Mac Miller: 2013 Will Be A "Special Time" In Hip Hop History

(AllHipHop News) Last year produced some memorable music and big moments in Hip Hop. Albums from veteran performers like Kanye West, Jay Z, Eminem, Killer Mike, and Pusha T had fans and the media talking all year, and young rap stars like A$AP Rocky, Drake, J. Cole, and Wale topped the Billboard 200.

Throw in projects from Chance The Rapper, Action Bronson, Blu, Tyler, The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, A$AP Ferg, Danny Brown, Troy Ave, and many more, and 2013 may become a standout year for the culture’s new generation of emcees. One of the contributors to rap’s run last year expressed his belief that the current state of Hip Hop is close to what many consider the apex of the culture – the late 80’s/early 90’s.

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“I think that in many years this year will be looked back on as a very special time and there hasn’t been anything that as a movement has been as big as this since the quote-unquote Golden Age,” shared Mac Miller with

Miller’s Watching Movies With the Sound Off helped Hip Hop break a chart record back in June. Along with Kanye’s Yeezus, Cole’s Born Sinner, and Wale’s The Gifted, WMWTSO‘s top three placement on the album chart secured the first time that Hip Hop albums controlled the 1-3 spots in the country for three straight weeks.

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“Artists right now are making some of my favorite music in Hip Hop that’s ever been made,” added Miller.

Hip Hop projects were consistently near the top of ever major music publication’s “best of the year” lists as well. Rap music’s dominance in 2013 was even acknowledged by The Recording Academy.

Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are among the artists leading in Grammy nominations. Jay got the most nominations with nine total. Kendrick and Macklemore each got seven nods including “Best New Artist” and “Album Of The Year.”

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  • Kevin

    Are we really taking Mac miller serious with that retarded ass quote? It will never be another golden era with this trash passing for hip hop .im going to listen to paid in full,strictly business breaking atoms and critical beatdown.

    • G. Avant

      So nobody was making trash back in the 80s or 90s right? If people would stop being so bitter and close minded they’d see that the genre has improved significantly in the last 5 years. Alot of the people that rock Paid in Full daily like its 88 aren’t even in touch with the current climate enough to really know what’s going on anyway. People seem to romanticize about the old days and put the new shit up against an exaggerated standard. I think we’re still a few years off from a golden era, but it’s heading in that direction.

      • Troll_E_G

        Golden era was full of talent ….95% of the emcees back then could spit nowadays its only 5% really spitting. U got guys giving passes for biting songs n lacking creativity…none of these cats coming half way original but a select few. Its all disposable music or blatant copies of other acts even r&b stealing styles r Kelly then trey songs then august asilini ..

      • Papi Peligro

        LOL. @ RKELLY TREY SONGS. When Trey songs dissed RKELLY I had to throw up the Shaq lips.

      • Troll_E_G

        What does a diss have to do with trey being a copy of kelz n august is a copy of trey…close ha mouth next time

      • Papi Peligro

        Cause how you gone diss R Kelly making music when you using his blue print. Thats like following somebody else’s trail in the woods and complaining about where they going.

        Get my taint hairs from between ya teeth before you try to show teeth.

      • Troll_E_G

        Again the diss is irrelevant n has nothing to do with my point.. ..Tuta Onana

      • G. Avant

        The music was obviously higher quality back then, but your numbers sound like romanticism at it’s finest. Stretching the good of the golden era and the bad of the present. As far as the R&B I’m not too particular.

      • Kevin

        G avant yeah the funny thing about hip hop most ” older”people have there ear to the music because the genre is not that old more so than a jazz or r and b, so I’m sure melle Mel knows who Lil Wayne is or drake or a Tyler the creator, what people need to ask themselves is why is the creativitystagnant nowadays and why change the beat in the first place if it was selling millions?

      • G. Avant

        They may know who a Tyler creator or Lil Wayne is, but they may not be too familiar with their music and unlikely to know the lower tier stuff that actually embodies the sound they prefer. My main thing is with people constantly downing the current culture instead of acknowledging the amount of progress that has been clearly made in the last five years. Anybody that would try to deny this progression is out of touch like I said. Hip Hop is going in a good direction.

      • Kevin

        It doesn’t sell as much anymore because the creativity is stagnant nothing to do with being out of touch.younger people have to start making that grimy stuff again.

      • Dope

        Every era has it’s good and bad artists. And after years pass by we look back and the good ones (and some notoriously bad ones) are all that’s left. The majority of mediocre stuff is forgotten.

        Unfortunately, this generation is mostly mediocre shit. If we look five years behind, how many really good albums were there that are still standing tall and will continue to be praised in another 5/10/20 years? That number is very low, and even less if we take out the top rappers who come from earlier eras like Jay Z, Eminem, even Kanye.

  • david3528

    I will admit that the quality of music has definitely improved but this generation stifles creativity. The golden era had so many different styles and crafts. Everything was so raw and creative in the 90s. I was in high school during the “golden era” of hip hop. I might have learned just as much from hip hop as I did in school. From wordplay, to historical references, to general life lessons, that age in hip hop was monumental to music. I don’t think anyone could say that about today’s music.

