WTF News: Chicago Rapper Arranged His Mother's Murder For Insurance Money

A West Side, Chicago man hired friends to kill his mother so that he could gain access to more than $90,000 from her bank accounts as well as funds from two of her life insurance policies, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Qawmane Wilson, 24, who is also known as Young QC, has been charged along with two accomplices with murder and home invasion in the death of his mother, Yolanda Holmes, 45, last September. Holmes owned a popular beauty salon in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood.

All three offenders were ordered held without bail.

This is just beyond evil.

  • King Kredible

    $90,000? I can blow through that in a weekend. Somebody should have taught this clown what real money looks like before he threw his life away for change he could have made over the winter with a really good snowblower.

    • King Kredible

      …and he had to split it three ways? smh

    • ISTADUMHI772

      90,000 plus multiple life insurance policies dude got broke off….still aint worth murkin mom dukes for.

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    chiraq= no morals

  • ChicagosHope

    This murder hit the uptown of Chicago HARD. Such a beautiful life, wiped away, for cash. Dude been flossing on YouTube and everything. R.I.P. to the mother. Awesome woman.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      I know my nicca, she use to serve niccas in the back of that salon. Head game on point!

  • DollasTX

    this little PUNK deserves to be buried underneath HELL

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    God damn similac babies.

  • Jared

    I put this act on the same level as molestation of a child…Your own mother??!!

    • Jared

      maybe just under that

  • don king

    what a faggot!

  • brotha_man

    girl in the middle looks like a young gangsta boo

  • MrNoName2K

    damn…”QawmanA Wilson” gonna catch all kinds of hell when he gets behind them walls

  • Mcmcco

    What is wrong with these people now days!!! All this liberalism is ruining our society. We need to go back to when the whole neighborhood got to get in that butt when you messed up. When parents backed the teachers/school systems instead of making excuse for why lil “Lavosier” can’t read or acts out…Where the hell are we getting these names from as well? Get over trying to be African, they don’t like us either. So stop giving your children names that puts them at a socioeconomic disadvantage. Hell I’m black and if you come at me with one of these crazy sounding Le or Ja (fill in blank) or an Iesha I am already curious as to how deep your issues lie…Time for the black community to come together and weed out all this coonery and nonsense!!! Remember when it was cooler to go to college than to be on probation or the pen??
    Black Republican

    • MartezFiles

      I think you need help as well. You have been culturally mis-orientated. Your comment reads as the introduction to an Uncle Tom-ism novel.

      Black educator

      • Actually, you have been mis-oriented, Uncle Tom was a G who looked out for his people, the REAL Uncle Tom was actually Sambo ( & Quimbo ) who were Slaves acting as over sears on Simon Legree’s plantation.

        Read Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe.for yourself.

      • MartezFiles

        I will not run my credentials because I think that would be
        very tacky. However, I am well educated in the field of Black Studies. I think you’re referring to the fact that Tom was the closest slave to the master and his family and he reported back to the slaves what master was planning. I think that’s the “G” you’re referencing. Tom was a submissive who would protect his master with his own life. When many abolitionists began fighting to end the oppressive system of slavery, Tom was the Black character they claimed was at the heart of all Black people. “[Toms] endeavor themselves to White audiences and emerge as a heroes of sort” (Bogle, 4). You need to read Donald Bogle’s, “Toms, Coons, Mulattoes, Mammies & Bucks.” Also, never read one or two books and think you have the answers. Good scholars are well researched and very clear in delivery.

      • I was referring to Tom taking cotton out of his own bag & putting it into other slave’s bags, so they wouldn’t get whupped for not picking enough, but your example works as well.

        *As opposed to Sambo & Quimbo. ^^

        I have a question for you, based on your education in black studies, what was the date of the 14th amendment’s RATIFICATION ( NOT* Passage ) & more importantly…what was the vote count that ratified it…if it was indeed constitutionally ratified?

      • PS: I misread / interpreted you comment.

        I thought you were saying that is something Uncle Tom would say, but as an intro? yeah, his comment would make a nice intro to a coonery based novel.


      So just bow down and name black kids amy? Mary? Becky? Only people that care are racist whites and uncle toms…black republican lol u think u got money

    • Da Ledgendary

      I agree with everything you just said, but I must add this is what fatherless kids are prone to grow up to be. The common denominator between all these wild ass kids with no sense, NO FATHERS!

    • SBRon

      “Clarence”, did you mean names like “Lebron”, BPOTP? How ’bout the author Tananarive Due? Oh, sounds “too ethnic”…Not WASPy enough for you, right?

  • D. Rose in the paint


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    This was some shit white kids woulda did dumb ass niggas kill his mother for 30,000 and likes and followers

    • TruthSerum813

      You must not have read many newspapers in the last 5 years. You see this kind of craziness in all races these days

    • Sean Taylor

      Yeah because yall don’t have life insurance you broke azz EBT card using ass niggaz.

  • Executive

    He’ll be raped and torchered every day.

    • Senoj

      Really bro? “torchered”??? All you had to do was use google bra! its “tortured”

      • RapItUp


      • stackzscrilla

        Hahahaha! Why you pull this niggas card like that B? LMBAO!!

      • MrRocking

        Those little red dots under words are an illuminati method of control.

      • lmao! flat line

    • Havoc Wreaka III

      Stupid is as stupid….

    • Sean Taylor

      Unlike Senoj, I’m proud of you for at least sounding it out and trying to spell tortured.

      • Senoj

        Bro, do yourself a favor, save your lame attempt at reverse psychology for the guy in the mirror…

  • Harvey Randolph


    • therealjjohnson

      Can’t judge? Why can’t you judge? Doesn’t matter how his life was with his mom, he doesn’t have the right to take her life. This is the exact situation in which you should judge.

