Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Win Early Rap Honors

(AllHipHop News) Macklemore & Ryan Lewis took their first Grammy honors by storm in the Rap categories.

The pair won the Grammy Rap awards for best performance and best song for Thrift Shop and best album for The Heist.

Early in the show, they also took home the Grammy for best new artist.

The pair are also on the ballot for album of the year.

Pharrell Williams won producer of the year, his first award of the evening.

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  • i’mreloaded!

    Exactly why I’m not watchin. Not hatin but c’mon man.

  • Psych13

    Gay Agenda Pushing Forward!

    • notice how when that fool said he did that shit indepedent they cut that dude off………..

      • Jonathan Bacher

        haha yeah they def didnt want that message to be broadcasted.

  • It’s official white folks have taken over Hip-Hop….. O well when black folks controlled it we did nothing but fight, and tear each other down…Lets see what happens next.

    • DJ7

      That is a misguided statement Dior…WE haven’t controlled hip hop since it started making pink peoples pockets fat…think on that one!!!

      • Your right…But at the end of the day, we sold our soul to the devil and there is no turning back….I am not a racist but when you have dudes like 50 back in the day honoring Eminem as one of the greatest rappers alive, that to me was a slap in the face to Hip-Hop…Eminem was a reject crackhead in this own community and because of Hip-Hop you all turned him into greatness….Point is if we didn’t open the gate for these white rappers, or controlled it to a certain point, then we would have never lost the artform…You don’t see white folks calling Tiger Woods the greatest? They like him but they are not just going to act like he is the best thing to ever happened to golf…Same thing with everything else…We should just stop worshipping these white folks who happening to be good at what we do, give credit but don’t give it all away.

      • Troll_E_G


      • TruthSerum813

        How’s the view from that soapbox???

      • ImFred ImRico

        if 50 was co-signing a WACK artist then it would be a slap in the face. Yeah Em did drugs but a lot of rappers talk about dealing those drugs (the talented ones and the wack ones). Neither one is better than the other.


        Nothing racist about that. People gonna disagree say we living in the past, but least we have a past. The way things going they won’t see a future. Hip hop progressing backwards.

      • loan

        50 one em labei right, so he is gonna kiss his azz

    • Andy

      Don’t jump the gun yet man. Next year will most likely go back to an African American. Whether it’s Kendrick’s sophmore album, Kanye’s next album, Nas, or even an album like Oxymoron or Testuo and Youth. I don’t see any white rappers coming anywhere close next time. And even if they did, it’s only a couple awards.

      Althought I do admit they made a poor decision this year. Macklemore sounds a hell of a lot more like R&B, not hip hop.

      • Obi Won

        When Drake beat out Nas for whatever that award was, ALL awards shows became an entertaining joke.

      • loan

        The white man giving us back rap. lol. When have they given us back anything. That’s why they created the BET hip hop awards.

    • P€OpLé hAte Me

      your right and that’s just what it is


      But the young people says they are winning. Records sales, suppose to mean you’re talented. Hip hop took a Big L last night.

  • Black Jay

    The outcome isn’t unexpected. White America for undeserving White Rappers. The Grammys is the dumbest awards show on the planet. You can best believe my TV ain’t on that channel. Hey Kendrick…. You’re up against Taylor Swift for album of the year. Unless you pour a big bucket of Clorox on your head, you can pretty much forget it.

    • Come on man, you know dam well that most black entertainers can’t even sit in the same row because they are constantly beefing and fighting….From 50 to 2Pac, Lil Kim, Foxy Remy, Jay-Z, Dame Dash, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Drake and the rest of them all they do is fight and bitch about who has more. We had the opportunity to have our own award shows like “The Source Awards” and it was nothing but drama and fist fights…. Change was going to come regardless.

      • Black Jay

        What does that have to do with the Lilly White Grammy Awards sh*tting on Hip Hop? Their seating arrangement is the last thing on my mind. I’m more concerned with their constant disregard for hip hop as an artform. Keep your eye on the prize dude. This sh*t has been going on for years. Well before The Source Awards.

      • brotha_man

        u right! real rappers wont win ish…only the few that are “accepted” among the whites will win…..jay-z, drake, childish gambino,. however rappers like chance, pusha t, earl sweatshirt, problem and iamsu can forget it.

      • Black Jay

        But I kinda expected Kanye to lose out this year. He been going hard at the establishment. As soon as he opened his mouth The Grammys basically ripped up his ballots. But I love that Yeezy mentality. F*ck the system!

      • Y’all act like the Grammy’s is all about Hip-Hop…..The music world consist of more than just Hip-Hop, just because your music player consist of just rappers and black people, don’t mean that there aren’t other music genres that’s selling at a larger scale.

      • brotha_man

        But clearly the people of the Grammys do not view rap on a creative level with other genres of music. Kendrick is just as creative as Macklemore, jay z, bey, Adele, pink, them mutha fuggin techno cats in the helmets(can’t think of their name). I know there are thousands of genres, artist and so fourth….just don’t think the masses respect hip hop on a Grammy level unless u Macklemore or jay z….:even ye album was artistic and had a message. I’m not saying rap is Number 1, I’m just saying It doesn’t get any respect. Shout out to killer mike, skyzoo, the roots, nas, brother Ali, atmosphere, Demi godz, Sean price, j. Cole, rhapsody…

      • It has a lot to do with something as simple as seating arrangements, if you want to honor a certain artists It’s a great chance that one won’t show up because he is seated next to another artists that he don’t get along with…It’s been happening before the source awards, because Hip-Hop artist been beefing way before the source awards…My thing is this why do black people feel like they MUST be apart of everything? and on the flip side won’t even create things for themselves so they don’t have to be excluded all the time?


