Major Seven Explains How His Devil Is A Lie Beat Was Stolen

(AllHipHop News) The controversy surrounding the beat for Rick Ross and Jay Z’s collaboration “Devil Is A Lie” may have finally been cleared up. In a recent interview with XXL, producer Major Seven explains how the beat was stolen and his long history with K.E. on the Track.

Even after K.E. released a video explaining the making of the “Devil Is A Lie” beat, Seven reveals that the version released to the public is not in fact the original version of the beat:

The actual beat that I submitted actually sounds better as far as quality wise because he tried to replay the drums, but they aren’t the same quality as the one that I used. And [he] tried to change the 808s to a bass. The original one is actually better.

According to Seven, he sent the beat to KE for “constructive criticism” in January.  attempted to sign him to his production company, Beat Mechanics but his manager, legendary R&B singer Keith Sweat stopped the deal. KE allegedly attempted to get 40 percent of Seven’s publishing and when he refused to sign “that’s when he got upset and pretty much blacklisted me and just took the track.”

According to Major Seven, he sent the beat to K.E. on the Track in January  for “constructive criticism.” Seven maintains he will eventually release his own video breaking down the making of the original version of “Devil Is A Lie”.

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  • C. Black

    Its very difficult for me to understand how niggas move like snakes out here. On everything, that shit is NOT in my blood so I just can’t see the reasoning behind rufflin feathers and burning bridges like that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m most certainly not naive to how folks get down, but I rack my brain sometimes trying to figure that shit out.

    • Dubz

      It’s called morals…some have them…others don’t.

    • ethical business practices with street ninjas is very rare but they won’t cross g0-hard ninjas in fear of retaliation (the CO got shot at florida)

  • Tha Colony

    Cats be thieving out there. This industry is made in such a way that the less talented are on the forefront. Damn! and cats will snake bite you just to get ahead or a dime in their pocket. Thats some shameful shit. And Mojor 7 why the ufck do you need “constructive criticism” form KE when u have the king of the New Jack swing by your side? smh!

    • Jonathan Bacher

      he needed his connects

    • bigdoe6


  • iamwhoiam

    That’s some foul shit. The beat ain’t really all that tho

  • truth

    i believe him! .. cuz why would k.e. come out wit a video ? to cover up

  • truth

    45 dollars to copy right!!!!!!!!!

    • Can’t copyright a beat.

      • truth


      • A beat…not a song, hook, bass line, etc.

        You can’t take away from a copyright, but you can add to it.

        IE: You copyright a zipper, I can’t take away something & copyright it, but if I take your zipper & ADD vinyl coating, it becomes a new invention.

        A beat, like banging on a desk, can’t be copyrighted, only the “work.”

      • From my understanding, lyrics and/or melody are copyrightable – not rhythm patterns or chord progressions

      • C. Black

        I don’t know about that cuzzin, I have over 50 certificates of registration for straight music, no lyrics.

      • Beats or instrumental “songs?”

        I don’t mean music put together, I mean a BEAT.
        “Nope, some one already copyrighted 88Beats per Minute?”

        Banging Whodini’s “Big Mouth” on a desk can’t be copyrighted.

        Patents can be added too, just not taken away.

        If I’m wrong, correct me, but post facts / references to double check. Maybe laws have changed?

      • C. Black

        Oh, I see where you going. We were in two different lanes at first, I got you.

      • No doubt, enjoy the day.

        We just gave someone an intellectual gift on beats & copyright laws.

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  • Kevin Anthony

    Its a dirty game. Karma. I got something different. soundcloud .com Kevin Anthony-21

  • bigdoe6

    40% of the pub?????????? WTF?

    • 60% publishing is better than 100% of nothing.

      • coach jenkins

        40% is alot thats I dont know any better, I didnt read the contract deal.

      • 60% publishing off a Jay Z / Officer Ricky collabo *HIT? is better than 100% publishing off of nothing.


        Plus Jigga & Rozay want publishing too.

      • Pirate7X

        What EDOGZ said. There is NO way you get full credit as an unproven entity in this business, you must give to get. Some sacrifice 100% publishing for a small fee or credit and it later works for them.
        If dude was going to take 40% and get credit, good deal ’cause then dude’s name is out there for future work. When you are entering an industry whether pharmacuticals, stock market, advertising, etc. the majority of the profit goes to the company that funds your work. You MAY receive a royalty but it’s not guaranteed.

        Do you know the name of the inventor of Viagra or Android? No but you know Pfizer & Google and hopefully the inventors are being broke off monthly.

        That’s biz; 40% for one guaranteed hit from Jay & Rozay promising a 6-figure first royalty check ain’t bad. Dude blowing up his spot could get him blacklisted from future work, very common and not profitable.

      • That is what I was trying to say, & he could have kept 60% of the publishing, RUR (Raping You Records) takes all publishing.

        Is 40% some 1st degree fuggery?

        Still, 60% + credit off the Jigga / Officer Ricky collabo is winning.

      • Pirate7X

        Word. These greenhorns are going to learn one way or another.

        Instead of of posting “check out my beats, hot sh!+ holla at me: corniwannbiprodusa dot com …” and trying school folks from rumors, they should try to listen to heads that know and get in the business. Stay TOTALLY independent or play the damn game.

        All good, let the birds chirp…

  • Real Talk

    NIgga who got the original pro tools session of when the beat was tracked out. Pro tools or what ever program keeps a created time stamp and also shows when things were modified. It had to have went into someones computer first, and there you have it.. Problem solved…

    • You can’t copyright a beat.

      • LaFlare1017

        um yeah you can. In fact, you don’t even need to apply for copyright, you automatically own copyright to any original creative work you make, from music to everything else you can have copyright for. People can use your beats on a mixtape without permission, but only if it’s not for sale, as soon as you use it for commercial use you need permission if you dont have copyright, so in this case they violated copyright(depending on if they changed it enough)

      • It was just the beat, so no lawsuit & they changed it.

      • BIG GONE

        so a SR ( Sound Recording) copywrite doesnt exist…. look again.. PA for performing arts sr for production

      • Nemesis_Enforcer

        Yes you can. You can’t copyright a beat with a SAMPLE is the correct statement. MUSIC (aka “a beat”) is copy-written every day. Film scores, classical albums, theme music, all of these are music with no vocals but contain copyrights.

      • Carlos

        he right you cannot copywrite beats, you mixing apples and oranges here, a beat and a film score are not the same. A film score is usually original, by that i mean they play every insturment. let me break it down, drum beats cannnot be owned, only melodies and 99% of hip hop sample the melodies.

    • BIG GONE

      yup and you can copywrite on a sr copywrite and why wasnt his mp3 tagged?

  • LaFlare1017

    Jay Z got the money, pay the man for his beat, one the top comments on wordlstar was “the beat ft jay z and rick ross”. The people that make the beats deserve more credit than they get


    happens all the time, he should of never gave them the session just the mp3,

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      Obvious he didn’t give him the session if KE had to recreate it.

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  • King Cole

    Just google “k.e. on the track scam” and you will find all your answers. Smh. He tried to get my brother earlier this year too. A fckn fraud.

  • lola lovely la’shaun

    yall act like jigga and ricky are surprising thieves, rick ross stoled his name ( nice azz mcm jacket by the way, wish I had one) and jigga stole and entire generation…go figure, the beautiful thing about it is that they are playing in the devils backyard and he has an do not cross sign aim for both their souls….

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