… the same team winning regardless of who in the spotlight Rihanna has her core audience Beyonce has her core they’re both winning…

  • chosenxeno

    Uh it’s Media Takeout saying this lol Why are people commenting

  • トラップの神々TRAP GODS


    • Peter Morris

      Beyonce is bigger than all of them combined. She smashed the Superbowl, made $53M in 2013, Is set to make another $124 Million in 2014 (according to Forbes) and sold more albums in a week than anyone else (with the exception of Timerberlake) and dropped it on a Friday (instead of Tuesday) with no promo, no singles, and no retail sales. That b*tch is a beast.

    • Mec-One

      Troll much?

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  • roxithefox

    Beyonce has the right to put out an album. There is nothing wrong with that. But I do agree if there is anyone who is jealous, that is Beyonce. The public can read through her. She is jealous of Rihanna. Riri is an independent girl who does her own thing and is not worried about throwing shade at anyone. Beyonce just competes with kelly, michelle and rihanna, instead of letting them be, and being herself. She gives the impression of constantly being afraid the other 3 might outshine her and I am sure she must be jealous of jay-z being overprotective of rihanna.
    Beyonce needs to let it go and learn that in life sometimes we are at the top and sometimes we are not. That is why it is very important to always maintain a humble attitude. We never know what life can come up with.

    • therealest1

      Well said on all fronts.

    • Darlene Anderson

      @roxihtefox……Your comments blew it outta the water!!!!

      Bey was when I was in my 30….she was my it gurl……
      But time moves on and now its Rih’s turn…..and five to ten years from now someone will come along and dethone Rih

      However Rih probably take it better than Beyonce’s taking it right now!

      • roxithefox

        Hey Darlene, what’s up girl. We have met before in Hollywoodlife but I post under a different alias.

      • Darlene Anderson

        Hey girlfriend….Puh-leeze tell me how to do alias! And also, can I get a new alias for Hollywoodlife?

      • Peter Morris

        I don’t know.. RiRi is pretty confrontational. She’s quick to take shots without any rhyme or reason.

      • Darlene Anderson

        Yep no arguments with me with that….but that’s what I like about her, she’s unapologetic!

      • Gina Arauz

        You’re a grown woman and you like people who attack people FOR NO REASON??? What a damn shame.

      • Mec-One

        So you’re trying to say there’s not enough room for these two to both be making music t the same time?

    • 5% Hov

      ” Beyonce just competes with kelly, michelle and rihanna, instead of letting them be, and being herself.”

      Your whole comment was pure bullshit. When?? Did I miss something…. you missing out the Bey is waaayyy more talented… Singing wise, Dancing wise, Performing wise, Album wise….

      It’s not even a competition. Ur saying Bey is jealous… ;lol meaning U WANT Bey to be jealous…. Trust me. We don’t know what anyone is thinking…. All we do know is Bey is laughing to the bank…

      • roxithefox

        Merry Christmas to you too. It is ironic how you call yourself ‘tolerant’ yet your reply just shows flat out how uncivil, defensive and offended you were like if I stepped on your toes or opened a wound. Since when can’t we post our thoughts? I thought this was a free country. If you don’t like a post you skip it and move on. With individuals like you, people just have to “Kill them with kindness”. Again, Merry Christmas “tolerant bro”, LOL.

      • Mec-One

        Nobody is up in here saying that you cannot post your thoughts. But, you seem to catch feeling when somebody post a reply to your comments …… it’s not that serious. Just another poster letting you know they’re not in total agreement of some of, if not your entire comment ……

      • roxithefox

        Yeah, they are not saying I can’t post my thoughts; yet they do use adjectives such as delusional and pathetic or statements such as “your comment was pure bullshit.” It is not a matter of ‘catching feeling’; it is a matter of being respectful of other opinions and behaving civil. It is not that hard to show good manners. But it is very easy to hide behind an alias or pseudonym and act like a thug bullying and calling people names because they think different from you.