    • Casor_G

      It’s all the same bruh. Music hasn’t changed that much…ESPECIALLY hip hop

      • Troll_E_G

        U a damn lie

      • Kevin

        Go listen to ego trippin by ultramagnetic and then ask yourself what the hell is going on with hip


      hell, you probably learned MORE from hip-hop. That’s raw, uncensored life right there. Compare that to our corrupt, purposely watered down and STUPID education system in America? The streets taught you more

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  • Dan_Tebasco

    No, and if it does Mac Miller will have nothing to do with it

  • therealdjfade

    2013 was the year of crap music

  • One Nite Stanley

    Haa! They didn’t include Stench Montana?!?! Lmao. According to Diddy, he had the best album since “Ready to Die”….BLASPHEMOUS!!!

    • Papi Peligro

      No he didnt say that. please say dude didnt say that.

      • Kevin

        Yeah puffy did say that dumb shit.

      • Remi

        oh hellll no


      Meanwhile, Stench Montana is one of the funnier insult names I have heard

  • Mike

    Most old heads are so close minded that they don’t recognize any talent from this generation, they are all wack to them, but they are gonna act like there werent trash rappers or artists period in their era. Yes, the level of good music has dropped, but damn there are still very good artists out, just not as promoted as the wack ones

    • ihatefaggots

      This generation is gay

      • Why HELLO THERE

        great, another closet case that calls everyone gay. How many dicks have you secretly sucked?

    • Kevin

      Joey badass got next he gets it I love that he sticks to the formula.


      I would take Mac, Tyler, Joey, & Kendrick over NWA & Pac any day.

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  • Papi Peligro

    Maybe I’m racist but I never played Macklemore or Mac Miller. I did play Action Bronson so maybe I’m not racist.

    • Kevin

      You are nota racist that is one of the problems with Hiphop a lot of Untalented white people are getting shine.


      See, I feel like Mac Miller is very talented. Listen to “Movies” all the way through. Macklemore is corny, but has some good messages.

  • Papi Peligro

    I think alot of ya’ll shining on the negatives. You just focused on the Drakes 2013 album. No offense to drake but it was Horrible. Like Bad Behavior I’m from Memphis that mess was trash. This my list. Some of ya’ll might not even know some of these albums dropped. It definitely wasn’t historic.

    1 @JCole – Born Sinner
    3 @Prodigy – Albert Einstein
    4 @A$APRocky – LONG LIVE ASAP
    5 @KendrickLamar – Good Kid M.A.A.D City
    6 @FreddieGibbs – ESGN
    7 @CrookedI – Apex Predator
    8 @Wale – The Gifted
    9 @JoeyBadAss – Cruel Summer
    10 @GoodieMob – Age against the machine
    11 @BunB – Trill OG Epilogue
    12 @JayZ – Magna Carter Holy Grail
    13 @Kanye – Yeezus
    14 @PushaT – My Name is My Name
    15 @E40 – The Block Brochure
    16 @YoGotti – I AM
    17 @ChanceTheRapper – Acid Rap
    18 @TrinidadJames – Don’t Be Safe
    19 @EarlSweatshirt – Doris
    20 @StatikSelektah – Extended Play

    • Mike

      I like most of your list, but why pusha so low? he impressed me with that album, and extended play was underrated

      • Papi Peligro

        No I feel you 100%. Pusha T was on point he had like 6 classics on there. It was 1 of those that made me think. But it was really trying to be commercial and never popped off. Some of the songs in between was like nah especially that Rick Ross joint. The first 3 songs and the last 3 songs was nice.

        I only rated 9 -14 except Bun B with a curve cause they tried to do something different.15 – 20 was like stuck.

        If you want to know how I thought. I think YEEZUS should be before Magna Carter Holy Grail because JAY Z did a commercial version of what Kanye was trying to do. That’s why Jay Z called Rick Rubin in on a listening session and Rick Ruben was like what Kanye was doing was so different that it wasn’t fair to Jay Z.

        Yo Gotti – STRAIGHT COPIED Future. It was a better album but I’m sorry dude copied future. He just didn’t sing on the joints.

        Wale – Was the only cat I gave a late listen too and I slept on it. Around the time he was complaining about his complex list. That’s when I decided to do my list.

    • Dmvnation202

      Good u have Wale and Freddie Gibbs. They are slept on the most.

      • Papi Peligro

        I slept on Wale myself. I’ll admit it.

  • hip hop is entering into an age that has been long awaited. i personally predicted that it would be Lupe who would kinda do what Kendrick, j cole and ASAP did. i say them because even though they aren’t the only ones, they delivered to commercial hits to give this new wave backing. but this has been in motion for a while. people have been craving this since “laffy taffy” happenned lol

    • Papi Peligro

      agreed. I never thought of it but that’s definitely what we expected out of Lupe.

      • remember all that issue he had with his label about the lasers album i believe. i heard that the songs he didn’t want to do included “airplanes” and “nothing on you” by B.o.B …those songs ruined bobs credibility so maybe lupe wasn’t so crazy afterall

  • RapItUp

    Lost me @ A$AP Ferg

  • Sean Taylor

    Yeah “special” as in retarded!!

