WTF News: Glow-in-the-Dark Pigs Created Using Jelly Fish Genes

Scientists in China created 10 piglets that glow green under black fluorescent lights, using a technique developed by the University of Hawaii at Manoa School of Medicine.

Via Huffington Post:

A group of scientists from South China Agricultural University were able to do this by injecting fluorescent protein from jellyfish DNA into pig embryos, thus creating the green-glowing pigs.

This same technique was used to create the world’s first glow-in-the-dark bunnies in Turkey earlier this year, where they are currently working to produce similar results with fluorescent-glowing sheep.

Scientists, however, are not creating glowing farm animals for seasonal décor. The goal of the research is to have an efficient and cheap way of getting a beneficial gene into humans that could help treat many genetic disorders.

Dr. Stefan Moisyadi, a UH Manoa bioscientist with the Institute for Biological Research, says, for example, that this technique could benefit people who suffer with the rare blood-clotting disease hemophilia. “We can make [blood-clotting] enzymes a lot cheaper in animals rather than a factory that will cost millions of dollars to build,” Moisyadi said in a press release.

  • Troll_E_G

    How in tf can a glow in dark pig help humans smh

    • Obi Won


    • Michael Burdick

      It is a great experiment in gene splicing which could help us introduce beneficial mutations into humans to cure many diseases.

  • Severe Thebeneficent

    yeah nevermind promoting good health and eliminating GMOs and proccessed foods altogether, lets CREATE enzymes from some lab to counter the FACTORY CREATED ones…smh…black people… we are genetically wired to overcome ANY disease on this planet WITHOUT modern medicines!! Our spiritual connection to the earth is like no other race! Know your history and stop letting corporations dictate, manipulate & control your well being…to eat healthy is to be closer to GOD…they dont want you to know who you are! The race to eliminate the black man woman & child is in full effect!

    • Jehiel

      Smallpox, typhoid, plague, influenza, measles, dengue fever, typhus, bubonic, cholera, yellow fever, etc… These epidemics happened prior to the era of the modern corporation and are responsible for billions of deaths. I agree that we should take a more holistic approach to health but we shouldn’t ignore the advancements in modern science…

      • Michael Burdick

        Heh… yeah…. “spiritual connection with the earth”? Your ancient ancestors were dying in droves from simple bacterial infections as a result of eating meat.

        Their teeth would fall out and they would die from hunger.

        A tiny cut was a death sentence…

        I don’t know what kind of racial propaganda you’ve been fed but life in ancient sub saharan africa was hell.

      • Severe Thebeneficent

        …says the white guy with his european education…smh…
        believe in what you want, you need all the pig enzymes you can muster, nothing about your race is connected to the planet! You need this, Not us! Your gene is recessive, not mine! You wont exist in a mere 20 yrs, we ALWAYS have and will ALWAYS be here!
        We have innate abilities, unique strengths and the answer to immortality embeded in our DNA! We ARE the direct descendants of god! not you! youve been tricked into thinking you are, this is why you guys are in overtime trying to find ways to last on this planet!
        you need the genes of pigs cows frogs and birds to live long not us lol! No matter what I say you have some western “scientific” retort so whatever…go drink lions blood or whatever yall gonna need lol…
        Europeans went through a dark age my friend, not africa, and only plagues that did occur were direct results of the infiltration for white people and all the diseases you carry!
        you remember that…africas “dark age” came into existence when europeans underdeveloped africa! And that is UNDERDEVELOPED… africa…

      • Michael Burdick

        wow… not only is that racist but it’s completely wrong. You don’t think there was any bacteria in Africa? Get real bro. But, I just realized I’m arguing biology on a hip hop forum so I should expect this.

        I’ll talk in a way that maybe you’ll understand:

        Hey, you know that a bunch of white guys designed that computer you are currently using right? If you want to “get back to the Earth” then why don’t you destroy your computer, put on a grass dress, and roll around in the dirt you monkey.

      • Severe Thebeneficent

        diseases which all came from europe…

  • Don’t make me laugh

    Man trying to play GOD..

    • Michael Burdick

      you mean “man trying to do with more control what nature does… naturally?”

      • Celz

        A natural event is something that happens without outside intervention more than once. The genesis of life happened once therefore it is not a natural occurrence. Furthermore any reproduced scientific event (i.e. by nature or man) only produces different outcomes because variables exist. If you take an experiment down to it’s most basic elements and eliminate all variables the outcome will be the same every time. Therefore it is impossible for freewill to be derived from nature..