      • Mec-One

        That’s all you had to say! lol

    • Gina Arauz

      “Riri is an independent girl who does her own thing and is not worried about throwing shade at anyone.”

      IN WHAT UNIVERSE??? You delusional people just keep these people running all over you. Wow.

      1] Independent how? She needs an entire country of people to do her work for her! She doesn’t write, compose, produce or play! She doesn’t control her own shows, puts in no effort on stage… and doesn’t even show up on time! Other people dress her… That is the definition of DEPENDENT.
      2] Not worried about throwing shade? That’s ALL SHE DOES!!!!!!

      Do you live on some other planet, or no?

      I’m not even a Beyonce fan, but this post is purely pathetic.You don’t know these people to say how they feel. “Jay-Z’s overprotective” he probably doesn’t even associate with her toxic ass.

      • roxithefox

        It’s ok if you don’t like Rihanna. That is very clear to me. However, you do need to respect my opinion just as I would yours. You could voice your opinion and that is fine. We don’t post with the purpose of agreeing with everyone.
        Jay Z was looking after her for a long time until she took off on her own. She used to be his protégée until not long ago. I do agree that she is not putting any effort on stage and she doesn’t show up on time. But Rihanna if anything has always spoken very well about Beyonce. Beyonce has only thrown shade at her. If you don’t believe me you can look it up on Youtube.

  • John Q. Public

    Media Takeout is the worst site ever to use as a “source”

    • Immortal

      I dunno. WSHH, Nichole Bitche, and MTO are all in a class of their own with this site.

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  • Darlene Anderson

    Even Ray Charles (If he were alive!) would SEE Bey is jealous of Rihanna! She needs to just do her and stop trying to dethone Rih…..

  • marcy

    Bey drops an album no promo, sold over a mil and made history, 5 straight number 1 albums, has writing credits on all her songs, owns her own management company, top rated HBO special, 2013 Superbowl performance and performed the national anthem at the inauguration. Queen Bey owned 2013! Bey jealous of what? Cray stans be all cray over nothing.

    • Darlene Anderson

      Yeah maybe jealous is too harsh of a word to used for Bey against Rih….But it’s obvious Bey has “spotlight” issues. I mean no sooner did Kelly’s “motivations” hit top billing, did only then, Beyonce wanted to put the light back on her with “We like to Party”…..and wait for it……featuring Kelly Rowland

      • 5% Hov

        Did u ever think maybe when Hov or Bey release something they aint thinking about all these punks…. I am really.

        They are worth $billion together… I think its more about the music than than any “competitors”

    • Gina Arauz

      LOL @ “writing credits” and “performed the national anthem.” You could have said “sung” …oh wait, no you couldn’t, could you?

      • MassConglom

        Look up all her music and she damn near has writer credits on all her songs, including her big hits.

  • Capbussa

    Just start making up stories if your gonna use MTO as your source

    • Peter Morris

      This site is becoming as trash as MTO with the fake blind rumors and bullshit headlines just to get someone to click.

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    Lame azz illseed spiting out gayy jizz from MTO

  • brotha_man

    this is what happens when ur side piece and main chick occupy the same space at the same time

  • AphroditeBoy

    Let me just say “Haunted” and “Partition” are everything to me. Bey really pulled out for this album! I am usually a Beyonce hater (like literally the sight of her has made me sick since after her first solo record), but even I’m bumping down the street singing “Yonce all on his mouth like liquor” – but here’s the thing, some of the production techniques, such as the use of vocal distortion and trip-hop / electronic / urban focus of the album really do seem like they could have been influenced by (or lifted from) Rih’s ‘Unapologetic.’ Overall, Bey’s album has more depth and diversity (and ‘BEYONCE’ is a better album even though ‘Unapologetic’ has some amazing tracks), but Rih has enjoyed some of the biggest and best pop hits of the past decade, reaching far beyond just her target audience. “Umbrella,” “Disturbia,” “Rude Boy,” “Only Girl In The World,” “S&M,” “We Found Love,” and “Diamonds” – Um, what? Girl’s hit list is formidable and her trend-setting in the 2010s is reminiscent of Madonna’s in the 90s. Yes, since ‘Loud,’ her image and focus has been diminishing but her track record is consistent, whereas Bey has never had the universal appeal of RihRih. Yes Beyonce sells records and wins awards, but her singles aren’t as far reaching as RihRih’s. “Pretty Hurts” and “XO” may change that immensely, but her singles don’t usually have that kind of power. Both artists may be similar on a superficial level, and they are obviously in competition with one another – but the music they make and who they make it for tends to be very different.

