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Lord Jamar & Star Threaten Yelawolf & Call His Fans Racist

(AllHipHop News) The back and forth between Lord Jamar and Yelawolf not only appears to be continuing, but Star has jumped into the situation as well. The radio personality addressed the ongoing issues between the Brand Nubian member and the Alabama rapper that began when Jamar commented that whites were “guests” in Hip Hop.

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“Yelawolf, I would slap the s**t out of you,” Star told VladTV. “This is Lord Jamar from Brand Nubian. He came up and pioneered a plethora of things with regards to the Hip Hop culture and rap music. There’s certain people you just have to be mindful of… Just watch your f**king mouth.”

After scolding Yelawolf for what he feels was a disrespectful way to respond to a veteran in the game, Jamar also gave a warning to the Radioactive creator.

“The type of motherf***a I am and how I grew up, and you were the type of muthaf***a I’d slap the s**t out of in the hallways of junior high school just on g.p.,” adds Jamar. “B***h-ass f****ts like you have to understand that you can’t just talk any kind of way to me. I will beat the s**t out of you.”

Jamar offered to end the beef if Yelawolf publicly apologizes. He also states that some of Yela’s fans have called him “n****r” and threatened to lynch him.

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Watch the interview below.

  • tra mo

    go cop dat soul tape 3

    • LamarG1

      Weak a$$ no good washed up drug addict bunch of nobody’s sweating and acting a fool! I hope Yelawolf tells lord stupid and whoever this sweating nasty crack head, to eat a big fat d$&k!!! Hip hop royalty? Lord stupid.

      • lola lovely la’shaun

        where is it noted that he is a crack head? give me the listing of the article.

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  • DollasTX

    lord jamar was a GUEST of hip-hop … keeping it 10G’s

    • Papi Peligro

      Ask him to get a concert. Very definition of GUEST if you can’t get in.

  • Jose Guapo

    When has been rappers and whack ass talk show hosts need attention this is the type of shit that happens…… Sad day for hip hop or whatever this shit is now.

  • Weedras

    Not because you’re a pioneer in something that means you should be an asshole and act holier than thou respect is a two way street… i wouldn’t take disrespect from an old head just because he has status f*K that…. life is a cycle and old heads will always have have to move the way whether they like it or not…

  • lynching shm and you down with hiphop ? get the f outahere

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  • Kel

    This ‘guests of hip hop’ thing is just garbage

  • poloplayboi

    Lord Jamar needs to go sit his old ass down someplace. We know who brand nubian is! If anything he’s getting disrespectful and talking out the side of his neck

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  • RichFromBX

    so a white rapper is just suppose to say nothing and/or doing nothing when someone calls them a “guest” in hiphop? Yelawolf was suppose to do what, thank Lord Jamar? GTFOH! Both of these fools are in thier mid to late 40’s and talking about what they would do in high school hallways – time to grow fellas.

    What the hell would happen if a white politician ever came out and said that black people are only a “guest” in the white house?

    • DollasTX

      white politicians do it all the time … without saying “guest” verbatim

      i useta bang on the white kids too … off GP and just cause …

      BUT i bet he wouldnt call EMINEM a guest … dick riding azz old men!

      somebody tell star the only person close to LEGEND in BRAND NUBIAN was

      GRAND PUBA … brand nubian was not on top of the industry then and damn

      sure aint now — them niggahs was just AIGHT – somebody tell that niggah to

      “SLOW DOWN”

  • Crenshaw on my shirt

    Yelawolf a good rapper, leave the boy alone

  • Carlos

    first off, how Lord Jamar gonna call someone racist after they reply to his racist comment. BTW, I grew up on Brand Nubian, so i am not a lil kid taking about siht i dont know bout. Then he calls yela out for being racist and says something else racist, like, you the type i use to beat up in school, wtf. I am 36 years old and sometimes feel like i need to grow up cuz i still want to f dudes up who look at me sideways but damn, Jamar gotta be like 40. i hope i grow up by then.