  • GregSki86

    If dudes think Mac Miller, Drake, A$AP Ferg, A$AP Rocky, or Kanye West represent a golden era in rap #KillYourSelf


      “Self” didn’t need to be capitalized #Nazi

  • 1hiphophiphop

    This is a good time for hiphop.. I don’t know if it’s another Golden Era though. The Golden Era had stars! Now you have a couple guys running the game and dudes who just put out albums or mixtapes

  • YahMamma

    Wale is a fag poet. Zero percent HipHop.

    • Dmvnation202

      Hater. U don’t know hip hop.

    • Guest

      yeah HATER. U DON’T EVEN NO! (sarcasm)

  • Ionithus

    Hip Hop never went anywhere. A lot of good music still underground waiting to be exposed. It’s just been overshadowed by mainstream garbage. I’m still not sure I considered folks like Drake hip hop. He’s an entertainer, yes. But hip hop??? Meh. Side note, I find it real odd that quite few of the spitters in mainstream hip hop are mainly white dudes (most with long hair).

    • who ever goes out of underground, anyways gonna be ruined by mainstream artists and their influence of making “real music”. money change people. it’s just my opinion, thought you might correct me..

      • Ionithus

        That’s real talk

  • Obi Won

    Rap has changed over the last dew years. The good thing is we got away from that Snap music, laffy taffy era. What makes this difficult is a lot of Hip hop heads tend to shy away from Mainstream music. Wale’s Gifted definitely was on point, but overall J Cole’s Born Sinner was the best mainstream album that was still on a underground level. I listened to Mac Miller and Macklemore a few times but its just not my cup of tea. 13 was the year where artist felt like that had to compete and put out good music, so in a way Mac is right, it was the most competitive.
    I wouldn’t say its a new Golden Era, but its definitely headed in the right direction.

  • Kevin Anthony

    Shout out to all these guys doing there thing man, I can only hope to achieve half of what some of them have. Check out my mixtape yall, I have my own style, im in my own lane, much love. soundcloud .com Kevin Anthony-21

  • majesticking

    There will never be another golden era period.

  • Rooch

    The Golden Era Of Hiphop/Rap Is Called That Because That Is What It Is and I am glad to say I grew up in it. That was a time of TRUE Talent called Story Tellers. To be able to Piant a picture about your Day or your City with words is Incredible. A lot of these kids nowadays aren’t lucky enough to have that. All they hear about is Popping Bottles, Money and Strippers. Don’t get me wrong I like some of those songs but it’s all repetitive now. And the Big Reason It’s Called The Golden Ear Is Because All Music Is Still Being Played Today Almost 20 years Later Meaning Our Generation Of Rappers will Always Be Around. Most of the Kids out nowadays won’t be around in 10 years.

    • Guest

      it’s because of how stale our society has become. Music is a reflection of the existence around you…… I feel like the energy and meaning back in the day was stronger. Now everyone just sits around, gets offended at everything, and wastes time. Thus, the music is boring and annoying.

  • 84stickupkid

    These fools are an ABOMINATION to HIP HOP and have actively corroded any distinction of the word. It all goes back to THE MESSAGE in the music and these brainless idiots have NONE. You could call this a Golden Age of buffoons that’s about it.

  • Rooch

    E40 & The Cick, Too $hort, Snoop & Death Row, Dj Quik, Bone Thugs, Ice Cube, Puff (notice I said PUFF) & Bad Boy, DMX, Master P & TRU, UGK, OutKast. Just To Name a Few Are Golden Era.

    • John Q. Public

      u shoulda just said BIG and left Puff and Bad Boy off the list

    • Brindle

      you named some of the worst rappers from that time period

      • Troll_E_G

        U crazy, he named all legends

    • Kevin

      That was not the golden era .lol

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  • Hector G

    short answer: no this isn’t another golden era of hip hop.

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  • Brindle

    no golden era yet… too many r&b fans supporting wack rappers and wack mc’s… its getting there though…

  • the business is a whole different model now compared to the 80’s and 90’s..there’s no real filter for talent these days,everything’s wide open now,these days theirs more wack sh!t than good sh!t.

    • richard_b_hard

      For real,it’s all business now,all you need is enough money and you can become a “rapper” pay some people to play yo crap and …success!
      While real talent gets overlooked and sidelined to modern day coons back by big record companies who only want to make money off silly club and party songs with no substance .


    Hmm, well Mac Millers “Movies” was a masterpiece. Not sure if anything else in 2013 was. Kanye? Drake? Jay-Z? Eminem? FERG? I suppose Chance did pretty well with Acid Rap. Joey did good with Summer Knights. Everything else was decent at best

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  • AlbertoRipRon

    Don’t confuse golden age with just regular change in the rap game. This year, alot of new players came out into the fold or at least further cemented their dominance in the game. It’s just a changing of the guard. Definitely wasn’t a golden era though. Maybe for dudes who are in the game now who wouldn’t dare be allowed into the game back in the 90s, it seems as so.

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