WTF News: Thief Gives Back Stolen Cell Because it's a Flip Phone

People might give you the side eye for having a flip phone but the good news is, you probably won’t get robbed for it. Kevin Cook, a New York City resident, was mugged at gunpoint in Central Park Saturday but the robber was so upset that Cook had a flip phone that he gave it back, reports the New York Post.

“Once he saw my phone, he looked at it like, ‘What the f–k is this?’ and gave it back to me,” Cook told the Post. He said his phone was a  third generation Windows phone.

Around 40 percent of robberies in major American cities involve cell phones, the Federal Communications Commission reports. Many thieves in the U.S. and internationally go for iPhones to resell them. Reselling stolen cell phones is a $30 billion underground business, and Apple’s phones are most sought-after, especially in New York.

Bill de Blasio said he will urge smartphone manufacturers make kill switches that would render phones unusable after they’re stolen.There’s been talk about kill switches for a while now. Hopefully they really go into affect, that would serve a low down crook right.

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36 Responses to “WTF News: Thief Gives Back Stolen Cell Because it's a Flip Phone”

  1. Executive

    Do idiots realize when you steal an iphone and it gets reported stolen the phone is useless? I bought a iphone 5c for $300 at a pawn shop went and got it turned on it worked then I got home and tried to make a call only to find out the network blocked it making the phone useless. I ended getting my full refund back though.

  2. Wouurrr

    Got a question for Iphone users – if you steal a Iphone & they report it stolen is there any shot of being able to use it? Cuz it seems with the way Iphones are set up & the kind of build in system they have they can easily trace &/or block the phone, is this factual?

    School me, fellas.

    • ISTADUMHI772

      big money in shippin them overseas,bullshit touchscreens,bb, window phones,etc. go for double or even triple what we pay for em here in south america and the Caribbean. once u flash em u can use them anywhere

    • Executive

      Soon as it’s reported stolen apple and whoever the network you get it flashed from blocks you phone leaving you with a useless phone.

      • ISTADUMHI772

        not if a new esn/meid is issued to the phone from an old one. trust me homie you know how much money these phone companies would lose if every stolen phone was rendered useless? millions. even the info they collect from your email, facebook , etc is so valuable. so besides the money they make from ur service they makin money sellin ur personal info.

      • MildManneredReporter

        lmao at this tinfoil hat shit. also you can get cdma or esn based phone flash by a shady arabic guy with a low rent cellphone store even if the iphone is or any cdma based phone is stolen

      • GQ

        LOL I’ma let you think that.. You must of had a flip within the past 5years..

      • GQ

        I’ve had a iPhone since they dropped, still haven’t been robbed. But have fun with that flip.. LOL smh

      • Ronald Tregan

        Materialism at its finest. Honestly you sound like a hoe.

      • meanygreene

        the president dosent have one. you gonna LOL smh at him too?

      • AlbertoRipRon

        So basically you had a fisher’s price “my first smartphone” since it dropped. That iphone is a piece of crap sold to dumb consumers who don’t know nothing about tech besides what every other dumb consumer is buying.

      • AlbertoRipRon

        LOL, but you the nerd tripping about who has a flip phone or not like some sissy rocking toupee snapping his fingers on the runway?

      • AlbertoRipRon

        You sound like a instagram ho. Bet you’re soft as hell with jeans handcuffing your ankles

      • GQ

        Man, you still on my sack about a topic from 4 days ago? Say whatever you want square azz ni99a, still don’t change the fact that you’re a nerd who’s about to try to keep arguing with somebody on saturday night. Not me. I just ate at Ruth Chris, bout to roll up, and hit Sunset.

        You can join Ron in hell with that bullish!t broke boy.

      • AlbertoRipRon

        So you do admit to being a sissy who wears tight anklecuffing jeans. Bruh, you keep popping off at the gums like Lola Monroe. I’ll leave you bunny eared in alleyway on GP. You’re softer than melted snow bruh. I rather be a man than to be a sissy like you.

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