WTF News: Teen Shoots Sister Because She Bleached His Clothes

This is some mess!

A 17-year-old teen mom was shot and killed by her 14-year-old brother because he was mad that she put too much bleach on his clothes. They got into an argument about it and he shot her. Wow.

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  • Romia Blue

    the fact that she even washed your funky a$$ sh!t man! come on dude!

    • MrNoName2K

      true story

  • Executive

    Must of been Ralph level clothing.

  • $18916246


    • steelbangin

      No story of the white girl that killed her lil sister because she was getting more attention. I guess if the players are black the story would get more attention

      • guddaboy

        thank u!…its not just da black race that have issues

      • Action Ant

        While it’s true every race and culture has their problems, doesn’t mean we don’t need to be conscious of our own. Those other races ain’t gonna help us.

      • OG_Lil_Pretty_Thug


      • $18916246

        Being ignorant is not an option for progressive people. I purposely live above the stereotypes that burden my people and my comments I hope serve as a reminder that being a n*gga is a debilitating choice of life that serves to ruin the lives of black people. So if you are non-black supporting a n*gga mindset try asking other people of your race what they feel about being a n*gga. Being black is not being a n*gga, n*gga is a choice.

    • RapItUp

      I agree 100%.. and even the girls brother, because.. honestly.. he couldn’t have TRULY understood the severity of what he did over some bleached clothes, and he’s 14.. he is gonna be jacked up man.. this is a really sad situation

    • guddaboy

      stfu wit dat bullshit. every race got fucked up issues.

      • $18916246


  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    Look at the pops. Listen to him speak. There is no wonder that his kids are all f@cked up.

  • Jayson C Williams

    Just sad

    • Jayson C Williams

      I dont know who to blame but our culture is partly to blame. Where are the de la souls, the roots, the tribe? Everybody is a hustler gangster etc. Gotta give our kids a chance to choose the other side. Whose gun was it?

      • guddaboy

        wat df rap gotta do wit dis?

      • TruthSerum813

        For all you know the dude might have been bumping a self righteous Lupe Fiasco song as he did it. Hell I knew a dude once who sold pills to teenagers who use to ride around playing Commons “Be” album on repeat, music ain’t got nothing to do with this kind of BS, crazy doesn’t have a favorite Genre of music.

      • The_Good_Life

        I’m with you bra. Love my people and hip hop but I don’t expose my kids to rap. My radio stay on R&B or old school. What ever else they hear comes from outside the crib.

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  • Funny….ahh aint never post the stories of the many many many black women killing black women…a young boy did it….post it..

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    I blame the parents for this materialistic lifestyle they have these kids living

  • i_am_LOUD

    That’s crazy. Died for nothing

  • Lorenzo Middleton

    That’s really sad and unfortunate for this family.

  • Kevin Graham

    Parents have no control over materialism, thats society’s hold over black youth and youth in general.

  • Jdilla2982 .

    Im not giving any judgement until facts come out but Im praying for the family this is very unforunate

  • Tre C

    sad to hear. One kid is going to jail for killing his sister. One kid has lost her life. Now another baby will grow up without its mother. just sad all the way around

  • J. Cox

    This just a travesty. I understand the father’s position in terms of trying to save his son but he shot his sister over clothes. These kids want to be grown out here in the streets until it’s time to pay for their crimes. Undoubtedly, he must pay the price. A life has been lost. There was a time when men protected the women in their circle. What has the world come to? This is beyond comprehension. May God have mercy upon this boy’s soul and may this young girl rest in peace.

    • Nana De Baus

      he is trying to let us know that his son wasnt born a killer, he happens to be a shooter so he wants him alive.

  • Nana De Baus

    this is why the government dont want citizens to own weapons, now the shooter is going to regret and come up with stories. It should have been an argument or a fight!

  • $25041764

    i thought that was one of wayne baby mommas

  • Matthew Oliver

    And they say Chicago is crazy

  • Sad all around but some people shouldn’t be allowed to live man…you don’t kill ya damn sister man…wtf be wrong wit folks?

  • Thenatural503

    Where the hell id he get a gun? If that turns out to be his parents fun they need to be held responsible.