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Joe Budden Speaks On Tahiry Rejecting Marriage Proposal (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) After years of breakups, fights and reality TV shows, Joe Budden finally proposed to longtime on-and-off girlfriend Tahiry and was rejected on last night’s (January 20th) Love & Hip Hop episode. Budden wasted no time addressing the failed proposal and basically dismissed any notion that another proposal will happen again.

On Hot 97’s The Morning Show, Joe told Ebro Darden and Peter Rosenberg that in regards to proposing to Tahiry he’s “never doing that again.” One of Tahiry’s gripes was her inability to trust Joe and his always changing personality. Interestingly enough, Joe explained that Tahiry’s gripes are another example of why you should never believe everything you see on TV:

[What she said] wasn’t wrong on the show. In real life, it was all wrong.

Check out Joe Budden discuss Tahiry rejecting his marriage proposal below:

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  • big daddy goosh goosh da Voice

    you dont propose to hoes….

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      I dis-agree – health test doe – I see a lotta milfs on porn that I’d wife

      • big daddy goosh goosh da Voice

        i understand that, but hoes dont really want to be married. thats why they are still hoes. female or male.

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  • i’mreloaded!

    Hey, at least he knows where she stands so now he can move on. But that juice box always gonna be his so really it’s a win win for Joe.

    • Casor_G

      Every time I turn around. This guy is losing!!!

      • i’mreloaded!


  • Black Jay

    “And on this episode of All My Children…..”

    • LD51

      Remember the time duke got his face smashed by some Wu Tang cats for talking that garbage and then got online black and blue crying with an ice bag on his face? Most entertaining visuals of his carreer.

  • MrNoName2K

    He need to kick her ass to the curb real talk..and fast..

  • Kevin Anthony

    I don’t watch this show or any other Reality show but I can relate, Kevin Anthony-21 on soundcloud

  • wickedjones

    wgaf. Seriously

  • Brooklyn Stoop



    that juice box is meant to have herpes too. this ugly b**** can kiss getting another real relationship goodbye, she blew her chance of that.

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  • LD51

    You know what the worst part of all this is? This cat can rap his a$$ off!!! You know the last time that mattered to me or anyone else? Twitter; the Agent Orange of our Vietnamese fields.

  • LD51

    Sidenote: Due to growth hormones and whatever else finding banging thick sisters is getting easier by the happy meal. Fellas, STOP LOSING YOUR GOD D$$$$ MIND! Sisters, STOP SETTLING FOR N$$$$$ THAT ARE WILLING TO SETTLE FOR YOU!

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  • King Cold

    simpin’ ass fool. guess hes never heard they saying don’t trust a big butt and a smile. amen

  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    joe budden is a ugly mf er — LOL
    prollly look like EDOG – lol