Common – War (Prod. By No I.D.)

After announcing his new album Nobody’s Smiling earlier today, Common decides to unleash the first single off it called “War”. The track is produced by No ID and addresses the current state of affairs going on in Chicago. Listen and download this lyrical beast below.

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 via @djvip510

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  • cromthelaughinggod7


  • Thomas Smith

    very nice track…..finally some real hip hop shit

  • 84stickupkid

    Fake zaggin who ain’t got no feelings…or no brains more like it. When one kills another he forfeits his right to live. Nice flow but wrong message,,,hedz might think that WAR is cool instead of simply sayin STOP THE VIOLENCE !!! Macho is bullshit…

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  • Elayorx El

    Shout to Calm Cents, and of course the flow is ridiculous, but it’s like we have heard probably everything seemingly in every way, when it doesn’t grab you the way your used to, it’s almost anticlimactic. I’ve always respected Calm’s experimental nature though, and so I am anticipating the new album, because more of our prominent from the Chi need to help shed light on what’s going on over there. Hip-Hop, respect.

  • yesanditcounts

    Sorry, I love Common & real hip-hop but this shit is wack. It’s sounds lazy, almost as if Common is acting as if he has emotion. It’s just corny. Hope the rest of the album is a lot better.

    • 84stickupkid

      Yeah, agreed. Resurrection is a bonafide classic, always will be but rarely can hip hoppaz match their early work. I thought a similar thing about Cube, he was tryin too hard to sound hard around the time of Bow Down when he don’t have to because he was The Nigga Ya Love To Hate already. Can’t get much rawer than that.

  • Kevin Anthony

    I remember when I was a kid freestyling with this guy in the studio out philly, Cool dude . look up Kevin Anthony21 on soundcloud