Sources Claim Allegations Young Jeezy Attacked His Son Is Just A Set Up

(AllHipHop News) Social media went crazy this week when news broke that Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy was arrested for allegedly attacking his 17-year-old son in 2012. Sources reportedly close to Jeezy tell TMZ that most of the information being reported about the incident is false.

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The sources claim Jeezy and his son Jadarius did get into a heated verbal argument, but the only time there was any physical contact between the two was when Jeezy pushed Jadarius to the floor after the boy got in his face. The argument apparently began because Jeezy told his son that he did not want him staying at his house any longer because of his “punk kid” attitude.

Jeezy was also accused of making terroristic threats against Jadarius during the altercation, including saying that he would kill him. The rapper says that the exchange only included the statement, “I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it.”

TMZ sources say Jeezy’s arrest was instigated by Jadarius’ mother, Tenesha Dykes, as a set-up in order to get more money from the rapper.

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  • MrNoName2K

    “I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it.”… LOL I cant remember how many times I heard that. Sounds like the lil nigga got outta line and took a “father to son” good old fashioned, wholesome humbling ass whoopin..

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      ahh always reportin’ rumors and assumptions

      • MrNoName2K

        yep…sounds about right

  • iamwhoiam

    That makes a little more sense. The kid was prolly gettin spoiled with his rich dad. Prolly unappreciated the lifestyle so dad had to check him. Also since when is it a terroristic threat to say I brought you in I’ll take you out, if thats the case my Mom should be doin life right now. Lol.

    • That’s the new game now though, they fabricate those ol punk charges to take the power away from the parents…can’t even ground the shorties no more without CPS tryin to put their nose all up in it…some shameful shit.

      • iamwhoiam

        Na, I think Jeezy got some personal family issues. What can CPS do, the kid is 17. You don’t just put hands on your teenager for no reason, little kids get spanked.

      • Oh I’m already knowin, lil dude was most likely smellin himself a tad too much Pops reached his boiling point and checked that ass like he shoulda. I just mentioned the whole CPS thing as an example of how the system tends to blow shit outta proportion, ie. “I brought you in this world and I’ll take you out” equaling a terroristic threat. But trust and believe you and me are on the same wavelength with it.

  • iamwhoiam

    I was 16 and thought I could get in my dads face, needless to say, I took flying lessons that day. Ain’t nothin wrong with what Jeezy did.

    • Chris

      Bruh said “flying lessons”. Haaaaaaa!

    • DReskonie

      lmmfao and thats how its suppose to be

    • Nigga D. Luffy #OnePiecesquad

      I remember I turned 18 and my dad just started acting like an asshole and being bossy. Asshole musta thought I was gonna mutiny or some shit

  • Terrance

    Not advocating violence but I wonder where I would be in life right now without being DISCIPLINED as a youth? TBH, I’m THANKFUL for it because I was a KNUCKLEHEAD.

    9enteractive .com

  • Freebe Jackson

    Seem like Jeezy and 50 baby moms are bugging cause the kids are 17 and the support about to stop. Dumb bitches should have pushed the kids to go to college and extended the child support payments but the moms probably was enjoying the life and pushing the kids to be rappers like their dads and piggy back off of dads fame

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  • Black Jay

    For real… “I brought you in this world and I can take you out” is a standard slogan every man spits to his young son when he gets too rambunctious. That’s a terrorist threat? Damn! This world is soft! No wonder we got dudes wearing tight jeans and eyeliner. The Feds can basically eat a d*ck if they think I won’t discipline my kid if he steps out of line. Real fathers stand strong! And real fathers raise real men that stay out of jail and handle their responsibilities. If this wasn’t on some abuse ish, I’m with Jeezy on this one. Mouth too big and ears to small? Bust that ass!

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

      Sh@t. Even Bill Cosby had to tell Theo’s punk a$$ the “I brought you in this world” line. Now cats are getting charges for saying it? The p@ssification of American society continues.

  • Father’s like us already knew what this was….I had to do my young son in the same manner by digging a hole thru his chest with these fists of fury. Had to remind him that I didn’t grow up with the silver spoon that he has. I give you everything and you wanna try n stunt on me Lil guy, ok stick ya chest out so I can cave that s**t in….I done heard that slogan soooooo many times lmao.

  • DReskonie

    when i first heard it it sounded like bs, this sounds more truthful

  • BigHomie337

    On the initial story bout this I said those allegations sounded exaggerated. Dudes were killing me and saying I’m crazy for saying nothing is wrong with disciplining your kids. Dudes was swearing Jeezy should be locked up. Now with this new info out, I don’t see any of those dudes commenting.

  • TimeWillTellu1

    New album coming out or something?

  • ZUBU

    Like I said the other day my mom tried to knock my block off for getting smart, another time my uncle had to chin check me. In both cases I learned a lesson and never got smart with them again in life. Its a life lesson and a lot of young brothas need it when they get out their lane.

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  • chiboy773

    Media is such brainwashing fear mongers. Terrorist threats??? Type of shit is this when you cant discipline your child and say what you want while doing so. They want kids to just be wild and do whatever. Strong men are dying in America, jeezy did what he should have if shorty was getting out his body. I use to get extinction cords, i thought it was normal lol. I never hear or see bout a kid getting a ass whooping now days and its much needed.

  • Polecat

    I’m going ludicrous on my siblings even if they blink at me the wrong way while I’m disciplining them…I don’t give two shits about the system I’m from the old school.#curtain rods#whips from trees # get to know me better @ http://WWW.reverb nation/ Novacane1

  • Dubz

    Another rapper’s baby mama upset them checks about to stop coming.

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  • William Witherz

    Just another case of the system involving itself in the deterioration of the black family.

    • Reason

      Yeah i never fully understood the wide scope of it. It being racism, favoritism and a undeniable underground racist agenda (that is coming out to the surface more and more). Would be curious to see how effective social services (not talking welfare or handouts persay but stuff like programs for less fortunate to see a doctor, dentist,

  • Kevin Anthony

    Anything is possible. “Food for thought” is the mixtape can find it on soundcloud Kevin Anthony21 Peace

  • jacksjus

    Apparently there is a fine line between abuse and discipline. Considering his son is 17 I am leaning more towards discipline.

  • The system can say what the hell they want…those Ike-em-ups I used to catch as a youngin are what kept my ass out of a cell, bullshit ain’t about nothin. Shit I’m GLAD my pops went upside my head some of them times, and so will Jeezy Jr. when he gets older and wiser.

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