Third Victim Dies In Doe B. Shooting Incident

(AllHipHop News) A third victim has succumbed to his wounds after a deadly shooting last month, that also claimed the life of rising rapper Glenn “Doe B.” Thomas.

According to WSFA 12, Tim Hamilton, 20, died from gunshot wounds yesterday (January 3).

He is the third victim of the deadly incident, which took place on December 28 at the Centennial Hill Bar in Doe B.’s hometown of Montgomery, Alabama.

In addition to Hamilton, 21-year -old Kimberle Johnson was killed in the shooting, along with rapper Doe B., who was signed to T.I.’s Grand Hustle label as a member of the rap group Hustle Gang.

Two men have been arrested for the murders.

Darius Thomas and Jason McWilliams, both 25, have been charged with the two murders and additional charges are pending.

Doe B.’s funeral is set for today (January 4) at 2pm at True Divine Baptist Church on Troy Highway in the rapper’s hometown.

Check out the rapper’s latest track with T.I. titled “Flying With Angels.”

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  • richard_b_hard

    Damn!! hope them niggas fry!

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  • Executive

    Go to have a good time and end up getting killed, gotta love black owned clubs.

    • Jason Mazur

      1. Do you know if its a black owned club? 2. Unfortunately hip hop and Rap more specifically has everything to do with bravado, bragging, stunting etc and contains a high amount of self inflicted jealousy and hate usually derived in part from lyrics and egotistical displays of misrepresented “superiority”. Couple that with now being in the limelight and/or rise to it and actually thinking you can hang out at the same ol hangouts with all the “regular” folks you are leaving behind has a tendency to cause issues. Far more issues than just being a “black owned club”.

      • DaHomey6Deuce

        1. you have a point 2. That some bs right there. More than a few rappers can go back home without a problem. This was a dispute between 2 persons ( one of them happens to be a rapper ).which got out of hand because hood niggas have that keeping it real attitude. This situation could’ve erupted anywhere, it just happened to be in a Club and innocent people were caught in the cross-fire.This has nothing to do with Hiphop or stardom. Some people just get into it.

      • J. Smith

        When people get killed, very rarely do they mention their occupation, ie: Administrative assistant shot to death… McDonalds fry cook found dead… The exception is when the death appears to be work related. Main stream media, and main stream America, all believe that the untimely death of anyone who has ever had anything to do with hip hop, is somehow work related. As you mentioned, hip hop happens to be an extremely equal opportunity employer, and sometimes people of ignorance do ignorant things while at work. This man, in no way, died because of hip hop. It may have been because of success… It may have been because of association… Hip hop may have been the vehicle they used to drive to ignorance, but hip hop isn’t to blame for these murders, anymore than Toyota or Nissan would be to blame, had these three people been killed by a drunk driver. People get something, and people may abuse it. That does not hold the manufacturer liable.

      • Jason Mazur

        Hip Hop and Rap is more of a lifestyle. More so than many jobs. The Mcdonalds fry cooks don’t uphold their images and run together to go to Mcdonald events and shoot Mcdonalds commercials. Hip Hop and Rap has always had a very thin line between entertainment and real life. Very often intertwined. Now I’m not saying that Doe was starting shit or anything like that however there is an image portrayed and bought into that influences misfortunes like these very often. You can take it as my opinion derived from my experience but you can also dig a little deeper and look at the culture of things and draw your own conclusion.

      • Executive

        Well I’m black(AA) and all the violence I’ve seen was at black owned establishment. Just speaking from my experience.

  • DaHomey6Deuce

    Those niggas will be lucky if they get a life sentence

  • Tre C

    do they have the death penalty in Alabama? these two mf’s should be eligible for the injection

    • Hendrix2020

      Yes we do!

    • Da Ledgendary

      yea them dudes should be fried but will probably just get life since they didn’t kill no white people.

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  • U.P.T.nw4eva

    I once saw a piece on the damage a bullet does once it enters your body. You have all kinds of arteries and nerves that get destroyed from that shit. People who survive are lucky because it’s easy to bleed out. Gangsta rap is violent but in these times I may stop listening to it. I’m tired of us killing each other over beef and material things. I’m no killer I can admit that. You can look at someone wrong and lose your life just like that. I try to respect everyone during my daily travels because I’m not dying over no bullshit!

    • soyhiphop

      some people are raise like animals you ever seen the hood rat mom with 7 kids 5 baby daddys? shes raising future shooters and strippers



    • Casor_G

      Yeah man! I hate to be the one to say it, but 9x out of 10 if it’s filled with black people that aint my family, I don’t funk with it

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  • soyhiphop

    wheres al sharpton and jesse jackson? these dudes brain wash and bleed their communities only when is a racial issue! blacks are the biggest threats to blacks not the kkk not the gop its sad..i been to redneck towns where they make meth and have biker gangs in oregon the violence is nothing compared to a regular night in most inner city hoods the only way to stop this is by legalizing drugs and taking the power from cartels and street level dealers this all stems from street shit which it all comes down to dope dealing

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      u Juelz Santana reject! AYY! Why you make a fake account of no coke? nicca looked like a tropical Mexican troll with pink hair.

