Timbaland Ft. Jay-Z "Bounce" (Demo)

Timbaland and Jay Z preview a new track called “Bounce” live in Antwerp, Belgium at a birthday party for Robinson Cano. Take a listen to the leaked audio and see if this one is going to be a hit or not. Keep in mind this is rough and not finished.

  • acapwn

    This shit rides. I’d like to hear a proper mix though.

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  • Black Jay

    Dedicated to all of the Illuminati-conspiracy-theory-flying saucer ass-x files- Lochness monster-I saw a ghost in my soup- b*tch n*ggas! Shut up and get money!

    • 84stickupkid

      …and promote Illuminati and Aleister Crowley (the answer you couldn’t answer) to the youth for his own gain. FAIL.

  • this shit was probably leaked on purpose

  • ohio boyzs

    this shit trash

  • Timothy

    If you watch Fade to Black, this one of the songs I think he turned down for the black album.

    • anemia716

      No it’s not. Jay asked him for the “bounce” meaning he was looking a more energetic bounce in the beat. But this beat here wasn’t in that clip. when he asked him for the “bounce” the next beat Tim played was actually used for Ludacris’ “Potion”.

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  • Clifton Powell

    youtube Yung C-zar Mitchell & Ness featuring Jay-z