Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

Hip-Hop Rumors: Is There Trouble With Wiz And Amber?

I don’t know what’s going on with Wiz and Amber. But Rhymes With Snitch seems to be more in the know that I am right now. It seems like there’s something awry with Wiz-roid. What’s crazy is that this is playing out on social media, it seems. Check out the way it plays out:

Wiz is generally pretty good with the fans/groupies but something has changed as of late.

What’s up with these tights he’s got on though?

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Nigga D. Luffy #OnePiecesquad

    Fan pics, calm your ass down nothin to see here

    • U.P.T.nw4eva

      A grown ass man with leggings on? I guess you get down like that as well.

      • Papi Peligro

        Who doing that in Pittsburgh

      • Commenter

        NOBODY BRUH!!! LMAO NO….BOD……EEEEEEEE!!!! Makes me sad that he reps my city.

  • MAN! !! I aint even gonna say it………

  • AK

    wiz been gay ass hell amber is a known industry ho payed to make fags look like they arnt gay and if you think im lying just look at that pic you have to be nuetered to wear that



  • Christina Snatchko

    But aren’t those tights the in-thing right now?! DM Wiz….you got fkn TOOTHPICK LEGS! Lol…they can snap right in half very easily! Ha Ha 😅

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  • Shotgun_Packa

    Hooked up with a hoe and talking about trust?? Oops I guess now ya know. Can’t turn a hoe into a housewife. Kanye is next.

    • therealest1

      Wiz should’ve known better because that bitch was a known stripper jump off in Philly before Kanye West had her.

  • Truth Powell

    For realz….everytime Wiz isn’t looking some baller or hustler is trying to get at Amber. You think she’s really gonna be faithful to skinny a$$ Wiz?

  • PL

    Homoluminati in full effect…Damn Wiz hate it had to be you…

  • Mike Swiff

    Wiz, Kanye, Drake, Kendrick alll suspect and this look is? Hip Hop???? wow smh HIP HOP…LMFAO

    • Mike Swiff


      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        tru but @ the sametime these guys are rock stars hip hop icons in the making … its all promo for them …. standing out is a form of getting attention … wiz knows who he is …. but he is also smart …. let the people talk ……….

      • kixxxers

        Sold their soul’s to the devil .. Price was Cheap …

      • Judah Nazayar

        GIVING UP THE RECTUM for 200 Alex!

      • kixxxers

        Hey Killah,

        How is Japan Treating you? Don’t eat the Sushi!

        (Kixxxers Formerly the Zquidhunter)

      • Judah Nazayar


    • Oknas

      You forgot Wayne lol

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    its just pics but you never know … time always test relationships especially after a child is born cause @ that point you see the real woman minus all the custom ish like make up nice clothing lingerie weavelicious lol etc… lol she becomes almost like one of the guys looking ratchet not giving a f*ck and acting ratchet then goes back to the costume lol … tru test outside of marriage ….. i guess we shall see…..

  • hoeyuno

    Those tights!!!! Haha..what the fucc. wiz! The weeds too strong homie.

  • GQ

    Like I said before, the new Ni99as of today can’t defend those leggins. I bought my shorty some similar ones, so I kno those came outta somebody petite section. Shyt is gay, not swag, not hating, but when my girl say “Oohh I like his leggins, he got taste”, then starts laughing hard as hell, theres a problem.

  • True_Fan


  • Y’all guys were born in the 90s. F***in Rick James dressed like a tranny on most of his album covers and was far from gay. It’s just artistic freedom. Or would you come out with forced homo conspiracy theories? i mean everybody who did funk music was looking totally weird. Probably Dr. Dre was the most straight looking amongst that.
    And I’m not talking about Rock even.

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      Did you see Dre on the world class wrecking crew cover? He looked mad gay is a full body sequins dress. WTF are you talking about looking straight. hahah You have a point though. I still didn’t let my son wear tight ass jeans when he wanted them. I said it has to be straight leg not like a womens where you can’t fit in them. There has to be space for your family jewels and legs.

    • kixxxers


    • brotha_man

      “yo who this brotha think he is wit his pants hanging down, wit a 40 in his hands/the assassin from the menance clan/ yo he needs his as$ kicked, yo he needs his a$$ kicked that little punk bastard/ you see its mutha Fuugas like him that a disgrace to the whole black race…..

      -menance clan- “what your saying”

    • Judah Nazayar

      i mean…i agree…and understand,..
      its just not in the blackmans spirit….to go about looking like they on sum soft shitt. Besides, this goes to show the Black entertainer is outta touch wid reality on a conscious level wid his peers in the public. Black men wearing dresses and pumping effimacy.. not cool.

