Master P Uses Proceeds From 'The Gift' Album To Buy Christmas Presents For Underprivileged Kids

Master P aka Percy Miller, No Limit Forever Records CEO, loaded up his tour
bus on Christmas Eve with Bicycles, Xbox Ones, Games, and Toys to brighten up Christmas for underprivileged kids that lost their parents due to senseless violent crimes.

Master P’s The Gift Album is one of the hottest records on the street but instead of celebrating his success, he spends his proceeds from The Gift Album project to help inner city at-risk youth. Master P stated, “Hopefully, I can be like a guardian angel to these kids during this tough time as they celebrate Christmas without their parents. These kids are special, our mission is to uplift and encourage them even though they’ve been scarred by these tragedies. If we can help them learn how to smile again, have hope and overcome their adversities with time, their wounds will eventually heal. Our goal is to help Let The Kids Grow. Christmas is a time of celebrating Jesus’s birthday with family, love and joy. Although these kids have lost their parents, we want them to know that there are still people who care and love them.”

Check out the pictures:

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19 Responses to “Master P Uses Proceeds From 'The Gift' Album To Buy Christmas Presents For Underprivileged Kids”

      • kane pacino

        you dont need to show the world you give to charity . . you just do it and keep it moving . . next time i give to the homeless il take a selfie just for you!

      • U.P.T.nw4eva

        Every celebrity films charity events dude you are super stupid and kinda suspect for that last comment.

      • kane pacino

        ok so we have different opinions . . i aint gonna get salty over it . . but nah nuthin suspect over a joke dude.

  1. Kevin Anthony

    Still good to see these guys giving back. soundcloud .com Kevin Anthony-21 “food for thought” Hip how it used to be..

  2. Terrance

    I think it’s GOOD when these celebrities bring the cameras with them when they give back to the community. The cameras are a vehicle to show there ARE folks who give back AND acts of kindness can possibly influence MORE celebs and perhaps FANS to give back, being that this is a COPYCAT society. I’d rather see more NEWS like THIS as opposed to the sh*t I’m seeing DAILY that is quite DEPRESSING.

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    9e: Vol. 1 feat. ANTi & SHIFTY LEE

  3. ZUBU

    Yeah P been doing this for many years, and he has done it many times! Reasons why the brotha is gonna stay blessed. Look at the smiles on the faces of those kids with their toys and bikes. Just look at the joy, happiness, glow that those kids have. If that doesn’t give you a warm feeling in your heart to see the kids, then hell you must be heartless.

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