      • atle fjeldstad

        What if his mama treated him like a sextoy when he was a kid and was still raping kids? I`m not saying he did the right thing, but you can`t judge people without knowing what really happened in the past..

      • therealjjohnson

        Still doesnt matter. Some things are pretty clear cut. You dont gather your friends around to help you kill your mother. Period.

      • The friends are stupid, thinking he would do that to the woman who gave him life, but won’t snitch on them?

      • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

        Foh with that. There were a lot of situations where kids were molested and you know what they did? They left when they got grown. If he killed his mom when he was younger then maybe but dude was still living and being taken care of by her. All his people said she spoiled that nigga. There is no excuse for this.

      • Weedras

        if he was being abused, his motive wouldn’t be to kill her for her money…. and usually abused kids commit the violent act against their abusers themselves….

      • Crystal Stewart

        I completely agree. If there was abuse and he saw anopportunity for financial gain, the financial gain factor would be the predominant factor in the murder. It just doesn’t make sense how people are quick to throw dirt on the deceased.

      • Crystal Stewart

        His mother did not treat him like a sextoy. It was the opposite, she spoiled him to make up for his absentee father (he was a notorious gang leader, who happens to be doing life in prison for murder as well). Just read the news reports on this incident. There are many conspiracy theories being thrown around. With people trying to throw dirt on his mother by insinuating that she purchased her beauty salon by ill gotten means namely profits from a supposed hidden stash of money her baby daddy(Qwamaine’s father) gave her or told her the whereabouts of. Or that she was being taken care of by Qwamaine father’s people and that how she got the beauty shop and how her son was continually exposed to the streets. But, her employees, neighbors, and the community at large state that she was good giving woman who gave school supplies to needy kids and bought them things that they needed. So those conspiracy theories are all just that. I think Qwamaine is a bad seed because he is the spawn of murderer. Someone should study that shit, whether or not homicidal tendencies (whether a person thought about committing a murder, actually committed a murder or participated in one) can be hereditary. This is just too coincidental. What I derived from the whole story is to be careful who have children with.

      • …you really just sat there and typed that dumb shit?

      • reg joe

        You need never procreate. (feel free to google that) There is NO situation where it is ok to take your own mothers life except to save your own or an innocents.I cant believe you said something so dumb! If its in the past, why kill her now? Youre grown! Move out and do your own thing. I basically raised myself. ,but Im finishing my Masters degree as I type this, at Trident University. I don’t hold anything against my parents. I just don’t deal with them. My success is the sweetest reward. You sound just retarded as hell.

      • chris

        what make you think of a wild story like that? for once get your mind out of the gutter, some people are just evil

      • DollasTX

        weirdo …

    • Havoc Wreaka III

      Your name alone proves you grew up in a loving family environment in the subs and you on here trying to sound like a some kind G

    • Crystal Stewart

      You most definitely can judge. That was an evil thing for him to do. Everyone around them stated that she treated him very well buying him whatever he wanted and he was ALWAYS around her. She helped him get jobs. She did EVERYTHING for that boy. Which actually was the problem, but she doesn’t deserve to have her reputation tarnished just because she spoiled her son rotten. It should serve as an example. Also, Qwamaine’s father is a convicted murderer himself. In my eyes he was a bad seed. The mixture of him being Jeffrey Todd Wilson’s son with his mom spoiling him, was deadly. Plus they lived in the very area where his father dealt drugs and committed those murders.

    • You’re definitely ending 2013 with the dumbest comment of the year!

      • Yeah, well you’re ending it with one of the funniest & truest!


    • LonnyG773

      His mom owned a beauty salon uptown and he was an only child… There’s also video of him on his facebook throwing money out to people purposely trying to look like a baller… Sorry, but his life did not appear to be that bad. He’s just an idiot…

    • gotcha

      Can’t Judge, but you can point out what is the obvious… And the obvious is this dude is evil!!

    • chris

      i don’t care how his life was with his mom, he is a grown man, just leave. your thinking is wrong on so many levels

    • DollasTX

      you a complete idiot –

  • $18916246

    Don’t cry “DENIGGAFY”!

  • king

    Nigg€r $#!÷

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    damn homie…

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    Gay rappers do anything to be accepted

  • Perico777

    That nigga look like a fag

  • hoeyuno

    Media loves throwing in the word rapper. this guy tried to rap. he wasn’t a skilled rapper.

  • ZUBU

    Dumb as a box of rocks. Obviously the boy had no type of hustle game, when I say hustle I don’t necessiarly mean illegal hustle. There is a million and one ways to make money he just chose one of the dumber ways to get it.

  • acapwn

    That’s some of the most foul shit ever right there. Your own mother.

  • dquinerly

    he a pu———sy 4 what he did

  • AlexYouOC

    Dis dude looks like he enjoys man butt

  • Blocc Style

    What kinda shit is this man.

  • dbfromdc


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  • i’mreloaded!

    Man, sometimes I just wanna go back to Afghanistan and just stay there. At least I know who the enemy is over there.

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      Lol, that’s some real bullskit, how about you take some of these idiots back with you to detonate some of those road side bombs.

  • RIV

    Young QC should get instagram flexer of the year…for going above and beyond when flexing on the gram

  • gotcha

    Kill all these evil bastards!!!

  • Christian Good


  • ShaStud

    Hes already dead

  • Big Crimes

    i got a punch line for ya, you’re goin to JAIL

  • Rapist on BAIL

    Dude this is awesome! Shoutout to Uptown! great food there.

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    which one in the picture is qawmane?

    • Spyz District

      The bi*ch on the left

  • $31017678

    this dude got balls to act out something as sick as this

  • nastinupe

    Out of the billions of people that you can kill and rob on this planet, this guy picks his own mother?

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