WTF News: Neighbors Break into Detroit Woman's Home, Eat All Her Food and Blame Her For Leaving

This is not the kind of PR Detroit needs right now! Imagine if you left your home for a little while and came back to discover that some of her neighbors had been living in her house. They drank up all her liquor and ate all her food. But get this, the surrounding neighbors say it’s her fault for leaving!

“This is Detroit, Michigan, this is the hungry capital of the world and we will squat in your house if you’re not home,” said one man. He added, “Stay on your property before your coffee come up missing.”

Wow. Check this out:

That woman is smart to be finding a new home.

  • Executive

    They’d be some dead muthafuckas.

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  • Daynjarus1

    Ha!-Larious… This is the funniest shit I heard in a long time.

  • thegroove112

    That reporter tho! Lol hella funny

  • thegroove112

    Some nigga shit smh

  • Super_Hero

    Her brother was there and you got some big dude talking about being hungry. lol

  • Realist4200

    This is the mentality I had when I was 10 years old – and even then I’d know it was wrong, but I was still ignorant enough to attempt to defend it. These are adults saying this sh1t with a straight face like they don’t know why the homeowner was mad. Funny, but damn.

  • Freebe Jackson

    this shit super old

  • Charter

    “the hungry capital of the WORLD”?? Really man… Really…? More hungry than Sudan or Somalia? Stop it fam.

  • killaa_mc

    wow.. ppl in detroit are this stupid!?? haha only in america!

    • Troll_E_G

      Please don’t tell me u think this is real

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    This is Detroit, Michigan, this is the hungry capital of the world and we will squat in your house if you’re not home,”

    When 2 chainz was robbed the guy that spoke on the robbery describe the living conditions of that area or the mentality of the people there as 3rd world…………

    i saw somewhere that the unemployment rate of black teens in chicago is something like 92%
    saw a clip where the brother Claude Anderson said the black unemployment rate in new orleans (i dont know how old the clip is but i doubt much have changed) was something like 80%

    the other day i was watching superfly (and for those that saw the flick im going to describe the guy im talking about or the scene) and the dark skin brother (who turned on superfly at the end) was gambling and he said to superfly something like how the white man done shut down so many different avenues for us to make bread and the only avenue left is criminality.

    and i “get it”, its easy to laugh at the hungry when your stomach is full, but seriously all this is what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad spoke on when he said we have to do for self. the white man cant supply jobs for his own people let alone ours too

    MLK day just passed and silly knee grows wanna wave the non violence flag in the middle of a war. if you in your 20s then you have an excuse cause you grew up in the middle of this war so in a sense you only know this chaos………..but damn man, if your older (im 33) or understand what im saying then there is no way in hell you cant see that something is seriously wrong with whats going on. im not saying back in the day it was perfect or we had our ish together like that, but damn it wasnt nothing like this!

    i hope this isnt to long, i dont wanna rant
    but i will end this post like this
    Slavery did not happen by force (you whites was slaves too but thats a whole nother discussion) it happen through law(s) and if we keep laughing and taking our (black people) condition as a joke or think thinking as an individual among people that think collectively (ex.. what do La Raza mean?) wont effect your linage (if you have, plan on having or give a eff about your future generation)…………….basically, we gotta get our ish together

    • Cereal Killa

      I’m sick of hearing these type of rants.WE? No nigga,THEM.Take accountability for your own actions;ain’t no more blk/white it’s wealthy and the rest of us,nothing out here?theirs plenty of legitimate ways to come up out here,do something,even if you fail in life be a positive influence and invest in your children so they don’t end up passing on the same mentality.

      • Troll_E_G

        Man stfu…you clearly an agent sent to distract…the brother above dropping gems and u reply with that non sense…No troll against me or my people shall prosper

      • Cereal Killa

        lol…yep call me agent full belly

      • Troll_E_G

        The truth is in your face and that’s all u can come up with

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        okay i have a question.
        what year did it stop being about black and white and turn into wealthy and the “rest of us”? what year did this shift happen, cause last i check it was wealthy black people experiencing the same discrimination that the so call “rest of us” face. and not to change the topic, this have nothing to do with discrimination. so again what year did that shift happen from blk/white to wealthy and the rest

      • Cereal Killa

        In America it’s always been about the money.During slavery,if you had enough money you could buy your own freedom.There are no wealthy blacks,just rich ones and if you are a rich black there is wealthy white behind them,who made 10 to their 1.discrimination? Man please they can discriminate all they want,but if theirs someone behind them making money they’re going to make sure they keep making money.

    • Do speak brother cause it makes alot of sense

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        these brain dead knee grows act like cause there isnt a physical war going on means we aint at war. everything that the civil rights era blacks fought for is being reversed. we still control less than 1/10 of 1% of the wealth in this country according to Claude Anderson. we have no economy…………on fox news bill oreilly said 70% of the arrest in america are white people (he said that to show that cops dont “target” blacks) but we know that the CONVICTION rate is higher among blacks which is why we fill up the prisons, we also lead in the most over turned cases from the innocent program freeing wrongfully incarcerated black men. the black women is being coached into dating outside her race and the black man is being killed by non blacks, blacks and cops. america producing NOTHING so why is the dollar still strong? what is backing this promissory note? could it be the ONE industry that is still booming in america, slavery………..oops my bad the prison industrial system? so we are being starved out and put back in slavery and its like no one is concern…………we went from the village to raise a child to i got mines you better get yours so instead of “they” fighting the group, they can pick us off in categories one by one.