      • Michael Burdick

        I don’t know what free will has to do with this… free will is a meaningless concept anyway.

        But, what I meant was that genetic mutations occur naturally in evolution all the time. If glowing noses gave the pigs some kind of survival advantage than we would expect to see fluorescent pigs in nature.

        It just so happens that those particular mutations have not occurred naturally but were introduced by humans… But so what? My point is that gene splicing is no big deal. Genes get spliced, erased, copied, modified, and transduced all the time in nature.

      • Celz

        The point is if life is a chemical equation then conscious thought is impossible. Since life is more than a chemical equation and created by God then this is a case of man playing God. Yes there are natural processes that effect living things such as reproduction, mutations, and evolution but God created those processes too.

      • Michael Burdick

        You have no grounds to make that claim. We don’t even know exactly how consciousness works so you can’t just assert that it’s impossible chemically.

        In fact, if you ever read the neuroscience journals you would see that there is actually a large amount of evidence that what we call consciousness is an emergent property of the brain.

        Everything you call your “self” is just a bundle of neurons firing away inside a fleshy box.

        We know this because when the brain is altered either deliberately or due to injury, what we can “self” can change drastically.

        You can lose memory, forget how to do things, change your behavior and personality, and develop into someone completely different.

        If these things are possible then isn’t it clear that our brains are just basically a jigsaw of different components networked together? If so, then it takes consciousness off this miraculous pedestal that people like to put it on.

        We know that our brains work by chemical and electronic processes… there’s no reason to assert that there’s some kind of invisible “soul” pulling puppet strings on our brain cells in order to make us function.

      • Celz

        Everything you stated is based on faith.. There isn’t a shred pf scientific evidence to back any of your claims.. The disconnect between astro and quantum physics is only able to be bridged by faith. Advanced science tells us time and time again that it is not capable of answering the innate questions that exist in us all.

        You know deep down inside that there is more to life in random chemical reactions. If science is unchanging and absolute then your decisions today are pre-determined by the random placement of particles billions of years ago. If life is just a chemical equation your reaction to my post is not yours, your feelings, thoughts, and identity are no more unique than an asteroid floating through space..

      • Michael Burdick

        Well, I don’t believe anything on “faith”. If i don’t have any evidence for something I decide to withhold judgment.

        But Occam’s Razor slices squarely through your claim that there is something supernatural about our brains. If you don’t understand something than you shouldn’t make a claim about it.

        Also, there IS more to life than random reactions. Evolution is very NON-random. Mutations are random, but natural selection is definitely not random. The way genes are inherited is very specific and it has to do with the differential survival and reproductive success of those genes.

        As far as pre-determinism is concerned: well, if you want to be philosophical about it then yes, if you could somehow mathematically calculate every variable of space/time you could trace the origins of every action and effect down to some cause billions of years ago.

        But that type of reductionist thinking just isn’t helpful in the real world.

        It’s an interesting thought though… What if at the time of the big bang, one section of space expanded one microsecond quicker than another. Maybe the earth would have never had life at all.

        As far as your feelings of uniqueness… Well, maybe you aren’t as important as you thought you were. Humans have anyways had a crazy amount of hubris. But maybe the entire universe was NOT created to cater specifically to this small group of bipedal monkeys on this tiny blue planet circling around an ordinary star in an uninteresting suburb of a regular spiral galaxy in this little corner of the galactic super cluster.

      • Celz

        Advanced science is based on faith period. There are countless contradictions and scientific phenomena that escapes explanation so an unscientific idea is thrown in to bridge the gap. Evolution, string theory, the big bang, dark matter, etc etc etc do not contain ANY answers and have no scientific proof whatsoever.

        Evolution from a scientific standpoint is meaningless without explaining conscious thought or how complex protein structures survived UV radiation and oxidation for long enough to evolve into cells with mitochondria. How did these proteins power their replication without anything to convert available energy into useful energy. The sun, nuclear radiation, lightning, or geothermal heat can not sequence dna.

        I’m not saying your beliefs are wrong just saying that the wholehearted belief in science is ironically religious.

        The big bang has been proven incorrect for instance, so scientists ignore their data and say dark matter allows the universe to exist… Sounds like God to me..

      • Michael Burdick

        I… I don’t even know where to start. I could write an essay in response to all those claims you just made but it would take us far away from the main discussion.