    • Brindle

      perfectly said

  • Jason Mazur

    1) Is Star High & Drunk? Why he keep swaying, wiping his face, looking around like an addict tweaking and blurting out like tourettes? 2) I grew with Brand Nubian in the tape deck from time to time and Lord Jamar wasn’t exactly NOT racist THEN decided to cameo on the The White Rapper show for what? 3) They are sitting here talking about respecting people while they call people faggots and racial slurs as if two wrongs make the right. 4) We are not in middle school so no one is beating people up on GP, time to get the grown man on since both these dudes are well into their 40’s

    • Papi Peligro

      DAWG HE SO TURNT UP ON SOMETHING. That’s not coke. SATIVA WEED or something.

    • DollasTX

      they drinking in the interview

  • Black Jay

    The message is lost in ignorance…. Lord, how old are you? Star, is syrup in your cup? I can’t tell if you’re dancing or talking.
    Now both of these dudes probably have legitimate beefs with Yelawolf, but it’s lost in the ignorance of all of the name calling. If you have beef with a dude, just say five words…. “I’m coming to see you.” That’s it. No colorful commentary needed.

    If this is how we come at people nowadays, I’m ashamed these dudes are a part of my race. And that’s real!

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  • Papi Peligro

    Lord Jamar wack these cats be talking to the air. Star on some heroine. Cats is near 50. Somebody grand parents. Go on a cruise and relax.

    • Danny Fernandez

      Cruise & relax huh? Hiphop is their culture you fool. Relax on the daily is what they do I am sure.

    • lola lovely la’shaun

      oh wee, dang, age ain’t nothing but a number it’s all about the spirit, second, grandparents are getting younger and younger, third why is there so many slangers on this site. Have yall served lord J or star. Do yall be on the scene, who do you roll with that have those rocks….What’s your number let me call you for and exclusive interview!!!!

  • Jamar sounds like a fuckin idiot.he just wants to create contoversy. Yelawolf is a cool ass white boy wit a black manager.he can’t control if some fans are racist

  • Brindle

    anyone that knows Brand Nubians knows what the represent- antigay (which i’m cool with and doesn’t mean they are “homophobic” a diagnosis that doesn’t really exist) and anti-utilization of white power (which i’m cool with as long as the person standing against it is not racist against whites) but unfortunately he comes across emotional and angry in his statements causing his points to get chalked up to ignorance.

  • Brindle

    as far as this gay thing, the 35 and under crowd is being brain washed into thinking they’re a race of people. Gay is an activity that must be participated in to be gay not a people. Football players are not a people they are people that participate in football… The gay propaganda is way out of hand. I gotta change channels in front of my son cause for no reason two men will kiss in a damn commercial. i feel his frustration with the whole thing but he still has to realize, though you don’t like the activity, especially two men, you still must respect people as people til they disrespect you. Now when they try to attach being gay as the same as being black, thats when i don’t mind disrespecting their thoughts but not them as a person.

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  • John Q. Public

    Lord Jamar is coming off as the racist one

    • Danny Fernandez

      El Che & Lord Jamar would go hand & hand with their views. How the hell do you see Jamar coming off as a racist?

  • Kevin Anthony

    It is what reality is. And that reality is..there are white rappers, indian rappers, asian rappers, gay rappers, all types of people with talent. Which is what we should really be addressing the TALENT level. Im an artist but, im still a fan, and Me the fan wants to hear good music an when I can’t find any I go make some. I think We have to learn to adjust as people if we want to get ahead, and not be stuck in our ways. “Food for thought” soundcloud .com Kevin Anthony-21

    • Brindle

      talent should adjust, not the people, we’re losing our morals… its apathy= everythings ok as long as it doesn’t hurt me… mean while its effecting generations…

      • Kevin Anthony

        I feel where your coming from Brindle..I think its a little of both because if we don’t adjust as people we will continue to think from inside of a box, and if the talent level stays the same we won’t evolve, we have become stagnant an complacent with accepting what “radio” tells us what’s hot an what’s not.

