Hip-Hop Rumors: Rumors About Shyheim’s Alleged Hit-N-Run!

Mannnnn…if you look at the internet, they are going IN on Shyheim! Shyeim has been around since he was “The Rugged Child” back in the 90’s. But he’s 36 now and in a world of s**t. And for good reason. If you didn’t see the report, hit the link below.

There is more than enough reason to diss Shy if you are reading the basic news on the case. But, I am hearing there is more to the story. Basically, the streets are talking. Shyheim has had his street situations, but this one may have been an unfortunate one that resulted in the death of a 29 year old man, Felipe. And Felipe’s people are PISSED as they should due to the loss of a loved one.

“My family was friends with Felipe (the man this waste of life murdered.) Then this ni**a is too broke to afford his lawyer fees for a case he’s definatly gonna lose. Theres no getting out of this one you piece of s**t, own up to what you did and do the time. You don’t deserve a fair trial. Everyone should donate money for the family of the victim instead not to this piece of s**t.”

But, I’m hearing Shyheim was running from somebody that was shooting bullets at him, trying to kill him. He was being per sued crazily and then ran the stop sign that ended up causing the death of Felipe. Now, it has not been revealed in the news, but I am told that their may be forensics to support this (meaning bullet holes in the car that Shyheim was driving). This is the rumor as to why Shy ran from the scene of the crime – he was running from his life, I’m hearing. Obviously, the facts will be revealed later. I’m not sure if this rumor, should it be true, will help him at all in a legal sense of it all.

Shyheim’s first song shows ain’t nothing changed.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • TimeWillTellu1


    • Guest

      yo yo ny bros talk like they gotta mouf full of spit/shit mixture

      • cromthelaughinggod7

        Actually they talk very clear it is you gucci mane southern inbred fks we can’t understand. You are just a hater! Shut the fk up! You sound like jealously is the breakfast you eat when you first wake up fag!

      • DollasTX

        bullshit fam … cali natives talk clear and proper … NY niggahs have accents just like niggahs from the south have accents – accents definitely sound different but neither the east/south talk proper english

      • cromthelaughinggod7

        It is only you that thinks that but everywhere in the south and by the way my boy lives in Stockton, Ca and is from the east coast. You know what the people on job interviews said to him out there everyone of them you talk very well. I am not lying he goes to the walmart basically saying the cats from the bay love to them the white people he spoke to couldn’t understand people from the bay speaking. Not accent wise but slang wise. They talk clear to me in Cali. Doesn’t mean they all can’t speak proper but never heard that. I go down south to deep country areas in Georgia, Florida or South Carolina I could not understand people. Their comment was that I was speaking proper. I heard it as a kid. Though I might still use some slang from NYC I still was clear and proper. So don’t tell me some bs your folk as you say told me this things. I have family in ATL that speaks very clear as well as family in South Carolina it depends on education and how strong their accent is. I am not going to understand a cat like gucci mane sorry for you to get mad but it is the truth. I love the south by the way I was originally born there and left. Nowhere in the United States do any Americans speak the real British english. That is supposedly considered proper so I disagree with you. All Americans speak is a bastard form on english. We speak educated formal American english but if someone ask you from english how are you? You don’t say “good” to them you say. I am feeling well. That is what has been taught to us. How did you do on the test? I did well not I did good. I am not a scholar or anything but do know the difference dollas.

      • DollasTX

        my guy … i was born in the midwest I ONLY LIVE IN THE SOUTH … dont include SLANG im talking the people in general – most people in the SOUTH, SOUTH EAST, EAST COAST have accents and slur certain words pending on the region you are from … for example: on the east coast the word MALL sounds like MOLL

        for the most part what i’ve seen in my travels are that the majority of SOUTHERN CALI people speak proper along with the majority of the MIDWEST but of course you have places like CHICAGO and STOCKTON (that you mentioned)where people speak with more of a twang but still the majority of CALIFORNIA to the MIDWEST speak proper sounding english – shyt might not be grammatically correct but it sounds like it

      • brotha_man

        I hate b*tch A** people

  • Mr. Bang Bang

    Illseed must be the QB from FSU… “SHOOTING BULLETS AT HIM” “PER SUED CRAZILY”… Do you get paid to write like this bruh? If so im in the wrong business

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  • Dadon850

    “per sued”..smh.Man it’s pursued. Who the hell writing y’all articles, Chief Keef??

