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Drake May Have Stolen Lyrics On His Collaboration With YG

(AllHipHop News) The most Googled rapper may have to search for an explanation soon after veteran California MC Rappin’ 4-Tay accused Drake of stealing his lyrics. According to Tay, Drake pilfered lyrics from Tay’s song “Playaz Club” for his verse on YG’s “Who Do You Love”.

The majority of Drake’s “Who Do You Love” verse is original lyrics but there are quite a few that bare an uncanny resemblance to the lyrics on Tray’s “Playaz Club”:

Drake on “Who Do You Love”

She got a buddy name OJB and now you know the deal
We turnt up in the studio late night
That’s why the songs that you hear are comin’ real tight
OVO crew, n*gga, thought I told you
If you a player in the game, this should hold you
And man shout my n*gga Game he just rolled through
Eatin’ crab out in Malibu with no boo
A lot of fools puttin’ salt in the game
Until these women get the notion that they runnin’ the game

Rapping 4-Tay on “Playaz Club”

I got a h*e named Real de Real
She got a buddy named SP 12, now, you know the deal
We getz freaky in the studio late night
That’s why the beats that you hear are comin’ real tight

Somethin’ to roll to, somethin’ to stroll to
If you’s a playa in the game this will hold you
Mo money mo money for the bank roll
Stick to the script don’t slip in the nine-fo

A lot of fools put salt in the game
Till when these women get the notion that they runnin’ the game, huh

Tay’s “Playaz Club” was released on his 1994 album Don’t Fight The Feeling. The West Coast legend made his allegation of Drake’s stealing ways known on his personal Twitter account and even attempted to contact Drake through the social media platform:

Neither Drake, YG or anyone from their camp has responded to these allegations.

Check out Rappin’ 4-Tay’s “Playaz Club” and YG’s collaboartion with Drake, “Who Do You Love” below:

Rappin’ 4-Tay “Playaz Club”

YG feat./ Drake “Who Do You Love”

62 Responses to “Drake May Have Stolen Lyrics On His Collaboration With YG”

  1. Black Jay

    Ummmm…. Drake…. For real? You basically stole the whole verse. You never disappoint. The flakiest rapper in the game. Drake-The-Coffee-Cake sets the New Year off right with a fresh lawsuit. Damn Nicca!

    • cza jones

      this is some corny shit

      Acknowledging that its ok to take lines period i weak . I dont care if you have the artists consent or not. to take a line here and there, ok. But that’s his whole verse he ripped off. these new age rappers don’t mess with any rapper form the 90’s but they’re good enough to sample from. And kids that give these guys a pass too. Soft!!!

  2. Caliwaver

    Lol this shit is just getting play because it’s Drake. If it was some no name nigga doing it, he would not have came out saying shit and it would not be a story.

    • Brindle

      your whole statement is dumb… of course if no one knows the artist, no one’s going to say anything… you on some ol tree fell in the woods stuff…

      • Caliwaver

        U missed the whole point dip shit. If he would have herd this from a unknown artist he would not have said anything. U get my point now fag nut?

      • bisolabliss

        What exactly is your point?
        What you’ve just typed is called an ‘Oxymoron’ in English lexicon.

      • Caliwaver

        let me slow it down for u dick mouth. the only reason why he is saying something is because he is a popular artists. if it was someone like me that did the song and he herd it, it would not be a big deal? get it now shit brain?

      • acapwn

        I’m not gonna sit here and talk to a child. Drop your nuts first, boy.

      • Celz

        You gay man? Why the fucc you keep bringin up male anatomy in a discussion about rap music? Lame ass nicca FOH.. It’s 2014 shyt is acceptable to the mainstream bro you can take the fuccin gay chip off your shoulder..

      • acapwn

        He wouldn’t hear it if it were an unknown artist, you retard.

      • Caliwaver

        like I told the other dick head, let me slow it down for u dick mouth. the only reason why he is saying something is because he is a popular artists. if it was someone like me that did the song and he herd it, it would not be a big deal? get it now shit brain?

    • Brindle

      lmao… this whole convo cracks me up… you played yourself DJC….and the terms you use, lmao… your momma wouldn’t be proud…

  3. MrNoName2K

    Man this aint nothing new. Wheel Chair Jimmy is just another one of them that got caught jackin lyrics and trying to twist them to their specs with the wordplay lol, gtfoh.. pay up nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnagga

    • bisolabliss

      Okay to all that but DID HE JACK LYRICS?

      That’s the issue at hand, ‘Drake getting respect from legendary rappers.he’s not my taste but dude made it’ statement aside, DID HE JACK LYRICS?