    • MassConglom

      As soon as “Umbrella” dropped, I knew Rihanna was influenced by Beyonce’s style of music. Most of the top female artist are a product of the Destiny’s Child era.

      • AphroditeBoy

        That’s a bit of a stretch. Taylor Swift and Adele have little to nothing in common with any of the themes, musical styles, or performance personas that are synonymous with Destiny’s Child. Even artists like Lady Gaga and Britney Spears, who are also well known “Top 40” performance artists, are extremely different from Destiny’s Child (and Beyonce) and cannot be regarded as having any association or debt to owe to the former girl band. The influence of the group as a whole can hardly even be felt in the individual member’s recent solo efforts. The music they are making now is not remotely the music they would have been making then.

        ‘Umbrella’ is one of the least “Beyonce sounding” songs Rihanna has ever released. In fact, it’s most distinctly the style that Rihanna has become famous for in her own right and can hardly been seen as based on anything that can be credited to Beyonce. And the visual could not be more dissimilar from Beyonce’s blonde diva persona.

      • MMT8

        @MassConglom…..We need to stay with the evidence and facts. “Umberella” dropped in 2007 and was penned by (Christopher ”Trickey” Stewart, Terius “The Dream” Nash & Thaddis “Kuk” Harrell). Fact…….. this is the same team that Beyonce used for “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It), circa 2008. Beyonce employed this team only after they found fame with the success of Rhianna’s “Umberella”, otherwise, she, “Beyonce” might not have given “them” the time of day. “Umberella” was a smash hit and redifiened the female artist landscape at that time. From that time till now, Rhianna has shared the top female pop artist spotlight and that album helped to define what is currently considered pop. There is no Beyonce influence in “please don’t stop the music” which was also a big hit. Facts are your friend…. Lets stay with the facts. Dont get me wrong, Bey is an incredible artist and her contribution to the R&B and pop era is not to be denied.

      • MassConglom

        Don’t matter who wrote the songs, it’s the style of singing that I’m pointing out. If Rihanna was in her own lane as far as her singing style (See Janelle Monae, Eryka Badu, Janet Jackson) she wouldn’t be threaten by Bey. Beyonce also has writer credits on “Single Ladies” along with “The Dream”, while Rihanna didn’t write or even help write “Umbrella”. Even Rihanna’s “Diamond” song was penned by a white girl (Google a chick called “Sia”).

    • roxithefox

      I saw an interview about Rihanna on tv; I don’t remember if it was with Oprah but what I do remember was that she said that her secret to success was that she didn’t like to compete with anyone; that she was just doing her own thing and being the best Rihanna she could be. She said she wasn’t worried about finding out who was doing what. She was just living her life to the fullest and that she knew that just as she is relevant right now, the time would come when she would go into oblivion but she is not worried about the future and she is not trying to outshine anyone. She is laid back and easygoing and tries to be as spontaneous and genuine as possible. She became sexiest woman alive 2011 and occupied 3rd place in Maxim Hot 100 2013 whereas Beyonce has never been sexiest woman alive and the closest she has been in Maxim Hot 100 is the 14th place. Beyonce is the one who is trying very hard to be relevant. But then again, what I say is that as human beings we must learn how to be and remain humble so we won’t lose perspective. Sometimes our pride gets in the way and that is when we have a hard time accepting that others are better than us. Beyonce can’t stand being relegated to 2nd or 3rd choice. That’s why whenever kelly Rowland or Michelle or Rihanna do an album or one of their songs pop out she tries her best to outshine them. She is not even living her life to the fullest or being happy in the process. Beyonce should let them be and understand that sometimes we are at the top and sometimes we are not. Period.

