Suge Knight

Suge Knight Makes It To Court Before Judge Drops Hammer

(AllHipHop News) Suge Knight managed to avert a harsh punishment by showing up to court on Thursday.

The disposed rap mogul showed up to court just as a judge was going to levy a stiff punishment stemming from a court no-show.

Suge had already missed a court date earlier in the week.

This time, however, he was given a light slap on the wrist for driving with a suspended license.

The former Death Row honcho was given a year’s probation and a minor fine, according to TMZ.

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  • HipHopStalker

    I still wish some network picked up his unfinished business reality show.
    after all the bullshit reality shows on tv today no network wants to green light a Suge show ? The ratings would be craaaaaaazy.
    I still watch the trailer on youtube lol

    • Tre C

      nobody is trying to put money in his pocket

      • Slick Blak

        People must realize this nicca blacklisted, they know he responsible and was behind the deaths of Pac and Bigs they can’t prove it so they making sure like you say they aint trying to put money in his pocket.

      • Jayson C Williams

        On some real up & up slick black I thought the same. I’m almost sure him nor puff had anything to do with the actually setup or killing. But they know. Guess which one played nice and kept his millions? And which one did 20/20 interviews telling everyone he’d never tell who killed pac but has been speaking a lot off camera?

      • Jayson C Williams

        Facts.. He won’t tell everyone that Jew gang killed pac and all his cop friends turned they back on him due to pressure.. That’s y he’s running around broke. Jews bought death row and they’re stopping him from getting money. Not an anti Semite but this is the so called “illuminati”.. Nothing special just Jews with lots of money and power.. They don’t believe in heaven or hell. That’s what I’ve been told idc for conspiracy theories unproven

      • Black Jay

        Ah hell…. Another Illuminati dude….. Damn man. Why can’t it just be that Suge was just too damned stupid and ruined his cash flow? Y’all kill me with that sh*t. Why is it that us brothers can’t accept responsibility for what we do? Why does it always have to be on some conspiracy sh*t? Suge was an ignorant f*ck that ruined his life and holds a huge amount of responsibility in Tupac’s death. This dude hasn’t done an ounce of good with anybody. He can’t even make his own court appearances. And now Illuminati is out to keep his ignorant ass down? Come on dude. Give me a break….

      • Jayson C Williams

        U have no idea how wrong u are about ur passed judgement on me. But I won’t further you’re “supreme” rant. Just tell me this.. Who killed big and PAC.. And tell me this also where in my statement did I say I agree? Or did I say I heard? Which means you didn’t even read my full quote before you jumped out the window.. Relax I understand your view TOTALLY! And I agree. I doubt every conspiracy until proven right.. And we’re closer to finding out who bombed the world trade and who shot MLK than we are to solving these murders. No comparison in statue or character to the great Mlk just referencing past conspiracies.. Thank you

      • Black Jay

        No. You’re not getting off that easy. You said I made a personal attack against you. Where’s the quote? It’s because I didn’t make a personal attack against you and you know it. All of my words were about Suge. Come on dude…. Be real with that.

      • Jayson C Williams

        YOURE CALLING ME A QUACK! A conspiracy theorists basically ignorant. I know wtf I’m talking about just because YOU don’t believe in what I’m saying doesn’t give you the right to write what I say off. Unless proven intellectually and respectfully. And what do you mean getting off that easy? Who gave you any authority? Yo check your ego at the door bro. We equals speak to me as such

      • Jayson C Williams

        But y must everything be an argument? Ppl don’t wanna have dialogue they just want to speak their mind, legitimize their point and down play others? You gave me no facts on why my statement or opinion was furtherest from the truth than your reply.. You’re so smart? Than prove it. Don’t just spew insults and talk down just because you have a difference of opinion.. That’s ignorant

      • Black Jay

        What did I say to personally attack you? Quote me please….

      • Jayson C Williams

        Another illuminati dude? Did I say it was the illuminati nooo? Did u even read my whole response? No! Speak facts and than we can banter but don’t just come out your face and say black ppl don’t take responsibility cause my daughters here everyday! I pay all my bill except my student loans (another argument another day) I have ZERO felonies and ZERO arrest record! Also give back to the same inner city group/program that saved my life by working for free! So explain how I refuse responisbility?