    • Elayorx El

      Exactly, and the truth of the matter is, we also partake, or had a hand in creating, all of those other cultures you just described, only difference being, we don’t go in being disrespectful, trying to make changes. Sorry, but “adjusting”, is what got us here in the first place. We need true education, and true heart. Respect.

      • Kevin Anthony

        I agree with what your saying Elayorx, we don’t do a lot of this that an the third when it comes to other cultures..we live an let live. What I meant by adjusting is being tolerant of those who don’t know better..in the hopes they will realize the error of their ways an make change.

      • Elayorx El

        No doubt fam.

  • jd

    Hip Hop is all about keeping it real. Right or wrong, agree or disagree, he keeping it 1,000. I respect that. Don’t agree with everything he or Star are saying, but I respect it. I’m going to listen to “Punks Jump Up to Get Beatdown”

  • Yoga Yoda

    How do you call someone racist and then use the words “crackas”?

  • E McArthur

    I don’t know who this Jamar dude is outside of Vlad but he sounds like a hater and I dont’ even like Yelawolf or listen to dude like that. I just feel a grown man shouldn’t be worrying about other.

    • ZUBU

      If you don’t know who Lord Jamar is then you should not even be on this site

      • E McArthur

        Sure I do! A 40 something year old man who still talks about fighting like he’s in high school!

      • ZUBU

        Whoa you think men in their 40’s won’t touch you up if you run that trap in a reckless fashion? You best stay safe in the burbs with your comments. I’m not super hood or nothing, in fact I’m well educated, articulate, honorably discharged vet, but I know tons of dudes older who will put hands on you for various reasons. I will offer advice watch your mouth and stay safe.

  • Stuck in the 80’s & 90’s.

    This is not the first interview,so all you so call haters need to hear what led up to this? He has to right to defend hisself. All the interviews he always said “in his opinion”. He deserve the respect. I don’t think he would go thru with it. That’s what wrong with people thinking you can just say stuff to people and its all good. People have died for less, and even got hurt over something so petty. Besides all you young people one thing you can’t beat. Farther Time. you will be old one day and people gonna call you old. enjoy it while it last.

    • E McArthur

      Yelawolf is older too! It’s not about age, it’s about Lamar sounding bitter. I may talk about Jay Z time to time about his current music but I will never call that man a hater.

  • hoeyuno

    I respect both these mofos opinion. People(white people) took jamars original comments and twisted them.. he didn’t say “white ppl arnt welcome in hip hop”.. he said y’all guests don’t come in and redecorate. he was speaking on maclemore and his pro gay raps..I have no problem with whatanybody wants to do with there lives but to some of us who grew up on grimey hip hop don’t want the flamboyant slammer shit in our culture…not too much to ask for.

    • Danny Fernandez

      They want to force that way of life on us. SO yes, people like us that ask for such a thing would be to much in their eyes.

  • Dan_Tebasco

    Jamar acting retarded yet again, so what 1,2,3 yellawolf fans call him the n-word now he used that to form an opinion on EVERY yellawolf fan… That just shows Jamar’s ignorance and racism even further…

    • Danny Fernandez


      Brother. Where in the interview did he say that all of Yellawolf’s fans are on that racist nonsense? Also, what in the world makes Lord Jamar ignorant & racist? Maybe you should dig and listen to some Brand Nu or check his 5% album.

  • Elayorx El

    Aight, I just had to comment on this one. Star, you still certified
    crazy/genius, and are truly missed on NY radio. Lord J, you represent
    the God-like MC that had to be eradicated, in order for the F’ery called
    NY radio to be able to exist now. So sad, and yes, so on point about
    the outright, wanton racism that has always existed, but now has a new
    gateway, in the form of these rappers claiming to have love for this.
    Imagine, a beast knowing it’s a beast, and bragging about it’s
    bestiality? Some of this may be extremely graphic for those who may not
    be aware, but please know that it is the sad truth.