        All I can say is that it sounds like you haven’t done any research on any of the subjects you just touched on. If you want to learn about biology, physics, and chemistry you can start by watching some youtube videos or reading wikipedia… Then you can read some actual science journals but at least familiarize yourself with the basics first.

        I mean… wow. I can understand why some people might deny evolution since there’s tons of well-funded propaganda against it, but you don’t even believe in the big bang?! That’s some serious indoctrination you’ve been exposed to there…

      • Celz

        I whole-heartedly believe in the big bang and evolution but the theories as they are explained today are full of holes. Any one with an elementary understanding of math or science can see that. Science has DISPROVED our CURRENT Big Bang Theory. That is an indisputable fact my friend, the Big Bang Idea as ANY HUMAN UNDERSTANDS it is not a scientific idea. The numbers do not match. There is something else there some call it Dark Matter and Dark Energy others call it God. Whatever you believe takes either ignorance or faith and that is a scientific fact…

      • Michael Burdick

        I don’t think you understand how science work. The discovery of dark matter/energy does not “disprove” the big bang theory. It adds to it.

        Even though we don’t yet know much about dark energy there’s still no doubt that the universe exploded from some small point about 14 billion years ago. I’m guessing you don’t deny this because you do understand how cosmic microwave background radiation works and the amazing precision of the WMAP.

        So in what way does dark energy disprove anything about the big bang?

        The discovery of quantum physics and general relativity didn’t DISPROVE Newton’s laws of gravitation, it REFINED them. That’s science.

        As for calling dark energy “god” well, that’s just a stretched god-of-the-gaps argument. “We don’t understand this new thing so IT MUST BE GOD!”

        You realize people have been saying the same thing for thousands of years, right? Lightning was god! then rainbows were god! then plagues were god! then earthquakes were god! then life was god! now dark matter is god!

        Every hole in our scientific understanding has been called god by people like you who always try to shoehorn religion into fitting with modern science.

        Sorry, but you don’t get to hijack the work of brilliant naturalists and try to put your religious spin on it.

        …and don’t get me started on evolution. I’m assuming you don’t believe in natural selection? Do you think that inherited genes could not be responsible for the diversity of life that we see today? Do you not agree that DNA and fossil evidence shows that complex life started from simple, single celled life?

        You hinted to your disagreement with Abiogenesis in the previous post. Let me remind you that the beginning of life has nothing to do with evolution. Again, you found a hole in our current understanding (the origin of the first self-replicating molecules) and decided to shoehorn your God in there.

        Are you familiar with god-of-the-gaps fallacies? You committed them twice.

      • Celz

        You’re mistaken dark energy is not a quark, it is not quantifiable and is ONLY an idea. There is no scientific basis for Dark Matter EXCEPT that our current Big Bang Theory is wrong. The only evidence for Dark Matter is a disproved theory. Think about that… I’m not sure if you understand how science works my friend. This has been a great conversation though and I do respect your intelligence. Keep searching and don’t take anything for face value, question everything!

      • Michael Burdick

        I really don’t know where you are getting this stuff from. We have observed dark matter… We’ve seen a giant “bullet” of dark matter (or rather the effects of a giant bullet) as it crashes through a galaxy… You can easily google this stuff. Try: “dark matter observations” for starters.

        I agree we should question everything. But remember, the internet is full of misinformation. Make sure you are searching in the right places like legitimate scientific journals or at least well sourced blogs and articles (if you don’t like technical papers).

        If you still don’t think there is scientific basis for Dark Matter then I would implore you to read a book from a very educated and well-spoken physicist named Lawrence Krauss. The book is called “A Universe From Nothing.” It’s very accessible without getting into too much math.

        You did mention string theory though. and, yes, it’s correct that there is currently no scientific evidence for the theory… just mathematical evidence. Physicists themselves will admit this.

        However, the big bang theory is not “disproved”. I don’t know why you think this. That’s not how science works.

        If you have a minute, watch a video on youtube called “The Times and Troubles of the Scientific Method”.

        It’s a great intro to how science actually works.

      • Celz

        Keep searching my friend you’re not far from the truth

      • Don’t make me laugh

        Nope, I meant what I said.. Yea, but that too.

  • Peter Morris

    They can make a pig glow in the dark but can’t get the healthcare website to work. SMH

    • JerZeBoy


  • Doc Franchise

    last days….

    • Michael Burdick

      No, it was the “last days” one hundred years ago when we cured small pox…

      No wait, it was the “last days” 500 years ago when the plague wiped out a third of the population.