      • Cereal Killa

        Why is it we own less than 1% of the wealth in this country?could it be because when most of get some we give it right back to where it came from because a lot of us lack EDUCATION not textbook education,real education.I could find one of those guys from that house,give him a car,a house and $50,000 and in few years he’ll lose the house to taxes,fuck up the car and spend the money on bullshit.I don’t agree with this corrupt prison system,but a lot of the blacks there are guilty of what they’ve been accused and most times it’s crimes against their own kind.Theirs a divide in this country and it’s Us against Us.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        “Why is it we own less than 1% of the wealth in this country?” because we dont have an economy.

        look at the circumstances we in…………during the time of slavery black people worked for whites

        after the time of slavery we had our own economy that this system destroyed

        now in our most “progressive” state when there is “no slavery” and we should “get over it” what are black people doing? BEGGING to work for whites

        the divide in this country is black vs black?
        man you gotta explain that one

      • Cereal Killa

        The divide in this country between blacks is educated and uneducated.We actually had our own network in the 20’s,30’s,40’s and 50’s until whites said it was ok to spend your money with them,so we abandoned our network and the uneducated black business owners lost their businesses cause they couldn’t keep up with, licensing,taxes,health codes or any other excuse set in place to get them away from what they owned.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        you said the divide in this country is between so called educated blacks vs non educated blacks. the COUNTRY is divided by us………..strange but okay. i feel like the divide is between rich white and poor white……….seeing that they are the ones that went to war and made a deal that they will never kill one and other like that…………..but thats another story.

        i agree we DID have our own network prior to the 1900s (whites was slaves in this country too which is why they attacked our network soon as the 1900s came) they destroyed our economy which in return killed our network which made us BACK slaves begging for work. MLK movement was the civil rights movement for jobs, equal pay and better housing during this time our network/economy was slowly being destroyed. we can both agree on this

        MLK and those that thought like him i guess felt like if we assimilated in the society then maybe the hatred that we was dealing with would stop, who knows. but fast forwards (and now im loosely quoting Claude Anderson) black people start feeling like black business was LESS then white business, and a white lawyer (for example) is better then a black lawyer (we still do this to this day). the majority of this was done by the EDUCATED blacks not the non educated ones. the educated ones (and i got this example from the movie trick baby) felt like they can relate more on a intellectual level with so called liberal whites then regular black people. remember it was Dubois that spoke AGAINST Garvey when Garvey was for us having our own economy and self reliant while Dubois was more concern with the socializing part of the races (in my opinion).

        but we pretty much saying the same so at the end imma say this, so because we dont have a economy because of the red tape that came up to get us out that business world and made us into consumers generations later the THOUGHT of ownership isnt there, so if YOU agentscully give one of them brother 50,000 dollars he WILL blow the bread and it will go back to the (lets say) white man because 1) we far removed from entrepreneurship and we is locked in with being a consumer. 2)we have no economy to entertain and 3) we so assimilated that we dont think as a unit anymore (like all races do) and only as individuals (like all races want us to think)

      • Cereal Killa

        I don’t mean uneducated I mean unenlightened you and I are pretty much informed,those niggas in that house and the people interviewed are misinformed they don’t have a clue as to what is going on in this country and don’t care,we can’t do anything for them,THEY have to do for themselves.I haven’t really disagreed with anything you’re saying,but at some point WE have to drop the excuses and make this thing right for the betterment of the generation behind US,WE have to raise OUR children to disregard the programming that some of US have.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      dam that ish was long but worth reading. Peace

  • dbfromdc


  • MrNoName2K

    Damn thats some crazy ass sh*t.. on the side note though.. RAIIIIIIDERRRRRRRS!!!


    “it’s so cold in the D” LOL

  • chippc

    This is too sad to be true. Please tell me this is an Onion news story. Even the lady reporting using slang and cuttin the fool.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      man i thinks that just the D

  • King Kredible

    The neighbors are right, real talk. Who leaves their house in the hood for weeks at a time without even having a friend or relative check it every few days? This lady need some real dudes in her life.

    • Cereal Killa


    • stealth

      Man gone and turn yourself in and fess up.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      seriuos? not everybody has someone to check on their crib and you shouldnt need to. My shit, stay off my ucking property. how the hell can you say the neighbors are right…. on the real you come at my crib like that and i catch wind of it, then this keltec sub 200 will show you the error in your ways!!!! FOH

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  • derrrrp

    This is from 2 years ago

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    fucc that you break in my h ouse and eat my food you getting KILLED when i get bacc.

  • eddieknucks

    That’s how it is here. Ninjas broke in my shit and one of the neighbors said it was my fault being anti social. Wtf? I had to fuq around and get real social with they ass.