WTF News: Tap Water in North Dakota is Explosive

Let that sink in and watch this video:

Is the Earth screwed or nah?

  • Unpredictable2k


  • Kevin Anthony

    I won’t even drink from Tap anymore. Kevin Anthony-21 soundcloud .com Get Sum.

    • Jared

      We shouldn’t be drinking tap water in the first place. I’ll check your shit out. You’ve been posting long enough, lol.

      • Kevin Anthony

        I know right, some of these bottles of water don’t all have spring in them either haha, Much appreciated tho Jared!

  • Welcome to the age of “fracking”. You see this happening everywhere fracking is happening.

    • acapwn

      They need to quit with that damn shit.

    • Watch : GASLAND

  • brotha_man

    dead prez warned us about this type of ish. “Its bigger than hiphop”

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  • Weedras

    for the ppl talking about spring water over tap… let it be known that fracking can also affect spring water and some tap water come from springs and underground aquiphers the latter which can most be affected by fracking… irony in this is it depends on the state you live in some states have more stringent testing for their tap water than even bottled water companies.. more than one study has proven some states such as NY have better tap water than some bottled water companies

  • jball8


  • JB

    Fracking causes this