WTF News: Teacher Locks Student in Closet and Leaves For the Day

Kids can be a bit much at times but some people take discipline way too far. A Memphis teacher locked a 5-year-old girl in a closet and then left the school for the day, reports Associated Press. 

The teacher, whose name wasn’t released, has been suspended and the child was not hurt. The teacher wasn’t at the school when police arrived. No charges have been filed but the police are investigating.

This sounds all kinds of shady, even down to how authorities are handling this.

  • ItsMrStealYourComment

    So we don’t do hip hop anymore??

    • Jared

      Not if its written by Friday Foster.

    • brotha_man

      maybe she was rapping in class!

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  • ZUBU

    Other then the fact she locked a student in the closet and left. Suspended??? No Charges Filed??? This teacher should not only be fired but locked up somewhere, and never allowed in a position of trust-authority ever again!

    • PBM1986

      Teachers Union is hell… They gotta jump through fire to get a bitched fired…. It’s a big part of the reason our education sucks…

  • it was an hour not a full day….this info isnt correct…however the lady should be charged with child abuse because she should wrote her up and let the principal or parent deal with the child in a professional manner

  • Kevin Anthony

    I know kids can be bad but, that’s what u signed up for. No excuses for this. Kevin Anthony-21 on soundcloud