BREAKING NEWS: Young Jeezy Arrested For Imprisoning And Assaulting Son

(AllHipHop News) The list of allegations thrown at Young Jeezy today (January 7th) sound like he was fighting a war, not his own son. However, Young Jeezy was in fact arrested over charges of battery, false imprisonment, and making terrorist threats towards his son in Atlanta.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Jeezy allegedly slammed his son into a glass shower door during a fight in the bathroom in September of 2012. The documents claim that Jeezy also told his son during the fight he “will put a bullet in your head right now” and “if I could get away with it, I would kill you.”

After a grand jury warrant for each charge was sent, Jeezy turned himself in to authorities last Friday (January 3rd) and was released after posting the $45,000 bail.

Jeezy’s attorneys briefly spoke on the incident:

We have no doubt this matter will resolve itself appropriately. At this moment, Mr. Jenkins is thankful for the support of his fans and the respect for his family’s privacy.

  • Damn jeezy wtf…lil bruh must have tried to drop his nuts and almost got Marvin Gayed by the snowman. Naw but seriously we don’t know what happened it sounds crazy tho.

  • Hold ya head young!!

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  • GQ

    Son got grown on his pops, lil ni99a thought he could take his ol’man head up. Jeezy sat the lil ni99a down. Nothing more, Nothing less.

    • Nate Morrow

      6’s up round here G


    • Bumpy Johnson

      so threatening your son life is kool…..i keep it the G waY All day…but trust i’d never slam my son ever.

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    September 2012? Puts the L in ATL!

    • johnblacksad

      you forgot “QUEENS!”

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        u forgot ur black pass. oh that’s right u a don’t rate!

  • Musa Musaaid ✊


  • justmathoughts

    no story here….i cant even count how many times my mom knocked me upside my head or threatened me with the infamous “i put you in this world and ill take you out of it” line

    • Lou Riv

      n I see that didn’t even work

      • justmathoughts

        im pretty sure it did, i have more at 25 than youll probably have in your lifetime

    • ZUBU

      Word bro I’m a lot older than you and moms (God bless her she passed) had to smack me upside the head. We didn’t call no police back in the day. She taught me a lesson that day, I never got smart with her again and she never put hands on me again. Yo I said she smacked me but she really Mike Tyson my young ass, tried to knock me the fuccckk out!

      • justmathoughts

        lol exactly, its seems like society has changed completely in a matter of 15 years or so

  • NCcatsBALLhard

    Old ass case needs to be thrown out…Somebody’s bitter…

  • William Witherz

    Our police officers will work overtime to sensationalize stories of domestic abuse to further hold control over our entertainers. Idiots call it illuminati.

  • DeAngelis Marshall

    wow !!!

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    How old is his son?

    • Yabiggirl

      Like 14 or 15

      • therealjjohnson


      • Celz

        Not sayin you wrong but the incident happened over a year ago in 2012

    • therealjjohnson

      He’s 17

  • Sparky Flinstone

    I commend the man for being a man — when a lil mufuka step outta line sometime u gotta slap they lil ass back in formation! It’s called respect

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      word i feel you but if he really said “if I could get away with it, I would kill you” then thats some crazy shit. i have kicked my kids ass but those thoughts dont enter the mind of a parent unless something tragic has happened.

    • YaheardSyndicate

      yeah but you dont have to say you gonna put a bullet through your sons head thats a bit extreme

    • Roscoe

      I don’t know what happened, but you probably failed as a parent if this is what it takes to get your offspring back in line. I will give the benefit of the doubt to Jeezy though.

    • jball8

      I bet you have no kids though

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    Sound like a father putting his son in check…………

  • Brindle


  • ChicagosHope

    His son was bumping Gucci, Jeezy was having NONE of that. Seriously, it always what the parents do, but what did the knucklehead do to get yapped up.

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    If he threaten to kill him than jezzy son either fucked his bitch or stole money

  • dbic6121

    Jeezy’s son must be out of control.

    • baller187

      yup, there something to it, then for the son to go to po po, rick ross always beats this nigga out everytime

  • RapItUp

    Gucci Mane pre-meltdown >>> Jeezy

  • Black Jay

    Hey… On some funny ish…. This reminds me of the intro for ICE CUBE’S JACKIN’ FOR BEATS!!!!

    On some real ish…. Father & Son fights are some of the most violent fights on earth. It’s a case of either the son ain’t listening or the son is feeling himself and challenging the dad. There are a few cases where the dad is out of line, but for the most part it’s the son acting up.

    If Jeezy was just doing father ish, props to him. It’s better if your dad hits you with a chin-check than if you get locked up for 100 years on some bull.

    Son out of line and conversation ain’t working ? Beat that ass!

  • Tell-it-like-it-is

    smdh. we don’t even know the details and everybody making this dude look like a hero for beating the shit out of son and threatening to kill him. ppl always gravitate towards these fake thugs

    • Black Jay

      That’s real…. We don’t know what went down. If it’s the opposite and Jeezy is lunchin’ then he needs to go to the clink. But if he’s fathering, props to him. But you’re right… There are too many unknown details.

  • King Kredible

    If you love your kids and would die to protect them, then anything goes.

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    I hope this turn into so real beef, and these niggas start tryna kill each other..ahahhahahh

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  • Dmvnation202

    Jay Jenkins ain’t shit! Just like I thought! #teamgangstagibbs

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  • dehova

    I wonder what the kid did. 1) Played some Rozay. 2) Played some Bleu Davinci 3) Said he’s going downstairs for some milk and cookies.
    Only the real, child abuse ain’t gangsta…..if true.