    • LamarG1

      The sad truth is, lord dip s$it is a nobody crackhead. No skills, and will never be remembered. Yelawolf has had nothing but respect for the game, and has worked with real legends. FYI, Yelawolf already gave a list of his shows for the crackhead to meet him at. Lord BIeatch just can’t afford a greyhound ticket to get slapped down. Who the hell is Lord jamal????

      • lola lovely la’shaun

        so they may edit my comment to be kind to you so you will not comment suicide, but the stuff you typed above is only molly bound. Lord Jamal is a legend in his own right, check his log baby boo – what does your resume look like, who is going to remember your stank butt…lay off the smack your self!!!

      • LamarG1

        Ummmm, don’t worry about me to COMMENT suicide! There are true legends still in the game keeping control of themselves on film. Unraveling nobody’s, like these crackheads make…… Wait, who the weak a&@ is lord jamstupid? BI&th needs to keep his broke, untallented, irrelevant a&&, closed! Disappear again… Pooooffffffff

      • lola lovely la’shaun

        your so emotional, glaad can help, please contact them with YOUR emotion.

      • LamarG1

        Lola, I’m glad you put your three cents in, now we can go on to relevant people and topics. You helped me sooooo much! Let’s hope you just buy a record from The Lord! Maybe you could pay his electric bill after he drops that pile of s&it.

      • lola lovely la’shaun

        Thanks and you can join him in the s.ugar h.oney. i.ce t.ea. Happy New Year…oh yeah, slow down cause punks jump up to get beat down.

      • LamarG1

        Lola don’t be on some s&@t. Beat down? Yela would slap that old man like a bi&ch.

      • LamarG1

        I take offense to anyone placing this kind of an idiot to tribe, or de la souls, or the roots, or pharcyde or dialated! I could go on! Are these legends too new for you? RUNDMC? ICET, ICE CUBE, THREE SIX?(RIP LORD INFAMOUS!!). I’m done. Happy NEW YEAR ! Brand Nubian? No Thanks

      • LamarG1

        No thanks to smack, and my resume runs deep, so deep it put her butt to sleep! I don’t, and will never be in need of funds! People will want too, and will remember me, unlike the crackhead you’re protecting.

      • Brindle

        fool, who’s yelawolf?

      • LamarG1

        You’re the fool, who’s this old crackhead! No good no talent never has been! He had his five minutes, now he wants five more, but without putting any good records out!

  • lola lovely la’shaun

    I like yela and racist fan exsist!!!! but threats beside, who can change this>?

  • AlbertoRipRon

    You gotta know your place. Yelawolf looks like something that came out of a washing machine. Keep doing you Lord Jamar and keep presenting that 100 truth to the idiots out here. Too many part time cats acting like they are full time.

  • Arrie Mental Woodard

    Just because you’re a legend in he game doesnt meanyou are a God. He came with the disrespect first and yelawolf tried to play it cool but he has the right to speak. Everybody defending Lord jamar and saying he is a legend…. if the Legend Lord Jamar walked up and smacked the ish out of your mother, would you give a shit that he is a legend then. foh!!! i grew up on Brand nubian but ignorant is ignorant

    • Keyser Soze

      Horrible analogy… Telling somebody to respect the people Who allow you to do what you do and getting your moms snacked are too far different extremes… If his boss Eminem respects Jamar and the culture enough to be humble and recognize the position he plays yela can do the same…

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  • star is right lord jamar is pioneer & legend lord jamar aka god allah he demands the respect he gets but you see thats the problem now with this new generation of rappers they have this thing in them there is not before there time and nothing after them and theres no sense of history and being disrespectful is just part of it and there wrong