Dj Kay Slay ,50 Cent , Fat Joe

Dj Kay Slay Ft. 50 Cent X Fat Joe "Free Again"

DJ Kay Slay got Fif and Fat Joe two former rivals on a track called “Free Again” check it out.

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  • good stuff

  • “i had them wearing vests,now these niggas wear dresses” lol


    good for hiphop

  • Blaq_Boi

    Dope! Dope! Dope!! Dope!!!

  • cacagekicker

    LEVEL 6 AR WTF IS THAT c’mon 50 why making shit up?

    • PorchBoySlim

      He’s talking about the car..the car is level 6 bullet proof.

    • Antwon Grant

      really dude..c’mon urself son smh

  • This aint that bad. He only beefed with fat joe because he did the song with rule. he said the same about jadakiss.

    • chocboywonder

      yea, cuz that’s that hood mentality…you with me or you against me. If you see some nigg hanging with a nigg you don’t like…that nigg gonna get it too.

  • JaffarR

    Classic NY shit right here. Fire

  • Hendrix2020

    Its cool…I guess. Might be a little too late though

    • Antwon Grant

      too late for what exactly?

      • Hendrix2020

        Too late for it to matter in the media. For true rap fans its a great thing but neither 50 or Joe are relevant in todays music scene. This would have been a huge deal around 08-09. They fueded for nearly 10 years over nothing. 50 destroyed NY hip hop in pursuit to the top.

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  • i’mreloaded!

    Shoulda been did this.

  • robgee

    I’m from the O’ld School area,and HEEAAATTTT is Heat.This is a DOPE Track that will have East Coast heads saying this is what we can get when we refuse to accept anyrthing other then Hardcore Heat..Can you think what this track could have been with Banks or Kiss at the end of this.Or even Buck.