      • Black Jay

        “Not an anti Semite but this is the so called “illuminati”..”

        If someone says that they view a position as Illuminati, then it’s safe to say you are an advocate of that theory. Am I correct? So “Illuminati Dude” is correct in that you are an advocate of that theory.

        I’m sorry. You lost on this one. You wrote the Illuminati comment. Not me. Own up to your words. I didn’t attack you. I mentioned what you already initiated. Sorry. You lose this one.

      • Jayson C Williams

        You can twist what you like. You haven’t proved why it’s not a fact YET!

      • Black Jay

        So once again…. You are an advocate of “The Illuminati Theory” that you put forth in your original statement. Once again, YOUR WORDS proved my point.

        And all of the stuff about your kids and what you do… Dude, the only way you could take offense to what I wrote is if your name was Suge Knight. I don’t believe your name is. I’m not that ignorant to attack someone for having an opinion. I just don’t subscribe to that opinion.

        Look…. Ain’t nothing wrong with being Suge’s fan. That’s cool. Do you. But just as you have a right to hold your opinion. I do too.

        So do me a favor…. Think about what you write the next time. Because some people get sensitive when they don’t have justification for it. This is a case where you don’t have justification.

      • Jayson C Williams

        I agree have your opinion but don’t call it baseless cause you can’t find any ground on which the comment stands on. Fact is you haven’t answered a bunch of shit I written. Just the illuminati thing. That must grind your gears when u hear illuminati. Lmao. And I’m not a Suge supporter, I just know what right is right. He had a label called death row full of ex cons and murders an loose skirts.. He ruled with an iron fists and that’s y most of them can still make some sort of change off the death row name wether it’s shows or books..

      • Black Jay

        I’m gonna keep it 100 all day. If it’s bullsh*t, I’m gonna call it bullsh*t. That Illuminati Theory stuff is bullsh*t. As far as the Jews keeping Suge down or the cops not admitting some kind of plot…. That falls into the same category. Bullsh*t.

        I’m not a dude against the Jews. I’m not saying you are against them, but that unsubstantiated comment should’ve been locked in your mental vault. It’s wrong to make a blanket statement that’s inclusive of all Jews like that. Put the word BLACK in place of JEW and imagine if a white dude said that about you. I’m just saying.

        I don’t subscribe to conspiracy theories. That’s a waste of energy and time. What I worry about is my house and f*cking up any problem that enters my front yard. That’s where my focus is. Do you playa.

      • Jayson C Williams

        But thanks for discussion.. Be safe be smart get money…

      • Black Jay

        Same to you brother.

      • Jayson C Williams

        Didn’t I say “so called”.. Meaning I’m not even sure I believe it. Bro you’re not even that good at twisting a comment.

      • Jayson C Williams

        Def said “so called”.. Come on bro you are reaching and obviously upset at all this illuminati crap lol. Understandable. But just because u can’t prove it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exsit

      • Jayson C Williams

        And I know some good Suge has done.. FACTS He let puff have 4-6 tracks from dre be sampled on ready to die for FREE! everyone who is a hiphop enthusiast should know this!

      • Celz

        Bro it’s just not Jews that don’t like Suge. You think if he was a connected OG barbers would be knockin him out in the streets? He’s blackballed in the hood too..

    • Dan_Tebasco

      I wonder if they recorded a full season of it, if they did they should at least upload it or something, not let it rot… Maybe try selling it on DVD instead broadcasting it on TV…

    • MrNoName2K

      yea id check it out too

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  • Black Jay

    This is one crazy dude. I hope he has loot stashed from his Deathrow days. Cause it’s looking more and more like he’ll be up in court until 2099.

    • Jayson C Williams

      He’s got leverage.. Prob better than money in some cases

  • jerseyqueen24

    oh yea suge knight has leverage and yes their are sum dirty ass cops out there in L.A that work for him.