      • Judah. Before the 80s Black Music in general was soft. Because Music back than was softer. Artist were not required to act super hard. Look at disco music. Most artists were gayer than anything you hear on the radio now including Frank Ocean. Look at album covers. Earth Wind and Fire did not dress in lumberjack shirts and Timberlands. Even Melle Mel and the furious 5 looked like straight out of Blue Oyster bar for their the message video. All the clubs in downtown Manhattan attracted the weirdest crowds. You could find some new wave or goth guys at an early Hip-Hop party. Back then the crowd was more a mixture of all kinds of freaks. Listen to Whodini. “The freaks come out At night”. This was exactly what was going on at that time. And like somebody said here. Prince would probably flop nowadays for looking too gay. But what happened in the 80s was diversity. And artistic freedom. You can’t tell me you don;t respect Freddy Mercury’s work he did for Queen. He was a genius. MJ was probably also too gay for present times. But you won’t question his genius. Probably more than 50% of all musicians in the 80s were gay. But nobody would question their sexuality. It was more about the music. Enjoying the product. Music has always been done by strange people. Super straight people without a history are never good artists. They are rather craftsmen than artists. If you look at today’s fabricated music. You wish there would be more crazyness. Right now you feel like you have rappers rhyming bullshit lyrics in a music factory and getting paid 7$ an hour. You have a lot of poor kids who just want some cash and have their face on TV, to enjoy the momentum of super stardom. Even if it lasts just 10mins. You have reality shows that just show you don’t need talent at all to become a rapper. This is what happens now.

    • Obi Won

      Maaaaan, I hate how true that is….
      I guess looking at like that……. Rick James, Prince, Wiz Khalifa lol

    • Prince is the most hardcore gangster that ever wore high heels.

      That Wiz ‘chet is some suspect chin ‘chet though.

    • Splatter

      all that shit was rnb and pop and whatever else, but it wasn’t hip hop. can’t compare that. we never gonna be used to that shit. this is a hip hop site. he is a hip hop artist, that “BOY” need to chill out with trying to be different, following his baby mommas ex a little too much. Amber love her some weird ass niggas with money

      • Titus Pullo

        grandmaster flash and the furious five, remember dude wearing some tight leather pants in that video. ijs

      • Splatter

        yea i remember the video. also remember that it was 1982. that shit aint roccin or should never be rocced today.

  • incognegro

    so because hes posting with fans wearing ambers tights theres a problem between them two. must be a slow news day.

    • Immortal

      Damn I was thinking the SAME thing. How one goes into the other only AHH can make up. Nothing I saw said they were having issues….well Wiz maybe with those damn tights

      • Never trust a man in tights…unless he’s wearing a mask & jumping off the top rope!

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    He realized he like boys more than girls and she want’s a real man

  • $18916246

    Good luck to Nelly’s rap successor and Amber Rose…I really hope they pull through…Black people are in desperate need of more family units…Father, Mother, and Child. God Bless them.

    • Judah Nazayar

      ummmm. oooooKAAAAAAYYY!!

    • brotha_man

      white people too, fuggin bigot

      • $18916246

        Coward….I’m talking to my “BLACK” people….And I guess you on some “me too” shit. Stop piggy backing my replies.

      • brotha_man

        u should phrase that comment (original) better…cuz thats some shit don lemon would say!

        P.S im never on “me too” $hit, only that “we too” $hit.
        Good day, brotha

    • superh8

      Maybe u r the desper8 1 in need.smdh

      • $18916246

        Hey, I don’t mean to strike a nerve..or rattle your unconscious or guilty conscious mind. I’m married..”hetero” (That means to a woman) with our children. I just like to bring awareness to the sad state of marital relations between black men and woman. We are not raising our children as mother and fathers together and baby momma, baby daddy ism’s are ramped (pronounced ram-ped) amongst us collectively. With that said, Just offering Wiz and Amber some encouragement. Please don’t feel threatened by my opinion.

  • kixxxers

    XD!!! Some Chicken Legs …

  • digitallife

    If you aren’t playing football, riding a bike on some lance armstrong shhh..doing wrestling..or aren’t gay you have no business wearing tights..or leggings or jeggings…fk how these young morons trying to sell that sht. Oh btw you low hanging pants mofo’s..that’s how prison b*tch*s advertise their goods….so many of ya’ll are out here looking straight up prison bi*tc*es.

    • therealest1

      Ain’t that the truth?! Speak on the real.

  • if you a straight man and you don’t play football or you not going scuba diving,my nigga what the fucck is you doing?

  • therealest1

    Wiz is too stupid to know about not handcuffing them hoes obviously. And Wiz with those tights on looks so bad with his skinnier than chicken or malnourished African kids legs that he can’t even be a jobber in the wrestling ring.

    In case y’all don’t know what a jobber is, let me clarify for y’all since those don’t really exist anymore in the wrestling game. It was those nondescript guys that always lost matches to the stars in order to put them over, make them look good.

