Cali Cashflo “Around Us”

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  • I like this record it has good energy

  • do you my guy FYRE!!

  • Maddie Linares

    I SOOOO Really like this Cali, i feel where you’re coming from #realtalk

  • James fitzpatrick

    this is the type of Hip Hop that I enjoy

  • Jason

    Really feeling this track. Wonder where i can listen to more of his music

  • Becky Rimini

    What a fantastic hip hop creation, Super like this song.

  • Adriana Rimini

    The best hip hop song I have ever listened. Can`t stop it LOL 😀

  • Sir.Alex

    This is just my type of hip hop. Great creation and sound mix. Love it!

  • Rimini Lara

    I don`t usually listen hip hop but after listening this song I`m just a fan now. Love you

    Cali Cashflo. 😉

  • Jalatan Milka

    I have a huge collection of hip hop songs. This song is in my hot-list about now. Perfect!

  • Daisy Richer

    I just got a twitter update about this song. One of my friend shared it. So, I came here to listen and wow I really like this song. I would share it in my profile.

  • Ketty Jonson

    This is call a real hip hop. Awesome work guys. I`m waiting for your next track. Keep it up Cali Cashflo.

  • Sh Nomaan

    Enjoyed this track. It`s good. But I know you can do a lot better. Good luck Cali Cashflo. We love your music.

  • Britania Larry

    Full pack of sound mix. I enjoyed it from the beginning to it`s end. Cali Rocks

  • Jerry Hudge

    I think you are going to be popular. I would love to see you as an international hip hop singer. Carry on. We are always with you 🙂

  • Celz

    I see my nicca brought the whole hood out to comment.. Hot track though.. Sounds similar to some Cormega or AZ shit.. I’m feelin it, better than whats on the radio.. Good luck my nicca, I’ll be checkin

  • your bOy boy

    I Created this Record in 2004… it was around 2 AM when I decided to document the events of the last 24 hours, in such a fashion that the listeners would feel my optimism – hence ” love is destined around us ” while i describe my frustrations which extended from being a young broke nigga with aspirations

  • worldseriesmg

    Keep GRiNDiNG MY NIGGA !!!