The Beat For Rick Ross & Jay Z's "Devil Is A Lie" May Have Been Stolen

(AllHipHop News) In an ironic turn of events, the initially credited producer of Rick Ross and Jay Z’s collaboration
“Devil Is A Lie” has been accused of stealing the beat from another producer.

KE On The Track was originally credited as the producer of the track when the song debuted online yesterday (December 20th). Minutes after the song was released to the world on Rick Ross’ Soundcloud account, KE On The Track released a video of him making the “Devil Is A Lie” beat.

Soon after, Atlanta producer Omar “Major Seven” Walker went on a Twitter tirade against KE, accusing him of stealing the beat from him and

Hours afterwards, KE dismissed the allegations on his personal twitter account:

Walker later deleted a tweet that suggested that the matter was resolved and earlier today (December 20th) intimated that the problem may take time to resolve:

Rick Ross and Jay Z’s collaboration, “Devil Is A Lie” will appear on Ross’ upcoming album Mastermind and is available on iTunes, however no producer is credited.

Check out KE on the Track speak on the making of the “Devil Is A Lie” video below:

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  • Papi Peligro

    That beat got like 6 on it.

  • Crenshaw on my shirt

    Tell ’em why u mad, son LOL

  • David Gonz


    • Celeste Smith


  • Pierre Elliott

    why they shown this nigga with his jewels n shlt and then sitting there like he really really made this from scratch and it was some deep moment. i was expecting to hear the track-but i guess i gotta go and hear it. was just makin sure it wasn’t my shit

  • Pierre Elliott

    wow the beat is TRASH

    • Freebe Jackson

      the song is for the most part

    • C. Black

      Yea everyone is of course entitled to their own opinion with my own being, the beat aint NOWHERE near trash my fam. That shit hard.

  • C. Black

    Thats some sour shit if ol boy did snake the beat

  • C. Black

    How would he get his hands on it tho? If major 7 made the beat, he should’ve already put up the links to the original, or at least divulged HOW KE got the beat. Were you sending beats out to dudes, were ya’ll in the same studio, are you saying he downloaded it from somewhere and claimed it or what? In my opinion, that seems like the first thing he would’ve have exposed in his initial twitter dialogue. On some “go here, this is where the original is posted, and this is how he got the beat” or some shit.

    • Guest

      So its light weight suspect on major 7s side when you start thinking about it. He stated that when he posts the video of him making the beat you will see. If you already made the beat, how are you going to make a video of you making it? Unless, you already have the video, which would then make me ask, why that shit aint up yet home boy? Post that most expediently!!!

      • Keith N.

        If you made the beat you can recreate making the beat like KE tried to do on his “making of” video.

      • atle fjeldstad

        Dude.. The session files are dated..

      • Squints


      • The name of the video KE did was “making the beat” or something. So Seven was saying that he was doing a “making the beat” video, not a video where he is actually making the beat. He made that beat back in January. He’s just going to pull it up and show the session dates on it and show his tracked out version, show that he has every instrument and not the way KE did it. He also didn’t put it out yet because he got attorneys involved & just has to follow their instructions first. You’ll see it though in the next couple days.

    • K.E. Is known for stealing beats mane. Its not his first time.. So its believable that he’d do it again.

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  • Celeste Smith


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  • Squints

    K.E. stole the beat by VYBE for roscoe dashs’ ‘all the way turnt up’. this wouldnt be the first time he’s stole a beat.

    • Yup I remember that, left the VYBE voice tags in and everything…LMAO and smdh. That was some shameful shit there.

  • brotha_man

    an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

  • Its not hard to believe…I came up in the soundclick era and beats are stolen alllll the time…I know plenty of producers who found people like Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Kendrick Lamar and many more rapped on their beats given to them by someone else

    • Man Soundclick done got so damn weak over the past few years I had to take that shit outta my bookmarks completely. Got tired of havin to search past the Top 50-100 just to find ONE beat I liked, everyone got on that carbon copy shit just like the rest of the game.

      • C. Black

        Exactly mayne, shit is waaayyy oversaturated now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not trying to stop niggas from doing what they do, but some type of gatekeeper needs to be created to keep the masses out this shit bro.

        What percentage of these dudes just microwavin it cause its the thing to do and whats the percentage that’ve been doing it from day 1 out the cradle? The internet made everything too accessible. I’m still standing by for someone to create the next digital platform thats capable of stopping folks from streaming free music, thats why the economy stagnant as shit cuz folks don’t wanna put no money out into the atmosphere. You gotta put the chips out into circulation.

      • You hit it on the head my dude, the game done turned into style over substance…not even original styles, but emulatin the next man’s style in the hopes of makin a few quick bucks. I can’t even say I blame people for not wantin to put no paper up for this stagnant shit that’s bein pushed, cuz it’s like if you heard one you’ve heard em all. Yeah it’s still dope shit out there that’s original and pushin the envelope, problem is the average casual fan with that bread to spend never hears about it. If they had new flavors bein promoted to em they’d be more likely to spend, but when all they’re gettin is plain vanilla they ain’t gonna fukk with it.