      No wait, it was the “last days” when they started using bar codes in grocery stores in the 1970’s…

      No wait, it was the “last days” when Israel became an official country.

      It’s been the “last days” for a thousand years… every generation has their own thing… get real.

      • Doc Franchise

        this dude is the feds spreading that disinformation….

      • African Anakin

        @ Doc Franchise, if you’re right then we must be in the last days

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  • Michael Burdick

    The ultimate goal is instead of gene splicing at the embryonic stage we will eventually be able to deliver beneficial mutations into adult humans using, perhaps, an engineered virus.

    We will eventually be able to cure any disease and possibly stop ageing itself.

    • Can’t stop ageing buddy.

      • Michael Burdick

        Actually, we probably can. The only reason we age is due to accumulations of DNA copy errors in our genome.

        If we can increase the protein coding fidelity of our DNA we could live much longer.

  • Guest

    If those pigs skin was burning ubderneath or one of their natrual senses got messed uo because of this splicing these folks wouldbt even know. Pigs probably likretry it on yourself first. And there is no way to stop aging, only thing man is guaranteed is death.

  • kane pacino

    better lay of them ribs . . or you too will start glowing in the dark lol

  • Kevin Anthony

    What’s sad is..this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. soundcloud .com Kevin Anthony-21 “Food for thought”

  • AlbertoRipRon

    They are altering so many things that are natural. This is imbalance is just not good. I often wonder, who could be walking around thinking they were naturally born but was actually made in some laboratory. Smh. Some things you just don’t do just to see if it can be done. You don’t cross that line.

    • Michael Burdick

      I would have no problem being born in a laboratory if it meant that I was engineered to be immune to cancer or other diseases.

      • AlbertoRipRon

        What????? Being human is being mortal. Death is inevitable. So you rather be engineered by some lab guy? Wow…interesting.

      • Michael Burdick

        Mortal? Life isn’t a fairy tale. There is no mortal/divine dichotomy. There is no fine line between life and death. It’s not that simple.

        In the real world, our bodies are a complex network of different systems functioning together. If you shut one system down, the whole body does not die. It’s not like there’s some kind of invisible “life force” tethering us to our flesh.

        A person can lose half his brain and still be alive. Someone can be nearly completely brain dead and the body can still be kept alive. Where does this notion of mortal/immortal come into play? That’s just fantasy.

        Why do you think death is inevitable? Who told you that? We can keep a brain dead body alive for years. We can keep living tissue alive for decades. Why don’t you think we will eventually be able to extend the life of an entire body?

      • AlbertoRipRon

        Your rebuttal seems to be all over the place, honestly.

        My comment has nothing to do with divinity and has everything to do with accepting that we cannot live forever.

        The point remains, I rather be birthed naturally than to be born in a lab just to escape the tragedies of life.

      • Michael Burdick

        At the core this IS about divinity. If there are mortals than there are immortals, right? If not, then what does mortal even mean?

        It’s meaningless is my point. So then why do you assume that we cannot live forever? Our DNA lives forever as we pass it on through the generations. In fact, you could say that we’ve been alive for some 3 billion years since there are still remnants of the first self-replicating molecules still in us.

        Our cells completely replace themselves constantly. They die and are reborn every day. Why don’t you think we could replace organs just like our body replaces cells? If we keep replacing each bodily system as it fails we could theoretically live indefinitely.

        Or better yet, use gene splicing like this experiment and stop ageing at the source, the DNA. If we can increase the protein copying fidelity of our DNA then we won’t age.

        The main point for me is why do you assume that death is absolute especially while you live in an advanced society that can already prolong life MUCH farther than previous generations ever dreamed?

      • AlbertoRipRon

        Divine has nothing to do with the reality that we are mortal beings.

        It’s also interesting to note that whenever nature has been tampered with, some probable X factors emerge that weren’t foreseen before the tampering.

        The main point for me is why are you so afraid of dying? What is the attraction of living longer than the normal life expectancy? You can accept the eventuality and fear it, therefore you cannot understand what I’m saying to you.

        Everything in life has it’s time to live and time to die. This is natural cycle of things. Why upset such balance that is a natural system only for your own self serving goals of just living longer than expectancy? Let others have their moments. You had your time.

      • Michael Burdick

        What does mortal mean? We have indeed “tampered” with nature over the past few hundred years. Antibiotics, chemotherapy, biologic medicines… yup… It’s been pretty awful. We should have just left nature alone, right?

