Chris Brown

Chris Brown Turns Down Plea Deal In Assault Case

(AllHipHop News) Chris Brown has rejected a plea deal in a case stemming from an alleged assault that took place in Washington D.C.

Brown had an incident with an individual outside of a hotel last October.

The lead prosecutor offered the R&B singer a deal that would reduced the charges to simple assault instead of the present misdemeanor assault that carries a heavier penalty.

TMZ theorized that the singer turned down the deal because there is no video of the alleged clash with the singer and the man. If there is a video, Brown’s lawyer would certainly want to see it before they cut a deal.

  • stackzscrilla

    This dude stay taking L’s. I could see him doing a dance routine first then bit his ear and swung the hay-maker.

  • Dan_Tebasco

    At least he’s assaulting men now so that’s a step in the right direction

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  • Black Jay

    Damn Chris….. Looks like your life is on some hurricane ish….. But to be fair, these issues were probably in him from childhood to now. Seeing your momma get her ass whipped has a strange effect on people.

    • Dumbcrap

      Yeah but once he snapped and just smacked the fire out Rihanna he should of at the minimum stopped hitting people, especially woman obviously but also hes gotta realize if hes a felon he cant fight, or come close to it because all the other person has to do is call the police and you goto jail for violating probation. Plus man he doesnt have to protect himself, hes got a big ass team of bodyguards, big dudes and probably some former or off duty cops. He shouldn’t need to fight, at least not when he has his security around in public. Maybe hes to broke, I dunno what his financial situation is or what he sold. Listen I do feel real bad for him (Chris Brown) living in a house like that, i have no idea what i would do if my dad ever hit my mom. He threw a phone at her hard and it took all the restraint in me to not go wake him up and just smash him. No gangster shit, im just being honest that popped in my head several times that night. Im sure if it happened all the time i would have anger issues and issues with woman to the Nth degree.

      • Black Jay

        It’s my personal opinion that once you cross the threshold of manhood, excuses die. Maybe seeing his mom violated did something to him but it’s not an excuse any more. Right now Chris is on some spoiled ish. Too much money, all of the wrong people surrounding him, too many people afraid to say no to him, and nobody willing to truly punish his ass for his misdeeds. I don’t know Rhianna’s family situation but if that dude put hands on my sister or cousin he would have to get a thousand body guards because I would be coming at dude until he got punished thoroughly. The justice system ain’t going to do it because his pockets are too deep. The public ain’t going to do it because controversy sells and too many dumb b*tches are in love with this n*gga.

  • William Witherz

    I guess we have to wait until the Chris Brown wannabes (August Alsina, etc) get more popular before we can lock this guy away for good.

    • ElizabethHumphries

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    • ElizabethHumphries

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  • Immortal

    Some are going to disagree with this and I understand, but Chris is going to wind up being R&B’s version of DMX. A great artist and performer who wouldn’t/couldn’t get his act and life together. I know some are going to say X is a legend, and I’d agree, but the basic similarities are the same with the constant back to back court cases, and I bet if the cameras weren’t there X would’ve slapped the dog ish out of Ivana

    • Black Jay

      “….going to wind up….” Huh? Going to? I think the r&b version of what he’s doing would be Bobby Brown. And that n*gga is already Bobby Brown level. Have you checked his drunk ass interviews lately? He’s one ‘fight with the police’ away from taking a mouth full of pills and vodka and straight ending it.

      • Immortal

        Good point. I totally forgot about ol Bobby and his issues.

      • Black Jay

        It’s funny though…… You ever notice how them R&b dudes with the last name of “Brown” be having mega social issues? Bobby, Chris, James….. Kinda funny….

  • John Q. Public

    imagine where this fool would be if he never beat up Rihanna. He had a young Beiber type following, kids and parents loved him. Then he took on this ganster persona and started rappin and sh*t. I know he has no money worries but he coulda been worth double

    • Celz

      Double today.. Maybe 3 4 5 — 10 times by the time he hits 50 somthin..

    • Immortal

      I agree with you, but he was hit first, and in the end, the pity party gave some serious life to Rihiana’s career. And to look at her now, there really isn’t too much difference between them other than her behavior is excused and his is drug through the mud…no matter if it’s positive or not.

    • Dumbcrap

      I dunno if i would go to that extreme, but there is no doubt he would be way mainstream, more successful and maybe even doing other crap (like lets say movies if he were interested). He truly made one of the dumbest split second decision not involving murder in the last 10, maybe 20 years (as a celebrity). Again other than murder the guy couldn’t of done a better job at getting people pissed off at him. He could of even been (assuming no assault charges or Rihanna beatings) got less public outcry and stigma if he had beat the hell out of man, rather than Rihanna more precisely Rihanna the pop queen at the time (maybe, well “urban” r&b or pop).

    • Smurfaveli

      Wasn’t dude in Juicy Fruit commercials, smiling and smacking gum? Then
      he wanted to turn thug and left a lot of money on the table. He was set
      to be a megastar. Now the mainstream hates him almost as much as Mike

  • Damn bruh they gon try and throw that book at young breezy, that Rihanna shit gon come back to haunt Lil bruh. Damn shame cuz I think bruh very talented and coulda been the shit if he would a just stuck to R&B and entertainment. Lil bruh been slightly thuggin the last few years and if that case go south he might be sitting his ass down 4 a few. He should know they really don’t give a damn what happens to a young black entertainer, specially if u been showing ya ass.

    • Celz

      Yea niccas don’t get it.. Felony Probation translate to your black ass should be in jail and we will try to get you there. He got off easy as hell man niccas be turnin blessings into curses.. Lol Him and Drake are talented enough to be timeless legends but niccas wanna be gangsta rap/ R&B singers. Niccas gon hit 35 an realize they threw away tens of millions of dollars just so they can act like a broke nicca..

      • Dumbcrap

        Yeah i agree. Didnt he essentially violate parole with the legal run ins hes had? He has a baby temper tantrum (more than once) breaking office windows at good morning America, punching that ?chick? in DC. Also at these hoes throwing bottles like bitches, got uncontrollable. People could have died no BS. Thank god He absolutely fucked his image up, hes gotta appeal to young girls and very young women,

        Bottom line: Hes going to jail. He’ll goto jail, then a Federal Pen in Lewisburg and after his first stretch in the Pen he will be going back for violating parole. Dudes got an anger problem for real. Hes f*cking stunning women. Man is young, rich, and can get women easy. On the outside perspective his life looks great.

        Brown most likely has the traits a male R&B singer needs 1.) hes an acceptable good voice . Number 2.) R&B guys have to be fit, good looking, can dance and are soulful. Not so much now.

  • Kevin Anthony

    Kevin Anthony21 on soundcloud, im doing something different yall, check me out let me know what u think. The name of the mixtape is “Food for thought” I speak on a lot of things..race, religion, love, life, friends, foes, all that we go thru in life on an everyday basis dig me? Much love yall!!

    • DJ7

      Checked out your sound cloud page fam….not bad…not bad at all…keep on pushing young brotha…respect

      • Kevin Anthony

        Appreciate that DJ7, Hope u keep listening bro im just getting started Good Look!

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  • No lie this nigga is failing for real

    • baller187

      ya he is, he is on the fail path but he still rich though

  • hoeyuno

    I can’t see breeze man attacking ppls unprovoked. Yea the dude got some anger issues but you know damn well this was provoked. If anything send the boy to some stress management ish..

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