WTF News: Man Goes to Jail For Paying Too Much Child Support

Unfortunately, not all “judges” use actual good judgment in seemingly common sense situations and now a father who did the right thing will spend six months behind bars.

Clifford Hall has been doing his best to take care of his 11-year-old son. He pays child support and visits frequently. Last November, his child support payments were in full. One report  (via says Hall overpayed by $3,000, a fact that Harris County District Court Judge Lisa Millard found contemptible. Another report (via the Root) says he didn’t pay too much child support, he just caught up on back payments.

Another term that was modified without his knowledge was his visitation schedule. Hall was found to have over-visited his son and Judge Millard ended up finding Hall in contempt of court for “not complying with the rules.”


This whole situation sounds fishy but watch what Fox News reported:

Dang, some people want the Black man locked up really bad, huh?

Why else was all logic thrown out the window here? I thought judges were smart.

Guess what?  Not only is the child going to be without his father for the next 6 months, but taxpayers will have to pay the father’s incarceration, and will potentially be forced to subsidize the mother’s living expenses in lieu of the child support payments.


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35 Responses to “WTF News: Man Goes to Jail For Paying Too Much Child Support”

  1. Musa Musaaid ✊

    yep. im going thru the same thing here in Houston, its tax season and they do this at this time every year, I keep all paperwork. the problem is the fat girl that work in that office on canal st. sh!t, my wife daughter…her dad never paid anything in 12 years and NOTHING HAPPENS TO HIM. NOT 1 THREATING LETTER, 1 GOT 3 LETTERS IN 1 DAY WITH ALL DIFFENRENT AMOUNTS, WHEN I CALLED, THE LADY WHO NAME IS ON THE PAPERWORK, DONT EVEN WORK IN THAT OFFICE…..#RNS

    • big daddy goosh goosh da Voice


      • Immortal

        It’s definitely a way for some women to get “even” or “cash out” on a man. When I hear of men paying over a G a month for one kid (granted they are celebs), I have to ask, where is the money breakdown? What child that doesn’t require special needs have to have that much money go out? EPMD and Ye both broke it down pretty damn good in each of their songs about golddiggers. BUT to the men out there that think he can shoot and move, then I hope they get cleaned out. Too many children made by men that have no intentions of being with the mother other than as a one night stand. Damned if you’re a good man and damned if you’re a bad one….you’re still going to get fcuked in the end

      • ILL Will

        My lil bro who ain’t even close to celebrity status pays close to a stack a month for one child….

      • Immortal

        And that is not fair by any means. Like I said before, where does this money go? Is he a special needs child or was the mama just trying to get even and take some money in the process?

    • ILL Will

      Bruh I swear you sound just like me, you can never get them b****es on the phone and when you do they are really of no service to you! I had an instance where my payments got switched from Missouri to Florida, when they switched over they didn’t get the amounts right and started sending me threatening letters about canceling licenses and ish, had to goto the courthouse to settle it but it was like I was doing them a disservice by questioning the numbers, I had my paperwork and receipts on deck, but they was gon try and do me so dirty. Then I know cats who never paid a dime and never get letters at all, another reason CS is screwed up is if you don’t pay you goto jail, how the f you gon pay if you in a jail cell? A broad can get mad at you one day in an instant and file on you whether you were taking care of your kid for years which was my case. BM got real emotional when I told her some ish she ain’t wanna hear, I remember the argument like it was yesterday, it happened on a Saturday and first thing Monday morning that hoe was down there putting them people in our biz and I was actually paying her more than their judgment so she played herself.

    • Immortal

      I dunno man. I would vote welfare is because once many are on it, they see no need to go out and get a job (in areas where there is no requirement to work after a certain time), and to make it worse, you can have more kids that can’t be cared for properly and get paid more? I think it’s a system almost designed to give a falsehood of everything, with a reality of nothing. I’m not going to say all that are on welfare are bad people, but there are enough out there where it’s almost a “family tradition” to be collecting stamps.

      • Truth Powell

        The welfare and child support system are intertwined when it comes to low income parents.

  2. Sean Taylor

    Don’t…Don’t……………Don’t believe the hype.

    “I discovered for some reason his employer was withholding a large
    amount some weeks a small amount some weeks a zero amount some weeks,”
    says Hall’s attorney Tyesha Elam.

    So Hall quickly paid almost 3 grand in back child support.

    When Hall and his ex were in Judge Lisa Millard’s court last November he
    owed nothing. “Opposing counsel testified twice that he’s all paid up,”
    says Elam.

    But the attorney representing the child’s mother wanted Hall to pay her three grand in attorney fees and Judge Millard agreed.

    Court documents also reveal Hall wasn’t following the court’s scheduled times to pick his son up for visitation.”

    No word of overpayment; it looks like Clifford was underpaying for some
    time (blaming the employer), and that’s why the mother sued. When
    Clifford learned about lawsuit, he quickly paid up, but the mother
    wanted attorney fees, which is reasonable. So the prison term seems to
    be for _under_payment before the lawsuit plus for visiting not on

    • Truth Powell

      It’s not reasonable. Because if the father wanted to take the mother to court for a modification of his payments or visitation he couldn’t in turn have her pay his lawyer fees. She chooses to go to court, she should pay.

    • Breeze

      Either way he paid it! Not only that, he doesnt control what the employer takes. The court does. Trust me I know. Either way thats a triflin bitch lookin for every come up she can get. TRUST ME… I KNOW! Having a man arrested for doing the right thing and being in his childs life!?!?!?!? Thats just stupid and unheard of. Now he wont be able to do that for 6 months. His child support will be backed up again. And he might not come home to a job….. THAT IS ALL TYPES OF FUCKED UP

    • Papi Peligro

      Florida is about the best place to have a child if you are a man and want to actually take care of the child. You can pay NO child support. Put a woman on a 50/50 visitation meaning you don’t have to pay as much or nothing.

      • Truth Powell

        that is true^^^^^^
        it’s still a damn near unconstitutional system tho.

  3. Bruce Leeroy

    While you all are arguing about child support the rich elite are laughing their asses off at the fact they are killing us with poisoned food, taking most of what little money we have and basically brainwashing us to hate each other through religion, race and any other means to divide and conquer. Wake up people there is no democrat or republican. They are all in it together. Obama and every other president before him except the late great JFK is a puppet. Obama preached change. He ain’t changed shit. The rich are still getting richer and us poorer.

  4. Truth Powell

    When is someone going to step up and change these laws? They are as outdated as the “Separate but equal” doctrine.

  5. ILL Will

    Funny I just got a letter in the mail, I pay my CS on time and they got the nerve to charge a yearly 25 dollar fee just because your on child support….I was like wtf I ain’t paying that ish…my balance on that fee is 75 bucks lol, imma continue to pay my CS but they ain’t getting that extra 25…. They can get it how they live if they want that, damn service fee…they got some nerve boy…

  6. sakiru oresanwo

    Damn, America is crazy with this CS sh1t. Enough dudes here in the UK dont pay squat, just skeet and leave the woman. Plus side is the govt looks after the mother and kid(s), downside we all get fcuked in other ways eg council tax,road tax,utilities etc

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