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  • Another fuckin hockey stick l for…..YOU GUESSED IT…..*frank sinatra voice*….newwww yorrrk neeww yorrrrrrrrk!!

  • digitallife

    SMH….6th grade english class is calling brother.

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  • hoeyuno

    Shyhiem was dope.. dudes been in and out of trouble a lot lately..hope the case works out.

  • johnblacksad

    anything goes down in a new york minute…

  • ihatefaggots

    If they have proof of him getting shot at he will beat the case.

    • Reason

      Yeah i doubt he was getting shot at, well aimed shots. Someone prolly dumped the magazine into his area/car, if they wanted him dead he would be unless they were shooting at like 200 feet, thats a challenge with pistols.. If he did there has to be hundreds of witnesses who at least heard shots; not to mention the mass amount of security cameras on every store, highway, street, crosswalk and all over the place. You think they would wait a second to report the story, to tell if there are witnesses or not. I mean there either is or there is not. Sure some could pop up later who were to scared or something but as of now if they had a witness to this they would mention it. Well not this dumb website and its horrible journalists but i mean a real news site (legitimate ones with standards who wouldn’t do a story on Shyheim haha). This is coming from a dire hard Wu fang so I am not biased (i think at least). Shyheim is a random dude who happens to be a middle of the road rapper, no fame or success, and im sure no money that aint come from RZA or the companies they set up.

      But back to the “bullet holes”, whos to say someone aint take that car somewhere far away in a wooded area or just some isolated place and blast away at it to make it look like it was being shot at. Whats Shyheim’s rap sheet like? I just looked it up and SURPRISE its full of felonies and other convictions prior to the hit and run. So with that in mind what jury or judge is going to take Shyheim’s word over officers or a credible witness as the truth (assuming a witness exists). Like you said he needs absolutely indisputable evidence, and bullet holes aren’t gonna hold enough water. He needs visual proof, witnesses and more than one, and cameras would help but its hard to convict off just one thing you usually gotta hit them with multiple approaches like informants/witnesses, evidence at the crime scene, confessions and round about evidence like how they got Capone (well at almost all the Godfathers since 1920) on tax evasion, Mickey Cohen was so dumb he got tax evasion twice, hell during the commission trial in New York of the Five Fathers was partially informants, a great deal of covert *cough* illegal crap the FBI did (bugs and such, they are legal now and have been for like 2 decades but if anything they were very new if/when they used them back then. Its sometimes laughable how easy for a smart attorney team, with someone who specializes in fiscal issues (IRS), but some agents are proactive to look through tax records and figure out theres no way in hell such-and-such guy could afford all the things hes buying on his salary. Raises questions and makes them the focus of the Letter agencies (FBI, DEA, INS, CIA, etc).

      Long post but sorry law enforcement gets me angry. Yeah they arent all bad but the bad ones are, shit ill say it pure evil and racist, im sure sexist i dunno im not a chick, but even if they weren’t racists/sexist they are generally assholes who get off on power. Yeah big job do the human signaling flag, you sure are using what you learned in school. Shyheim needs a witness and strong evidence, i dont think one or the other is gonna get him off completely. I.m sure the lawyer and or Shyheim will lie through thier bitch teeth and claim it happened in such a way to make them look like they are in the right 1000% percent no questions asked.

      INSANELY long story short see you when you are even more of a old ass “rapper” Shyheim, enjoy the 5-20 you brought on yourself by being a completely retarded person.

  • Terrance

    I remember rollin’ up a lot of eL’s and freestylin’ for hours wit The God at a Friend’s house years ago. Don’t know what my G is like now but he was a cool dude and down to earth back then. Hope it wasn’t his fault. It gets DEEP over there in Parkhill, Stapleton and Brighton. Condolences to the Family and Friends of Felipe…

    9enteractive .com

  • Truth Powell

    RZA gotta give this kid a verse on the new Wu Album. Help him make some change off royalties.

  • they gave zimmerman 2 mil …that will make more sense that they was shooting at him.. but still a man died his fam dont get him back no more they both lost


    per sued??? really tho. Thats sad. Yall need to do better. It’s pursued.

  • Mec-One

    Dude looks like he could be related to Nas and Method man ……