Ray Allen: Me and Spike Lee Are Talking About Making He Got Game 2

(AllHipHop News) As evidenced by his last second three pointer during the 2013 NBA Finals, Ray Allen still has game. According to the two-time NBA champion and three point shooting legend, him and director Spike Lee are in talks to make a sequel to He Got Game.

While Allen is admittedly skeptical of movie sequels as a whole, he informed ESPN if the right script and story could make all his skepticism fade away:

But it’s something we’ve been talking about for the last couple months. If we get a really good story line and are able to bring everybody back, then it would be something worth doing.

In the classic 1998 film, Allen plays top ranked NBA prospect Jesus Shuttlesworth with Denzel Washington playing his father, Jake Shuttlesworth. Last December, Lee posted a picture of Ray Allen’s Miami Heat specialty jersey with his Jesus Shuttlesworth name on the back. Allen will wear the custom jersey for the first time this Friday (January 10th)  against the Brooklyn Nets.

Take a quick look back to the past with the original trailer for He Got Game from 1998:

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  • GQ

    Some things need to be left alone.

    • brotha_man

      co sign

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  • a decade too late

  • only way it would work is for spike to show the gutter side of the NBA. the original movie was so raw it would be hard to duplicate that experience wit the glitz and glamour of the Pros. He would have to focus on everything that happens outside of the games and the things most pros and owners dont want people knowing about

    • Papi Peligro

      Basketball wives. Kardashians. Real World. VideoHoes and one great woman that taste like Cheerios. How more gritty and dirty is it gonna get.

      • hahaha so im guessing rosario dawson will be like theh evelyn lozado…who is gabby? and will Jesus have a baby on break? oh nevermind, i forgot this is spike lee, not tyler perry.

  • Guest


    • Papi Peligro

      Half of Brooklyn team did the same thing Ray Allen did. You couldn’t trade Garnett without his approval.

      • Guest

        Allen jumped ship and joined the enemy, not Garnett and Pierce. Plus, it was solely Danny Ainge’s decision to clean house not the players. If KG and Pierce had it their way they would have retired as Celtics. It’s just a GUTLESS move joining the enemy for your own selfishness and not in the competitive spirit of the game.

      • Keith N.

        KG had a no trade clause in his contract. If he wanted to stay a Celtic he wouldve stayed a Celtic. Once Doc Rivers was ready to leave..so was KG and Pierce.

        Oh and by the way, Ray Allen isnt a traitor because Boston isnt the team he’s known for. He spent more years with the Bucks and when he left the Bucks for the Sonics people were calling him a traitor.

        Cant be a traitor twice lol

      • Guest

        The question ain’t about KG and whether he left the C’s is neither here nor there. KG stuck it out with the C’s for another year which was honorable and he would have stayed a Celtic if the front office wanted it but they wanted to rebuild. And nobody embraced Celtic Pride like KG. U tryin ta tell me at least Pierce would not liked to retire a Celtic? BULLSHIT. There ain’t a thing in this world that would convice me otherwise. U guys can create excuses for Judas all day you want. He’s just another sellout IMO. HH nowadayz is full of them. The Bucks and Sonics werent mortal enemies like the Celtics and Heat and they werent locked in as many titanic battles as them. U obviously dont know the meaning of TRAITOR, look it up in the dictionary. Judas showed complete arrogance to the Boston fans and for that his legacy there will be forever tarnished.

      • Keith N.

        I agree that Pierce did not want to leave but you JUST admitted that KG left because the team was rebuilding and he didnt want to be around for the rebuilding..Pierce too. So you’re basically saying because they didnt want to rebuild a team they would love to retire at because they only have a few years left in the game…so they went to a team they thought was a contender…sounds familiar.

        Oh and I think you should look up the history of traitors in sports. One that comes to mind is Lebron James. He left his hometown to Miami…yes The Decision made it worse but he was deemed a traitor because he left a team everyone thought he would stay at.