    • RichFromBX

      I’ve been saying the same thing for the longest – the media been playing that “look over here and not over here game”. Take Barney’s for instance, while that sh!t is still wrong, as far as priorities go that sh!t is on the bottom when you have the killings, shooting and beatings that happen on the daily in the hood. Anyone can say what they want but in the last year you’ve only had 3 maybe 4 cases like Barney’s while last night you probably had 4 or 5 people murdered and countless shot, shot at or beaten and robbed but that sh!t gets no attention from these so called “black leaders” – that’s why sh!t will never change, no one is addressing the enemy within…you want to know where the real racism is? it’s allowing black people to kill each other at will and not trying to do a damn thing to stop it and if someone does step in a.k.a stop-and-frisk everyone wants to scream that that’s racism and profiling…

      Back when Giuliani was going after the Mafia the cops, FBI and whatnot use to harass Italians in Italian neighborhoods by pulling them over randomly on bullsh!t, showing up at their houses for searches, use to roll up to the social clubs and have them all line up outside for pat downs – back then no one screams racial or ethnic profiling and right now they’re crippled – you don’t hear anything about mafia killings like you did in the 80s….

    • Da Ledgendary

      Exactly! We are the biggest threat to each other these days. We still mental slaves

  • bigdoe6

    Damn. Three bodies. Smh.

    • TimeWillTellu1

      5 bodies. 2 murderers with life and 3 victims smh

  • Hendrix2020

    R.I.P Tim aka LA Mexico. He too was an inspiring rapper here in Montgomery. This is a sad situation and the city is so hurt. My condolences to the families of the victims. We will miss yall.

  • kixxxers

    Condolences 2 friends and Family!

    Envy and Pride are Killers …

  • david3528

    This is where you have to support the death penalty.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      why?? i dont get it….niggas get killed for what they do, u act like he killed an innocent child

      • mikelawry5

        What about the people who didn’t have nothing to do with it? The girl and the other guy weren’t innocent?


        Well that’s life ..shit happens…there’s always gonna be innocent people shot, not gonna change just cuz u keep saying it….

      • Da Ledgendary

        And there’s always gonna be consequences to actions. Fry his ass!

      • infinit221

        You are dumb as bricks. If I was police I would find you and lock you away for being an embarrassment to black people everywhere. Murder just doesn’t “happen”…it’s an extremely selfish and thoughtless crime when innocent people are involved. If you live by the sword you will probably die by it, and that’s all I’ll agree with.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        people dumb bro, people gotta know simple things ; dont hang around thugs if u do, be ready to end up in the cross, its all cool when you see your boi punk someone off or beat them up n w.e , till u end up bleeding on the floor with’em.

        r.i.p to the deceased tho

      • Da Ledgendary

        he murdered 3 people. because they were grown makes any less heinous? What Doe-B do to deserve death? He got into an argument. I see this shit all the time that’s why I don’t go to clubs. And the 2 other people dude killed had nothing to do with it. Fry his ass.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        how you know the other 2 people were innocent? how do you know it was just an arguement? this story could have easily been those 2 men shot and killed by Doe-B but you’d never hear about that coz no one would care bout the case…….niggas be talking shit like they cant get killed and this what happens…just mind your own business ,dont start no shit wont be no shit, like lil john said..simple…if you wana be hard and be a thug, its going to come with the consequences and 9/10 his crowd was probably acting up with him.

      • Da Ledgendary

        Man you’re talking out your ass now. Doe-B didn’t shoot nobody or else that would have been the story. I’m basing my comments on the information that was put out there. Niggas got into an argument, dude left , came back with a biscuit, another nigga let him in and he shot a club up full of people standing close together and hit several people that had nothing to do with their argument. One a female college student celebrating her birthday, the others just bystanders. I saw this type shit in Atlanta on a regular basis. That’s why I stopped going to clubs years ago other than for business purposes. Niggas be envious to see one of their peers doing something with themselves and kick sh*t off then stuff like this happens. Young nigga sh*t.

      • Tre C

        you ain’t never lied about Atlanta. After Diddy’s bodyguard got killed in Buckhead, the city hasn’t been the same.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        listen i know a lot of shooting/murder victims, your talking just like all the others who talk straight off of news articles

        a lot of females i know were reported in the news as good girls but in reality was some gang bangin ass settin niggas up ass teenagers who just happen to b honor students…miss me with that college shit

        you do not know what their argument bout at all…

        22 n 25 year olds aren’t young

      • Da Ledgendary

        Neither do you. That’s you’re talking out your ass. No one knows what was behind that argument. Like I said before we can only go off the info that has been put out there, I don’t make assumptions about shit and I wasn’t there, neither should you. And I’m in my 30’s so 22 and 25 is a little young to ,me. That’s still knucklehead age. I came out of prison at 25 for dumb shit.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        i never made an assumption….u made plenny “And the 2 other people dude killed had nothing to do with it”

        “Niggas got into an argument, dude left , came back with a biscuit, another nigga let him in and he shot a club up full of people standing close together and hit several people that had nothing to do with their argument.”

        you’re assuming from reading news articles which are pretty much assumptions themselves…i was telling you to stop assuming…if you been to jail and was bout that action u shud know, alot of times the innocent by standers have something to do with the mitz (not sayin these guys did)

      • lando

        So what should their punishment be?

      • Bumpy Johnson

        whats the point of takin them to jail….they will have a new peer group, play sports work and and play video games…ou yea probably get enough money to smash the female gaurds or other visitors

        but w.e give them 20 since they already got n gone be sentenced.

      • lando

        That’s why they need the chair. I got no problem pulling the switch.

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  • Megapsycho84

    Death to them haters

  • jeffrey Jones

    RIP but musically I’m glad this crap got nipped in the bud…