  • Guillaume Pilon

    giving a slap to you kid cuz they are not listening is so-so

    throwing them thru a door glass….no comments

    but yeah we dont know th details and its old….its sound like some bs

    jeezy )))))) ross and gucci

  • dehova

    “Eh yo, if there was only 2 of them in the bathroom, who snitching dun?”

    • Frank

      You mean who snitchin Son?

      • dehova

        I was being ironic

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  • … the bathroom though????

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  • bigdoe6

    Big Meech does not approve.

  • hitmhard313

    Reminds me of that day which as (the only day it ever happened) when i tried to fight my pop’s and he showed me what the reality of that situation would be by beating he shit out of me and literally putting his foot in my ass. Being threw through a glass shower door ain’t shit how bout two black eye’s a busted lip a bruised ego and my pride shoved down my throat all that being followed by him saying nigga I bought you in this world i will take you out this world terrorist threats didn’t exist in the 90’s they were promises. When my momma told me she would kill me is i raised my hand towards her she meant that shit guess what i respect and love both of them till this day.

    • riddlebox26

      i joked one time when i was 12 that i could beat up my mom if i wanted to, but i don’t because of respect…..nope she came across the room and beat the shit outta me, my dad didn’t even hit me when he got home because he felt sorry for me after that ass whooping, and at 17 i fucked up and did something and my dad hit me with a fist….i played dead, and call the cops on my parents….never, i don’t wanna die

  • riddlebox26

    i read somewhere else he swung at Jeezy first, i know if i swung on my dad when i was 17 i wouldn’t be here typing this right now and my brother would be wearing me on a shirt, but i wouldn’t blame my dad, it woulda been my fault for thinking i was a badass and challenging my dad….but then again to many unanswered questions in this, i really don’t think he would beat his son for something simple but i don’t know the man

    • johnblacksad

      I’d be so scared if my dad found out the thought even crossed my head… i’d probably leave town for a while

    • msmartin

      Your brother would be wearing you on a shirt – funny and really true for most of us.

    • atle fjeldstad

      Jeezy has a 17 year old son?

    • Bumpy Johnson

      your dad would’nt kill you. be real

      • riddlebox26

        maybe just put me in a coma, but then some complications could happen at the hospital and i could end up dying, but it is possible

      • reg joe

        Tell that to Marvin Gaye.

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  • BullsFan4Life29

    Young Jeezy, YOU FOOL! He’s your son.

  • David Gonz


  • BigHomie337

    These new laws preventing parents from disciplining their own kids. Smh. I know some of u aren’t crazy enough to assume Jeezy just beat his son up over nothing. He gave his son an ass whipping that most of us has received at some point in our younger days from our parents.

    • atle fjeldstad

      If you can`t bring your kids up without beating them, you should`t be allowed to have kids.. You say he probably didn`t do it over nothing? Where does the limit go?

      • iamwhoiam

        Beat them?! Hope you don’t have kids. Smh

      • BigHomie337

        I never said beat, I said discipline. Those are 2 different things.



    • water_ur_seeds

      Disciplining your kids by imprisoning and threatening to put a bullet in their head? LMAO Daum these new laws, whats the world coming to if you cant do that…

      • BigHomie337

        U really gonna believe this site provides accurate info? Lol. Kids get whipped everyday. He was probably feeling he was to old 2b disciplined and Jeezy man handled him. I’ll never believe he threatened to shoot his son in the head. If u believe otherwise, cool.

      • water_ur_seeds

        I believe Jeezy would say like that for sure…

        If Jeezy Jr throw a punch at him first then he deserved to get hit hard once to put him in his place, but anything else its wrong IMO…



      • water_ur_seeds

        What the fck are you on about? How can you come to that conclusion you wasteman…

  • iamwhoiam

    Man they must have some family issues, too bad it’s playin out in public. Tmz got hold of the story, it’s a wrap for Jeezy…wonder what the kid did???

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  • Dan_Tebasco

    “September of 2012” Why did it take 1 year and 4 months before this came out? Also this is messed up if true, I never liked Jeezy much though so if he goes to jail I don’t care… He deserves to go as well if it’s true…

  • richard_b_hard

    Young SLEEZY,snake ass nigga!

  • King Kredible

    The rumor is that his son tried to son him. Think about how Jeezy grew up and how his son probably grew up. If I grew up in hell and I gave you the world and you STILL disrespect me, then it’s time to teach you about the hell I protected you from.

    • $21384666

      I 2nd this physical disipline is the best instead of ” OK UR IN TIME OUT “

  • Da Real MoSotho

    if this lil nigga old enough to get his pap’s arrested than he is old enough to fend for himself. I can bet my measly South African Rands his mother motivated him to do it. lil punk getting your father arrested for slamming you into the shower door and threatening to kill you. Dumb ass, what does he think he will gain for getting the one who puts food on his table arrested. dumb nigga with a dumb mother.

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  • ZUBU

    I don’t now all the details, but if lil’ man got jazzy he needed his ass beat. When young my moms and one of my uncles got me. I was disrespectful and they both beat my ass. They didn’t do me no harm but taught me a lesson. They both have pased (God Bless) but I never talked shiiiit again, even when they got older I never talked shit again. That is what you call discipline

  • eddieknucks

    I hear dude son is a teenager. Y’all know how this new generation is. Add to that the lil ninja got money. He smelling himself and getting swoll on pops. Something in a father snaps the first time his child gets froggy. Also, I’m so sick of these politically correct people nowadays telling us we can’t discipline our children. We not even supposed to raise our voices to them according to some of these bleeding hearts.

  • Immortal

    “I brought you here….I’ll take your ass out” –Words spoken by every parent who knew their job was to raise a child…NOT to be the child’s friend.

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