      • AphroditeBoy

        I completely agree. It’s funny because when ‘Pon De Replay’ first came out on the radio, I thought it was a new Nina Sky (who are nowhere to be found) single. And when I found out it was actually this new Rihanna girl, I had her pegged as a one-hit wonder. I could not have been more pleasantly surprised to be wrong – Rihanna has proven to be diverse and every project she undertakes seems to demonstrate personal growth and her seemingly unlimited potential as an artist. They are very different artists, but I see her as one of the greater successors to Madonna due to her willingness to push her audience and her gift for reinvention. However, I do think she needs to take some time to focus on producing a coherent album of songs that she believes in, because after having churned out one album a year every year since her debut, the filler on her albums is starter to outnumber the tracks that you can tell she put more work into. And since ‘Loud,’ her image as been in a constant state of evolution, which is a good quality to manifest, but can be alienating and put a strange distance between her and the audience. I prefer Rihanna a million times to Beyonce, but I believe Beyonce worked harder on this album than Rihanna worked on either ‘Talk That Talk’ or ‘Unapologetic,’ both of which have amazing songs on them, but neither of which was a strong as some of Rihanna’s previous efforts. So what I’m trying to say is, Rihanna has peaked during ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ and ‘Loud,’ while Beyonce hasn’t really peaked until now for me.

  • Kelse

    Ldies, Gents, let it go. Seems like this site got a lot of their info from Mediatakeout. Do I need to say more!!! MediaTakeout is always trying to start sh”t from B.S. Their only credibility is their pix. The stories behind those pix are what’s a joke. This B.S. is snot even worth commenting on, unless there are some facts to back it up. Stop making like its an all out competition between these two ladies. Luv Beyoncé, Luv Rihanna. Both are beautiful and talented in their own right. Luv Rihanna’s music, Luv Beyoncé’s music. Just be proud that these are two Black sistas who are making history and making millions in the process. You can like or luv them both, there is room for everybody. Two hard working Black Queens. Don’t hate, Appreciate! All I will say is step to the left Men!

  • Nothing to be upset about…there was a chance this whole anti-marketing strategy didn’t work out at all which would have ended beyonce’s reign all together and push rihanna into that spot for good. but it ended up working out. she should just be happy she wasn’t the artist who was asked to take that kind of risk

  • Marco Dane Paschal

    Beyonce’s song sounds like somethin Rihanna would do

    • MassConglom

      RIRI whole style was influenced by Beyonce and Destiny’s Child. I saw that striking comparison as soon as Rihanna dropped “Umbrella”.

  • chippc

    Based on some of these comments I see we have more female viewers now. At least I hope these sissified comments are females.

  • Embassy

    “RiRi seems too cool and confident for that” Since when????? She’s the definition of insecure and attention-seeking.

  • Behonest

    Based on the pic i thought this was about Em and Rihana f*cking. My bad rofl.

  • Roslyn Dandridge


  • baller187

    everybody knows jay banged ri ri, all those nights in the booth together and she didnt sit on his lap, common, he banged the piss out of her

  • Jessica

    Watching Beyonce new videos, she copied alot of Ri-Ri dances and styles. Ri-Ri is her only competition in the game and she is defiantly trying to up her. Beyonce needs to stop and respect everyone. They are both bad b******

  • Gina Arauz

    I’m not a fan of either, but I need people to stop pretending their both worthy of respect for being “beautiful and talented.” They’re both famous…. the similarity stops there…

    One is a hard-faced, no-talent monster who constantly attacks black women and fans for no reason and puts in zero effort in their own career. (Obligation does not make you a “hard worker.”)

    The other is a pretend Christian who performs well but has to shake their ass, sing songs about fellatio and steal from other people to advance.

    Fame does not automatically make you beautiful or skilled. Not to mention, it doesn’t make you worthy of respect, either.

  • MildManneredReporter

    i stopped reading when mediatakeout got sourced

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