Epic Win of the Day: Watch This Toddler With Bars Cypher With His Father

This kid can’t be more than one or two and he already raps better than some of your favorite rappers. Check him out in a cypher with his dad:

He might have a bright future in music ahead of him but I will say, dad could have kept the profanity out of it.

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  • scullyson

    smh….He do got bars though…But I agree the profanity could’ve been left out…

  • aokot5

    Yeah would’ve been a much better video if it weren’t displaying such awesome parenting exposing a child to profanity but hey that’s today’s n!gga$ for you *shrugs*

  • therealjjohnson

    I couldn’t make out a single word. “Cute” nonetheless.

    • jondubock

      cant make out a single word with half these dudes now days anyways…..

  • JimJames29

    Awwwwwwwwwww thats so cute and don’t worry about the profanity it’ll be another 2-3 years before that becomes in any way relevant to this kid

  • Kevin Anthony

    Gerber Bars. Gotta Love it, Check out my mixtape “Food for Thought” for free on soundcloud yall (Kevin Anthony21)

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  • Mr. Bang Bang

    Tell him to recite his ABC’s lil man going to start counting 1-10 smh we gots to be better with our future

  • Immortal

    And folk disagree that we don’t need better father figures in the black community smh. But the kid IS better than 90% of the rappers on the radio today. Couldn’t understand him, and can’t understand most of what’s out there

  • Kel


  • ZUBU

    Lil’ man cute, not sure what up with his dad and the teaching your kid to curse shiiiit thats that bullshit.

  • junMaf*ckn

    His Flow Was NUTS!

  • david3528

    SMH… at the profanity. This is the epic win of the day? “4-5 n*gga I shoot that”?? Shame on this simple a** website that capitalizes off of black people making fools out of themselves. I teach my 3 year old how to read and count. The cycle of ignorance continues. SMDH.

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  • win nigga this nigga that shm

  • Freebe Jackson

    Same niggaz that curse and say nigga regardless if there are children around talking about the dad cursing and saying nigga……for those that argue that there is nothing wrong with using “nigga” it shouldn’t matter if he saying nigga to his son if there is nothing wrong with the word

  • Troll_E_G

    This is no different than when ya fav rapper have kids in the vid….nobody hates on that but judging this man like u never cursed around or at your kids or even played rap music…..true his content could of been better but he’s bonding with his kid n that’s beautiful

  • William Eston McCoy

    no matter the cursing, it was a cool father son moment. If you’re a father and have a son you know what I mean.

    • Motion Fiction Media

      For real

  • The Real Clayton Bigsby

    Only Niggers would excuse using the word nigga in front of a 1 year old

  • SleepyTheGreat

    Yall some damn cry babies. At least he bonding and rapping with his kid. Its chicks making twerking videos with kids In the room and yall hating on this??

  • Montezuma1

    I say ni99a all the time but I know it’s not correct. It’s a habit stemming from my beginnings in an environment of ignorance. There are places where I wouldn’t say it and the truth is I shouldn’t say it at all. The problem with dude is he doesn’t know it’s wrong so he sees nothing wrong with saying it in front of his son. What he’s doing without being aware is continuing a cycle of ignorance. Most of us are guilty of that to varying degrees. He’s a young dad though. As he matures I’m sure his perspective will change and maybe he can then share that revelation with his son as well.