        Right on, The Source not the only mag. How come no one else has tried.

    • Obi Won

      Kendrick going up against other genres like that is BIG. That’s a win in its self.

  • DJ7

    In other news…hip hop that is…The UW battle was off the chain…classic…quotables for days…if you didn’t get to witness it live, be sure to check it out when it drops online…must see

  • wickedjones


  • Scosha Moe

    Who votes for the Grammys? They say many on the Rap Committee didn’t want Macklemore even nominated. I’m not even familiar with their music anyway so I could care less. Just make music for your fans and do it from the heart. Who do you guys think should’ve won anyway? I think Kendrick should’ve won if anybody. More female rap artists need to become relevant in the game.

  • lol what a joke (but not surprised) …who votes on these things? like who are the people that decides who wins? anyone knows how this sh!t works?

    • JimJames29

      Theres an article over at complex that you should check out… just enter grammy in the search bar it’ll come up. Some dude who is part of the raggar comittee explains the whole process, its pretty meased up

  • P€OpLé hAte Me

    these shows are usually always planed when it comes to the winner

  • i always thought the grammys was too polish for hiphop anyways,even if Macklemore & Ryan Lewiswas was black its still a fuccked up decision..

    • johnblacksad

      LMAO… true sh!t tho… Outkast wannabe wannabees

  • David Gonz


  • Thank God for the BET Hip Hop Awards.


      WORD!!! And the “Soul Train Awards”!!!

  • brotha_man

    never listened to mack…..but i bet pusha t album was way better

    • hell yeah it was,kanye west was the exec for that album..

    • reg joe

      Bro, if you didn’t listen to it, then you just prejudged it. When White folks prejudged Blacks, it was a problem. Now its ok????

      • brotha_man

        Not about color with me one of my fav hip hop artist is white “brother Ali” it’s about picking and choosing what rap/hip hop is acceptable and unacceptable…. For the sake of argument I will listen to Macklemore today.

      • johnblacksad

        Daylight! Bro Ali!!!! you already know!

    • ImFred ImRico

      two different styles. Mackelmore is a songwriter who happens to rap (not a diss) and Push is about bars that make you say “eghck”. The Heist, a 7 My Name is My Name, 8. Both could’ve been better. I purchased both albums by the way.

  • TruthSerum813

    An award show for white liberals, by white liberals, awarded a white liberal….. Where’s the surprise here???

    It’s a bunch of white hippies who would never in their wildest dreams go to a black neighborhood yet feel oddly compelled to support black causes, and whom think the best thing for our future is to glamorize homosexuality to children just so they can show you how open minded they are, who voted for this award…… And your actually surprised Macklemore won?? ?He’s one of their own.

    Macklemore is the kind of white guy who, if he walked in on a black guy sleeping with his wife, instead of getting mad like any man is suppose to, he’d pat him on the back, apologize for slavery and make a nice gourmet dinner for three……. He’s the kind of dude who will make a song telling us to stop height discrimanation at roller coasters and get a million midgets to rally around him……… He’s a whiny, annoying white liberal, the worst kind of human being………Just like the people who make up the committee who picks these awards

    You think they over rated Eminem??…… He was just a proto-type, this dude represents everything the powers that be want, they gonna award him every time he comes out from here till the day he’s dead, mark my words…

    • Andy

      Agree with everything you stated, except the use of the word liberal as something horrible. Economically I’m definately a liberal (the rich should pay a significantly higher percentage of taxes than they do currently). Maybe not socially, but I am economically.

      Other than that I agree. Macklmore is being thrust into spotlight for no reason. I don’t see how the Heist was anywhere near the best hip hop album of last year.

    • Jonathan Bacher

      Sounds like someone has no sense at all

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  • pauleyPee

    I do not consider Macklemoore’s album the best. But it sounds really really good. Was it a raw rap album? No. But it was in hip-hop form so mehhhh, I understand why it wasn’t in the pop category. It is what it is.

    Until next year, get back in the lab artists. Keep crankin’ hot joints out because Grammy or not, I like how it feels when I got some hot shi* to roll through San Francisco bumpin’, through Los Angeles bumpin’, through Las Vegas bumpin’. It’s all about them moments when I walk into the gym and I’m playing my most southern of southern heaters, my westcoast headbangers, eastcoast jungle riddles… That’s what it’s all about. The culture was never about a Grammy.

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  • Super_Hero

    I still never heard a Macklmoore song nor do I have the urge to do so now.

    • loan


  • loan

    Hip hop is now white. lol. like Scarface said it’s happening. Scores of
    white people have bought Macklemoore album vs. Kendrick. You teach a
    people that constantly oppresses your race your craft, this is a result
    of it. That’s why the Chinese killed Bruce Lee for teaching the west
    ancient secrets. So in the next 10 years their will be no more Drakes
    and Kendrick Lamars. lol. Oh, they will be around just not getting paid.


    “Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Win Early Rap Honors”??? And this is what rap has come to!!! What a damn shame!!!


    The same way Elvis is in the history books for Rock-n-Roll the same thing will be said about Eminem and Hip Hop twenty years from now!!! “Em” will be known as the “FATHER OF HIP HOP”!!!


    There was a time when the “GRAMMY’S” didn’t even support rap, and know they giving out awards to corny ass so called rappers!!! Just like how “Rolling Stone” didn’t write about rap for a long time, and then gave “Eminem” the title as “The best rapper in the world”. Typical American bullschitt!!!!!!!


    The only form of “BLACK MUSIC” that hasn’t been tainted is reggae!!!