50 Cent "This Is Murder Not Music"

  • VinJoy

    Should’ve kept G-Unit around cause you been garbage for a long time now homie.

    • Afi Keita James

      He was garbage even with that crappy group is around, let’s face it, he’s finished.

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  • pressurefeature

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  • Montezuma1

    Grow up man. You’re damn near 40 talking about shyt your son’s peers are dealing with. If you’re gonna do street music you gotta spit that grown game like jigga.

    • ihatefaggots

      What grown man shit u mean rap about a homosexual name tom Ford

  • guddaboy

    yup 5-0cent is done

  • Andy

    I’m not sure if this was supposed to be a song or just motivational talk over the beat.

    Hopefully the rest of Animal Ambition is much better and it builds momentum for SKI.

  • Tha Colony

    Ja rule sounds like a good idea right now, “Damn homie, in 2002 you was the man homie ufck happened to you”

  • Live Well

    50 is never finished, folks. He’s finished as far as doing huge numbers but his spot is firmly cemented in the culture…oh, and on the Forbes list.

    • YahMamma

      Please get it right – The Forbes List – and the Forbes Entertainer list are NOTHING alike

      • Live Well

        They’re more alike than they are different.

  • YahMamma


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  • King Artorius

    so all you guys who are saying hes finished!! why you repeating it? (is as if ya’ll still got some expectation) haha