Now You Know Rick Ross

Rick Ross Reveals Release Date For Mastermind

(AllHipHop News) Rick Ross has a new released date for his upcoming, oft-delayed album Mastermind.

The album makes its splash on March 4.

The release was promoted in a new Hype Williams-produced viral video, that offers cryptic messages within it.

The full video is below.

  • johnblacksad

    aiyyo… peep this…

    The Devil Is A Lie, God Is The Truth

    God Is The Truth, The Devil Is A Lie

    Blessed are those who understand!

    • Jonathan Bacher

      Blessed ?

    • brotha_man

      is it truth or its fiction?

  • Dadon850

    How many release dates has Fat Willie had for this album?? The market for the rapping police must be drying up. Since Rick Ross is about Fat Willie’s 5th identity, maybe he’ll disappear and reappear as Scarface. Then name his album Mr. Scarface Is Back.

    • Flea

      I done joined the WWE

  • Sean Power

    right know defjam is have a meeting to push it back lol

  • i see this one getting the lebron push back for a while until he finds a hit…i can’t see him just dropping it with 14 brand new HD music videos of him jiggling that belly on the beyonce tip

  • mastermind? how about “impressionist”, that sounds better

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  • musicbusiness advisors

    FAKEST ‘rapper’ ever…..I don’t know ANYONE desperately waitin’ for this imposter! William ‘Officer Ricky – Fake Rick Ross’ Roberts needs to go stuff his face & grow those man BOOBS he flaunts! Might make it into ‘PLAYBOY’….. or ‘FAKEBOY’!
    Anyone that supports this fraud is a f*ckin’ loser & wamma bee!

  • King Cold

    and still no fucks were given

  • ihatefaggots

    One the great actors of our time officer William robberts.

  • I think rick ross makes some pretty entertaining music at times so I try to look at it as such…it’s just entertainment and he’s an entertainer. I see most comments about him on AHH cats be going in on em, I’m honestly beginning to see why. due to most of the comments, at 1st I ain’t gaf, but the more I think about his deceitfulness and his made up persona, I believe bruh goes above and beyond just being fraudulent, lied about locking niggaz up, then also took a nigga who’s still alive whole persona. He took the persona of a real life kingpin and got rich off the ish and ain’t even give bruh a plate…something very wrong bout that William…lol even said he know Noriega…like he freeway rick for real or sumn…ain’t that bout a bish.

  • i’mreloaded!

    I’ll give it a listen. Ross make some dope albums.

  • WeakSauce

    Yeah, Who cares!

  • Kevin Anthony

    Try this. Kevin Anthony-21 on soundcloud for something different (Hip Hop heads)