    • baller187

      he must be stupid cuz you know he is hittin everythig in every city that he passes through

      • therealest1

        I know right. I never understand why these types of guys want a relationship of any sort when they know they’ll be getting around like that everywhere they go. It becomes a drain later once there’s a kid involved and money after a breakup based on child support.

        And you have to blame the females too who put up with it because it shows they lack self esteem, confidence or pride when valuing loyalty and trust. I don’t care how much money or benefits are involved to stay in shit like that, they should value their worth more.

      • baller187

        damn what u and i know as a basic thing these other suckas are falling right in . I would let the chick live with me and hook her up, but no baby andwhen im done, i would send her of with some cash and keep it movin

      • You wouldn’t marry Oprah & stay with her if she was cheating?

      • superh8

        Id marry oprah & hope she cheats.

      • That’s how Amber? looks at it, me….last thing I would do is divorce….I’d keep all the bread, but I guess if I met some bad B’ish that wanted to play me like I played Oprah………

      • Immortal

        But she runs both ways so is he really cheating or just not sharing?

      • Depends…it she is the ‘Hood’s Top Box…that’s cheating!

  • baller187

    you cant make a hoe into a housewife, as nice as everyone think she is, she came from that backround so why wife her, then have a baby. Everybody knows its not gonna last, he should have just tossed it up and moved on, now he trapped

  • ladynamor

    His clothes would be a deal breaker for me. Gay.

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  • Obi Won

    Wiz is bugging with them Tights, Amber Rose is still Phat as hell


    Damn I’m embarrassed I feel some of his music after seeing that gay ass shit

  • BigHomie337

    Nigga being emotional. Lol. He knew his girl loose from the jump. He acting out and trying to get her upset. That’s the mother of your son and wife, she gone hurt your soft ass. Better go home and makeup.

    • ^^ Real spill!

    • baller187

      you mean go home and cut her off, and get real

  • P€OpLé hAte Me

    This is just a rumor so far i need to see what amber’s up to first, there’s always two side’s to a story if there really is one…keep in mind 70 to 80 percent of married celebrities have open relationships.

  • Breeze

    This funny and the perfect time to ask this question. . . Since majority of you feel like his leggings are gay and non hiphop………. DO YOU KNOW WHO LIBERACE IS? A DEAD GAY PIANIST THAT A MAJORITY OF YOUR FAVORITE RAPPERS ADMIRE HIM. DONT BELIEVE IM PRETTY SURE YOU CAN GOOGLE UP SOMETHIN LIKE HOW MANY TIMES HIS NAME WAS USED IN RAP SONGS. you fucks are too critical. I personally wouldnt wear them shits myself. And I damn sure would have married or knocked up amber rose. But NONE OF YOU ARE PERFECT.

    • AlbertoRipRon

      Corny dude…sit down with all that pink gang cheerleading homie. Sounds like my pinky finger got more testosterone than your whole make up

      • Breeze

        U called me cornu to talk about your pinky finger? Im completely lost. But let guess. . . Your one of those blog gangstas right? You go into comment sections, find a comment your dont agree with no matter how true it is. . . And you bash it. Lmfao but fact of the matter. . . YOUR FAVORITE RAPPER IDOLIZES A GAY MAN. Get over it. And while your gettin over it tale your pinky out your ass

      • AlbertoRipRon

        You stupid, you talk in all caps like a school girl and you have homoerotic fantasies. Dude, you are all types of wackness. You need a role model…and not liberace either.

    • John Holladay

      rappers refer to Liberace’ because of his flamboyance with flashy clothes, jewelery and materialistic things not that they admired him or his gayness…rappers want to floss they have the most..Liberace actually did so they strive for his lifestyle in their metaphors…and WIZ tights are not flamboyant they are feminine..nothing to admire about that.

  • i_am_LOUD

    Hip hop isnt just dead Hip hop is gay…

    • DJ

      nothing wrong with gay

      • i_am_LOUD

        Yes it is.

      • i_am_LOUD

        Is that what you tell yourself faggot

  • AlbertoRipRon

    My man, what did you expect really?

  • wiz is gay

  • ChanceChasinCash

    Man wiz changed so much in the last 3 to 4 years miss the old wiz

  • FREEfromslavery

    first off, that slick ass bald headed hoe probably has broke his boney ass little heart on this conservative website i stated years ago that the no talent having broad was playing him as if he were a rap lottery. she knew he was about to blow like a tramp after the club. he was the next big thing at the time. at the time he was referring to himself as a boss player and that couldnt be further from the truth. aint no players in this current generation of hip-hop, only sucker mc’s gettin got for their precious money. back then this website called me a hater for my comments on these two. i guess now im just an accurate niggrow.