WTF News: Santa Claus Successfully Robs Florida Bank

A bank robber dressed in a Santa hat, beard and sunglasses robbed a Port Orange, Florida SunTrust bank and walked out with money, reports AP.

The man placed a package that was wrapped in gift wrap on the teller’s counter, then handed a note demanding cash and suggesting that the contents of the package were dangerous.

He was given money but the amount hasn’t been disclosed.

No one inside the bank was harmed.

Looks like he’ll be having a good Christmas. He better enjoy it while he’s still free.

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      • Kevin Anthony

        Much Appreciated Homy! Please spread the word, its funny because I can tell u actually took the time out to that’s all us Mc’s want to do is be heard..much LoveEDOGZ818!!

      • Only because of how you handled the B’ish @$$ hater!
        +1 for that!

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      • Peace!

    • rhymes good but you need to work on some witty adlibs and some effects… add some more flavor, some more energy…

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  • RIV

    Hell nawl…..

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  • yo, theres been like 10 robbed banks in south jersey in like the last month alone it seems, and guess what, theres always a picture of the suspect… with a mask or something covering their face… lol.. like dont let the mo’fo’s with the ski masks into the damn bank. lmfao.

    and yo robbing a bank is like the lamest damn crime anymore…. unless you go in armed to the teeth with force and get every last dollar out of there, these lil wimps be walking up with a note and quietly takes whatever given to them. you lame son!!!! you not a G!!

    • hoeyuno

      It takes balls to go in those banks and do that shit.

      • meh… dont take that much balls to hand a peice of paper to someone… lol…

    • nothinlessdenSour


      • yup, and most every damn bank… in the burbs! lol… of course maybe half tha dudes who did it are from camdizzle doe… lol… and yo thats just burlington! lol

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  • Dan_Tebasco

    What’s up with the vid???

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  • stackzscrilla

    I’m Santa Clause NiGG@ WTF the Milk and Cookies????