        I’m not afraid of dying but if you can’t see the benefit in wanting to live longer that’s just… whatever.

        What IS the “normal life expectancy” anyway? You do realize that we’ve DOUBLED human life expectancy over the past few hundred years, right? We used to die before our 40th birthday. Now some live to over 100 due to medicine, surgeries, and better nutrition.

        Do you think we could double our life expectancy again? Why not? We already did it once.

        You’ve committed the naturalistic fallacy. Just because it’s “natural” does not mean it’s good or desirable. Tons of things we do today are not natural. It’s BETTER than nature.

        Do you want to go back to nature where you would probably die as an infant or, if you are lucky, die at the age of 30 when all your teeth fall out and you can no longer eat the animals you hunted? Or when you get a slight cut that gets infected and a simple bacteria kills you?

        I bet people thousands of years ago would never dream that we could now cure disease and transplant organs to prolong life.

        I just want you to broaden your perspective a little bit. Why are you making so many assumptions about what is and is not possible?

      • AlbertoRipRon

        My perspective is quite broad. To assume such based on posts is utterly absurd. “We” haven’t doubled the life expectancy, natural human evolution has. That’s nature at work. Just like humans were shorter and over time, our height has increased. That is natural.

        You still speak that poetic speech to override the basis of your point. That you would rather be born a lab baby from science than to be naturally born because you want to avoid sickness and death. You cannot fight against what is already decided long before you arrived here. You will die. Prolonging your life can be a means of death. Not just for society but for nature itself.

        There’s that line that you don’t cross. Something that you fail to mention or take into consideration. The methods used to prolong life is not natural. It involves nanites, growing organs, chemically enhancing bios and such. We live in a world where food we eat is not natural food. Where water is tainted with chemicals such as methane. That is not natural. All because you’re afraid of sickness and death? So why are you making so many assumptions about what is and is not possible? The road travel both ways. The dinosaurs had their time. And humans shall have there’s. Learn to let go.

      • Michael Burdick

        Well, expert biologists disagree with you about our life expectancy. It has very little to do with evolution because there’s not much selection pressure for an organism to survive longer than it takes for it to reproduce. (except for maybe the grand-parental care hypothesis) After women reach menopause there is no evolutionary reason for them to keep on living taking up resources except for to care for grandchildren. Read “The Selfish Gene” to learn more about this.

        How many biology books have you read by the way? There’s one by Richard Dawkins titled “The Extended Phenotype” where he explains in detail why our life expectancy has increased.

        “…older age stems from public health efforts to improve living conditions and prevent disease, and from improved medical interventions.” -Duke University Center of Demography Aging. (2010)

        There’s a great Science Daily article about this titled “People Are Living Longer and Healthier: Now What?”

        Also, it’s well documented that our height has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with evolution. It’s about nutrition. You should really look this stuff up before you post, it’s actually really interesting to learn about. What evolutionary pressure would cause taller people to evolve more than short people in a civilized society? To see predators better? Not likely if you live in cities…

        But who decided that it’s set in stone that we should die at a certain time? We’ve already disproved that idea over the past 200 years. We live MUCH longer now.

        Also, you made a few more points I’d like to address quickly:

        1. Prolonging life is NOT natural.That’s the point! Nature sucks. For evolution to happen there has to be massive death and suffering. I’d rather evolve technologically instead of naturally thank you very much.

        2. You are referring to GMO crops or “unnatural food”. There’s no evidence that genetically modified crops are harmful to humans. That’s just tree hugger propaganda. Do some research. I have Crohn’s disease so I’ve definitely researched what I should and should not eat.

        3.Methane in water? You probably saw the flammable water video on youtube? That’s already been exposed as a fake. The flame was coming from gas in his septic tank. Though it is true that in some towns methane IS present in the water but it’s naturally occurring and seeps out after an earthquake. Is has NOTHING to do with fracking (more tree hugger propaganda). The water table is many, many feet above where the fracking occurs.

        Lastly, I’m not making any assumptions. I’m saying anything is possible. If we all had such a close minded attitude we would have never invented airplanes or kidney transplants.

        Don’t believe everything you hear. It sounds like you’ve came across a large amount of incorrect information. I’m not attacking you though. I’m just a skeptic. I’ve trained myself on how to uncover the truth of things. I’m still not perfect at it but I like to research, verify, cross-reference, and source any information someone gives me before I believe it.