        You know what a traitor is? Someone who helps build your team up and when shit gets too hairy and it doesnt look like it’ll be easy to get a ‘chip..they leave a team they’ve been with their entire career(like Allen did when he left Bucks after 7 years). Doesnt matter if it’s a rival or not…you left a team that you had become the face of…traitor

      • Guest

        I ain’t admit that shit dude, get your facts straight. I said it was the front office’s decision to clean house. and if it was up to KG he would have stayed. Read it again. Zaggin can’t even read nowadayz, DAMN…I said nothing about him ”not wanting to be around for rebuilding”. KG and Pierce GOT TRADED, Judas chose to leave the Celtics for the team they were gunning for, BIG DIFFERENCE. A traitor is someone who joins the enemy and supplys inside information and actively fights against their former side. That’s Judas no matter which way you put it and he did it by CHOICE. In his case, he just submitted to a defeatist attitude instead of fighting til the bloody end. That is WEAK. No way would you ever see the NBA greats like Isiah Thomas or Larry Bird join Magic, or Pat Ewing join MJ because loyalty to your guys you fight with every night and the fans was more important, even if you lose especially in the quest for a NBA championship. A team he won a title with and he turned his back on them because of his own GREED. Then used his family as an excuse instead of admitting THE TRUTH. Truth being, he wanted to win another title with his arch rival. It would have been a hard pill to swallow but I would have admired his honesty. But the shady way he went about leaving Boston and not caring about the fans meant he deserves ZERO RESPECT once he made that decision. And as far as LBJ go, he chumped out on Cleveland after he GUARANTEED a title to the Cavs. A city which has not won a title in 40 odd years. Damn right he’s a turncoat. No argument there.

      • Guest

        I ain’t admit that shit dude, get your facts straight. I said it was the front office’s decision to trade KG and Pierce. They got TRADED, Allen left by CHOICE. He chose to join his arch rival. BIG DIFFERENCE. None of the NBA great players would join a rival in the middle of the quest for an NBA championship. It is definitely not in the spirit of the game and competition. A traitor is someone who joins the enemy, supplys inside information and actively fights against their former side. That describes no 34 no matter which way you try to put it. The Bucks and Sonics werent mortal enemies like the Celtics and Heat and they never had titanic battles like them. Nobody remember the Bucks and Sonics going for an NBA title against each other. But the Celts and Heat was probably this generations biggest rivarly. LBJ chumped out on Cleveland no doubt. He guaranteed a title to a city who hadn’t won a professional sports title in 40 odd years. ZERO RESPECT for both of these turncoats.

      • SBRon

        Maybe partially selfish, IDK… It’s been said he also wanted to get far away from your knucklehead Point Guard…Doc did, too!?!

      • Guest

        Heard that but don’t buy it. Would not have had a problem with him leaving except 2 teams. Heat and Lakers.

  • Obi Won

    Its cool to play with the idea, but DONT DO IT. Keep the movie a classic.

  • Dan_Tebasco

    No, just no

    • ccwaterbound32

      your white so cool it on all that stuff…

      • Dan_Tebasco

        What were you saying about my white? Are you talking about my jizz on your girlfriends lips?

      • ccwaterbound32

        i aint got a girlfriend (and i aint a homosexual either in case you decide to try a little comeback) keep fishing… oh and i found out something intresting about your ancestors… in europe they used to eat each other’s body parts… what a disgusting subspecies you are….pinky.

      • Dan_Tebasco

        I never heard of white people doing that, I thought that was a black thing 😐

      • ccwaterbound32

        so now the truth is out… you reveal what you REALLY are and that’s a closet racist. actually there are no confirmed reports of cannibalism in africa at all. i mean when the people who run the media look like you well… the information get’s tainted and not to mention BIASED… but it’s ok your kind will mix themselves out of existence in the next 50 years or so… AND your racist views of us will die right along with you… enjoy the remainder of your life “pinky”…

      • Dan_Tebasco

        No, clearly you’re the racist lamo, I was mocking you bozo.. or should I say brownie?

      • ccwaterbound32

        racist? never…first of all i need a system to help me oppress people and unfortunately i don’t have that but you do… “pinky” the laws of this country are meant to protect people who look like you do, if i want to buy a house in a nice neighborhood i bet you get a sweet deal for a house while i have to pay more for it. if i kill you i get the needle in my arm if you kill me you get a slap on the wrist. get my point?

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  • Sean Power

    no we don’t need it

    • ElizabethHumphries

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  • Havoc Wreaka III

    Box office fail

  • Kevin Anthony

    Don’t do it. Drizzy voice* The name of the mixtape is “Food for thought” come get a plate. Peace (Kevin Anthony21 on soundcloud)

  • ZUBU

    Ray Allen actually took a pay cut to get a title in Miami. He had friction with Rondo who is an awesome player when healthy but he needed to mature. Ray wanted a better working experience. Can’t blame the man, and besides who would not want to live on South Beach?