      Don’t mix up issues man.

  4. Tell-it-like-it-is

    this aint the first time. this is just the first time he’s been called out. shit kendrick’s been doin the shit just as much. just look at the control verse most of that shit was borrowed. no matter how much these guys have accomplished, which is great for them, they r a bunch of biters.

  5. Elayorx El

    Well, this does truly shed a different light on things, to say the least. There have been many times throughout Hip-Hop history where lines have been recycled, by everyone’s favorite artists. Most of those times, the artist doing the recycling, upon being asked what’s up with the similar, or even exact same lines, lets everyone know immediately what the situation is. The fact that Drake has yet to respond to these claims, does bother me a little. An explanation of some kind is necessary, at this point, and nothing remotely close to resembling damage control, hopefully.

  6. Shotgun_Packa

    Yeah he featured on a westcoast artist song and tried to borrow tha sound. He really should have payed respects though. He thought 4tay was dead or something? C’mon drake you gotta be smarter than that.

  7. bigdoe6

    Since the motto song Drake borrowed that Bay sound. I think what would make him more official if he just start paying homage and reaching out to the Bay artists and Pioneers. Don’t just revamp a dude lyrics and expect a pass. Just some love homie. Show some respect. Dudes got too much pride these days.

  8. bigdoe6

    All he had to do what hit up 4Tay and say “Look bruh i been a fan of yours since a kid and i would like to work with you on a song”. That aint hard to do. Reach out to people before you go borrowing classic lines.

  9. Blackshues

    I don’t understand the big deal with this. Of course this is against some rapper’s codes, but a lot of other rappers borrow lyrics all the time without officially paying homage. Your favorite rapper does it all the time.

    Drake does this one verse and all of a sudden he’s bitting? I am not a Drake fan, but this is just the nature of hip hop. He doesn’t do it all the time, get off young boy

    • Dan_Tebasco

      There’s a difference of how much you steal, this is like half Drakes verse on that song not just one line… And also where you get it from, few people recognize the song (unfortunatly) or the name Rappin 4-tay so they wouldn’t know it’s “homage” if that is what it was… And in most cases when rappers borrow lines the original rapper gets is due in the credits…

      • Blackshues

        I agree to an extent. But I mean, rappers be stealing whole verses all the time. 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Cam’ron, etc.. The shit happens a lot, especially on mixtapes. Of course it goes without saying how many lines Hov has flipped..

        I would say if Drake acknowledges this shit on the Twitter, pays rightful respects, then its alright in my book. If he does some shit like ignores the issue, I would say that is very sideways. But he doesn’t seem like the type to do some fake shit like that honestly.

        But good point as far as many people didn’t know about these dudes, so that might be conceived as a slick move by Drake.

      • J. Smith

        “Few people recognize the song”… Not Drakes fault. Drake did the same thing with one of Mase’s verses. Word play is a big part of the game. The fact that an artist at his level, not only knows the words to your song from 20 years ago, but likes them enough to use them, should make you happy, not upset. Had he mentioned him, Drake would be accused of name dropping like Game. He can’t win no matter how this plays out, unless he gives some of his fame to a fellow artist. Smh

      • E McArthur

        You can mention one or two names, Game name drops on every bar.

      • J. Smith

        You can, but it shouldn’t be required. As an entertainer, your work becomes public domain. It is for everyone’s enjoyment. When comedians make jokes that reference real life events, they are not required to “give credit, where credit is due”. It is an art, and it is entertainment. Drake did not intentionally mislead the public into believing that the lyrics were his. He most likely assumed that YG’s audience would appreciate the nod to West Coast hip hop.

      • E McArthur

        I think this is a case of ethics and artist integrity and doesnt have anything to do with the legal matters.

  10. TruthHurts

    4Tay’s lyrics are “A Hoe named Reel-2-Reel” it’s a metaphor for the studio being his chick. Damn AHH can’t figure that out after 20 years?

  11. SpliffThaMobbaholic

    Rappin’ 4-Tay has every right to be pissed off…he been around since Too $hort’s “Don’t Fight the Feelin” 1987…he’s a pioneer…Drake jacked him & paid no homage or asked for permission…its one thing if an unheard of artist retwist some lyrics for a mixtape of takes a beat for a mixtape but its wrong for a well known artist (one of the biggest names at the moment) to take lyrics & not pay homage or ask permission…SMH

  12. ladynamor

    This is nothing new. I know some Underground artists he should pay homage to as well. Jay-Z steals lyrics and ideas as well, all the time. SMH

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