  • how the hell did he steal the beat? did he download it? you would think he would tag his beat if it was downloadable for the public..

    • Hell not even taggin stops these grimy niggas anymore.

    • they weren’t strangers. it wasn’t downloadable for the public. Seven is a good friend of mine & he’s sent me beats before to go over them, he trusts me not to do anything with them. i’m cool enough not to. apparently KE isn’t.

      • oh so it was an inside job type of thing,so they used to collaborate,thats even more messed up..are u an engineer? or an artist? because i wouldnt trust nobody to go over my beats unless their working for me lol….

      • an artist! yea I feel ya…I have songs I’ve written that I don’t trust anyone with, but I trust Major Seven with them! he’s one of the few people i do trust lol. he’s a great person.

  • $18916246

    Internal riff? When did it become stealing….worker or boss?..either is earned…

  • Callin Jay a beat jacker is like callin Kobe a ballhog, it’s one of those cases where what’s understood don’t even need to be said. He admitted/bragged himself in an interview that he tried swipin Luchini from Camp Lo back in the day, he just wasn’t able to pull it off.

    • …Man, either read or STFU dog.

      • Tell me where I’m lyin though.

      • 5% Hov


      • I did fam. Just cuz he wasn’t named as personally takin the track, doesn’t rule out the possibility of him knowin about it when he’s been notorious for takin niggas’ shit his whole career. And if he did know about it, that makes him just as guilty as the producer.

      • 5% Hov

        LOL Thing don’t work like that bro… sorry.

      • How you figure? If your homeboy goes and steals a car and picks you up in it, do you not BOTH get locked up if you get pulled over? And in that case it don’t even matter if you knew it was stolen or not, you’re still goin and gettin charged like you stole it yourself. So yes…if Jay (and Ross) KNEW that beat was stolen and they still cosigned it’s use, they’re at fault too…and when both their names have for years been synonymous with this type of thing happenin, it really ain’t THAT much of a stretch to say there’s a chance they did know.

      • Pierre Elliott

        mal is right 1000000%

    • GQ

      plz Stfu.. I feel sorry for your future nothing ass children

      • GodDAMN, you love Jay that much? LOL

      • GQ

        Don’t reply to me

      • LMAO Riiiiight…you got it cat, whatever you say… <.<

      • GQ

        Bitch, what i jus say?

      • Boy you’re an ANGRY one ain’t ya?? Calm your ass down, ol hostile ass nigga…your keyboard can only take but so much abuse.

    • Obi Won

      I remember he did the same to Jadakiss. He said “this for Jada, nope that’s mine, thanks”.

      • THANK you…finally, someone in this discussion who actually knows their shit.

  • Guest

    eat and song are soso

  • bigdoe6

    If the beat was on soundclick then yea it was bound to be stolen.

    • C. Black

      So I’m figuring soundclick isn’t a very good choice to post material?

      • AK

        if you dont want it jacked dont post it anywhere without tags

  • AK

    this isnt the first time i hear rawse stealing peoples beats, he targets people that dont have money to sue him

    • Exactly, Jay too. And let’s not even get started on Cash Money…

      • JondoE303

        Word fam sh!The like this has been going on for years…

  • musicbusiness advisors

    This FAT FAKE FRAUD is stealin’ beats, just like he STOLE his name, look, lifestyle & stories from the REAL RICK ROSS! Someone who ACTUALLY did the work & paid the dues for it! Officer Ricky needs to ARREST HIMSELF for all the bold faced lies, thievery & robberies he’s perpetrating! Turn your FAT Lard Azz in, you untalented F*CK!

    • ingmarmxy321

      my Aunty Kaylee
      recently got silver Mercedes-Benz CL-Class Coupe by working from a macbook
      air… he said B­i­g­2­9­.­ℂ­o­m

      • JondoE303

        You rotten lyin muthafucca!!!!!!!!!!

  • YaheardSyndicate

    This dude talking about “I am music I do it all” He bought all that equipment to make that basic ass beat with some fruity loop sounds and a basic ass loop. Man this dudes dellusional like he’s quincy jones. You can go on soundclick and here 10,000 beats like that.

    • JondoE303


  • ingmarmxy321

    My Uncle Nolan just got
    metallic Lexus NX 200t SUV by working online at home. look at here now

    • JondoE303

      Fucc yo uncle and anyone who looks like him ol spammin ass batch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I could make this beat in 13 minutes…It’s a decent track…Not great though… From the video though, it definitely appears that Major Seven actually made the track because the ngga KE slick confesses that he didn’t actually make the track when he shouts out his production TEAM. But I digress. Hopefully Major Seven can get his due credit.

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