Lil Kim Get Sued By Canadian Artist

(AllHipHop News) A Canadian artist had sued Lil Kim for stealing her art from the internet.

Canadian artist Samantha Ravndahl claims that Lil Kim used her artistic representation of a zombie for a new album without her consent. The album never came out, but the Ravndahl still wants Kim to cut a check.

Ravndahl wants a minimum of $150k, according to TMZ.

The artist claims she tried to get Kim to comply with take down orders, but the art remained on social networks.

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Lil Kim has not responded to the suit at press time.

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  • Black Jay

    Ummm…. The artist will lose this one. Lil Kim didn’t put the album out.

    On another note,

    The artist should petition Lil Kim to finish that facelift she got. She could probably do a better job than that surgeon did.

    • Charter

      Unless the art was originally on a non-private Instagram acct (bc IG is public domain), no, she won’t lose. You can’t just take someone’s work and repost it elsewhere without permission, which Kim did (Kim even had the audacity to try to claim copyright on it). There will be a settlement in the case.

      • Black Jay

        I don’t think so. First, the artist uploaded her own photo on reddit. Next, if she were angry about others using her image, she simply had to complain to the social networks to get the image taken down. While this article doesn’t say which social networks are involved, social networks have privacy policies for these specific reasons and it only takes a phone call or email to get it taken down. This chick is trying to get paid, bottom line. Ain’t no pay day on this one.

      • Charter

        An artist is free to do whatever they want with their work because it’s theirs. They own the copyright as soon as it’s created. Kim did not own the copyright. She took a piece of art that she didn’t own the copyright for, designated it as her album cover, AND reposted it to the public bearing a copyright mark claiming it as hers.

        Coulda/woulda doesn’t matter in court. It doesn’t matter that she COULDA made a phone call to a website to get it taken down.

        The judge cares about the facts and the FACTS are: Kim took someone else’s COPYRIGHTED work and claimed it as her own, even going so far as to add her own copyright mark (also illegal). That’s two blatant legal infractions. It’s a straightforward case. Out of court settlement will be made.

        Source: Am lawyer.

      • Black Jay

        No offense but there are too many variables to make a snap judgment on either side. First, you’re assuming that Lil Kim did it. Second, have you seen Reddit’s terms and conditions? They are relevant. It could go either way. Attorney or not.

      • John Ngo

        The fact of the matter is that regardless of whether or not lil’kim did it by her own hand, the artwork was stolen. Not reposted. Why? Because she and her team took artwork and used it as an album cover with no credit given to Samantha as well as placing her Copyright notice on the artwork. As soon as she did that, she claimed her as her own original work. I also highly doubt her team wouldn’t consult her before using the artwork. All in all, Samantha has every chance to win this case.

        No variables to it. The internet isn’t a free for all. Using someone’s work for profit without permission is copyright infringement, no matter where it’s taken from.

      • Black Jay

        @John Ngo…..
        Appreciate the input but I stand by my original assertion. I doubt this chick will get paid.

      • John Ngo

        I wouldn’t see why not. You’re welcome anyways.

      • Linkz

        ummm if its on IG it doesn’t belong to her either it belong to IG that was the new policy with facebook buying she loses lol fine print ladies and gents oh and they have the right to sell your photos too just in case you didnt know that either

  • MrNoName2K

    Doubt she’ll win this one but damn, gotta admit she went hard with the face paint though


    damn… is a hot mess. fucced up thing is bacc in the biggie days, she was pretty bad

  • superh8

    That’s make up on kim? I tht that’s how she really looks.

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    10% flesh, 80% plastic, 10% stank punani juice

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  • Jay

    kim doesn’t even pay her ghostwriters how is she going to pay her