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Kim Kardashian To File Charges Against Man Allegedly Attacked By Kanye West

(AllHipHop News) It seems the latest potential criminal case against Kanye West has amplified. The Chicago rapper was accused of attacking an 18-year-old man at a Beverly Hills medical office on Monday after the individual allegedly called his fiancée Kim Kardashian a “n****r lover.” West is now reportedly under police investigation for misdemeanor assault.

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According to TMZ, Kardashian is now preparing to press charges against the 18-year-old man as well. The reality television star claims the individual threatened her life by yelling “I will kill you slut.” The site say she has met with attorneys and will file a police report for criminal threats.

The incident apparently began when the man attempted to hold the door for Kardashian at a chiropractor’s office as paparazzi swarmed the scene. The man then began yelling racial and homophobic slurs at the photographers, but after Kardashian told him to stop using those offensive terms he began screaming at her. Kanye arrived later and then allegedly hit the man inside the building.

Kanye is still facing previous criminal battery and attempted grand theft charges for an encounter with a photog last summer at LAX airport. The G.O.O.D. Music boss is claiming self-defense in that case.

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  • johnblacksad

    sighs… I feel you Ye, no hom of course

    comes with territory tho

  • Da Real MoSotho

    this chicken-head will be yeezy’s downfall! she just attracts drama. The reality is the drama surrounding her is the only way for her to stay relevant(media attention)…..

    • Brick Soulja

      Kanye had controversy way before he had a baby with Kim. Stop with all of the hate!

      • Da Real MoSotho

        he had drama, yes, but was not constantly in the tabloids. tabloids kill rap careers. I don’t hate her, but the truth is she is just a jump off and no one takes you seriously if you marry a jump off and your constantly in peoples faces with your jump off. Amber Rose is very laid back lately and its not affecting Wiz’s career, whereas its the complete opposite for Kanye………

  • Black Jay

    I send this message to any person that thinks they have the right to come out of their mouth and say some racist stuff to anybody behind that fake ass flag of “Free Speech”….. It’s not the 1950’s. Now you will literally get your sh*t busted.

    Say what you want about Kim, but this wasn’t her fault. Dude was being a jerk.

    Many people may say that Kanye fell for this ruse and that he should’ve been smarter. But if it were any of you and someone did the same thing, that dude would’ve probably gotten a much bloodier response. Hell, some of y’all have gone at dudes at a club or the movies for eyeballing your woman, let alone saying something racist to her.

    Props on this one Kanye. Before you’re a superstar and before you’re a celebrity, you’re a Black Man. And no Black Man would tolerate that. At least I wouldn’t.

    • iamwhoiam

      Black man 1st, at least be a smart black man. Kanye’s prolly finna shell out six-figures to this 18 year old ignorant, punk by the time this is over with.
      He could’ve been the “bigger man” and walked away. Now he’s gonna PAY this dude for calling his fiancé a ni**er lover and him a ni**er?
      Kanye would have woke up this morning still a successful black man with a beautiful , healthy baby, and next to the woman of his dreams the other guy would still be a nodody who talked sh!t to Kim K. Now he’s gonna have a lawsuit and if he put hands on that dude first, best believe that 18 yr old is walking away with a settlement. He wins. But at least Yeezy punched him huh?

      • Black Jay

        Here’s why your theory isn’t correct. Kim has already stated that she will sue dude for making death threats. And here’s the kicker, IT’S ON TAPE. The “death threats” charge cancels out the “assault charge”. Dude literally f*cked himself with yelling that ignorant sh*t. Sorry dude but KKK won’t see a paycheck on this one.

        And what is this “bigger man” stuff you’re talking about? Okay…. Let a dude holla at your girl like that and see how you would respond. I hate when people get on this site and act like they’re above and beyond human reaction. Kanye did what almost ANY DUDE WOULD DO. Hell, I’ve seen dudes go at people over a 2 piece meal, let alone the mother of your child. Come on dude…. You gotta give it to Yeezy for this one. This is completely justified. There is no BEING THE BIGGER MAN.

      • iamwhoiam

        Im not above and beyond human reaction. I been in his position, dude told my girl “ah shut up bitch” and I split his eyebrow. With action comes reaction. Everything aint gotta be a battle. Nothings wrong with being the bigger man and walkin off. I happened to be drunk at that time, if I was sober I woulda stood up for her (don’t get me wrong) but I don’t think I woulda put hands on him. Men like that are punks anyway talking to ladies with disrespect. That 18 yr old wasn’t worth the time. Sometimes you gotta think it out….nothin wrong with that, in my opinion.

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  • Terrance

    Wifey is European Caucasian and it gets TENSE out here in South Florida sometimes.

    We had an experience a few months back whereas folks didn’t wanna serve us at a local business. They looked for EVERY excuse to not give us service. I pointed out some writing the owner didn’t seem to understand and he used that to kick us out of the shoppe as if I was being rude in which I wasn’t.

    Then there was a time when some older man speaking to her in her language said some slick sh*t like…

    “Why do you want to be with a Black Man”? “Is there not any good White men out there for you”?

    I answered him in their language and said “I understand what you said. Did you know a Black Man created your language? I look like him right”?

    She then answered him and said… “That is why I’m with him. Why be with you when I can be with GOD”?

    I looked at him and said in their language “Now you know” then laughed in his face as we both walked off and left him standing RIGHT THERE.

    Ha Ha…

    Hip-Hop wins! AGAIN…

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  • Polecat

    Nice tits boo…I bet Kanye be drunk sucking the chit out those thaannngggss…you can get to know me better @ reverb nation/ Novacane 1

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  • iamwhoiam

    KANYE, ITS A TRAP! DON’T DO IT….too late

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  • AK

    has any info been said on the kids race? i like how everyone instantly assumes he was white

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