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EXCLUSIVE: Gucci Mane "Wish You Was Me" (Prod 808 Mafia)

Gucci Mane releases a his single  “Wish You Was Me” Produced by 808 Mafia. This is the first release off of Gucci Mane’s X-Mas mixtape titled The State vs Radric Davis 2 – “The Caged Bird Sings.” Take a listen to the track and check out the album!

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  • Jonathan Bacher

    this is weeks old

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  • Kevin Anthony

    Yeaa I heard this a while back. Listen..if u love Hip hop..or used too..let me give u a reason to fall again. All I ask is u spread the word. Kevin Anthony-21 soundcloud .com

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      You fail in life for even listening to this pure bullsh*t! He is ungodly wack! He ain’t hiphop put down that crack pipe pookie!

      • Kevin Anthony

        U my friend are in need of a therapist. Get that hate out your blood homy. I am Hip Hop. Soundcloud .com Kevin Anthony-21

      • cromthelaughinggod7

        So you and your 3 accounts to thumb me down great. I know the real hiphop heads will not listened to that bullsh*t! You are a joke man! Gucci mane? Dope in what reality?

      • Kevin Anthony

        I don’t have 3 accounts, an I didn’t thumb u down 3 times either. That’s real presumptuous of you “crom.” I responded to your comment the other day where u were talking real reckless, Spreading lies, an disinformation. Its all good though, You should take this opportunity to get familiar with my music..or any other artist for that matter who make music the next time, before u judge. Peace.

      • cromthelaughinggod7

        Disinformation? Spreading lies? Prove nigga I lied and spread disinformation. If you bring that sword then quote me otherwise you got me f*cked up homie. I have been on this site way longer than you for years. I love hiphop and hate bullsh*t. I only speak when something needs to be said otherwise I rarely comment. Peace! I never dissed your music man. I was talking about Gucci. What are you talking about? You assumed now as well my man! I never listened to your music. I didn’t thumb you down for your music Kev just about Gucci. As of 5 minutes ago I heard your shook ones cover freestlye(word play). It was dope! I give credit where it is due. I don’t hate unless it is wack.

      • Kevin Anthony

        Crom..whadup. It was a response to me from your account so, naturally I responded accordingly, it must of been a misunderstanding along the way Homie, I appreciate you listening tho Bro! Respect

      • cromthelaughinggod7

        No doubt son! Keep doing your thing. You got bars! Do you have any original songs with original beats that you spit over? They all are freestyles dope but do you have a mixtape on datpiff or reverbnation?

      • Kevin Anthony

        Thanks Crom, im just trying to get better man..I want to be the best at what I do Bro. And if its not for people like you I wouldn’t even have a voice. But yea Crom, Im lining up with a few producers..Listening to beats for an album later down the line..Im just getting started so its gonna take time to get down with all the outlets available to me on social media but, I just started a youtube a few days ago so if you youtube my name as KevinAnthony21 it should come right up. I want to bulid a core fan base first, that’s why im pushing the mixtape and I have another mixtape im dropping in the coming months but I will look into reverbnation, datpiff I looked into, an they want way too much info man my phone number, address, blood type, moms maiden name, its crazy. Im still learning..but again, thanks for taking the time out to check my joints out, follow me on soundcloud if u have an account Crom Much love!!

  • Immortal

    The state vs Radric Davis II….State won,

  • cromthelaughinggod7

    Album should be titled I spit hot doodoo and it is my breath! hahahahha

    • texasPete

      u weak

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  • Jonathan Bacher

    Gucci Mane releases a his single ”Wish You Was Me”
    illiterate imbeciles

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  • ThatBostonMan

    Gucci Mane is broke. He’s not a multi millionaire anymore. His net worth is down to 100k. Google and see.

  • Uncle Sliktalk

    Gucci got dat ringtone music