BULLS**T! Kendrick Lamar And The Greats That Never Won A Grammy

Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Salt-N-Pepa, Public Enemy, Kid-N-Play, Slick Rick et al. at the 1988 Grammy Boycott.

“Who gives a f**k about a gotdamn Grammy? Who gives a f**k about what they like?” – Public Enemy

Kendrick Lamar got screwed: simple and plain.

Nobody should be shocked, because the Grammy game as always been a tricky beast when it comes to Hip-Hop. Way back in 1988 (a seminal year for Hip-Hop), Hip-Hop heads like Will Smith, Salt N Pepa and Public Enemy publicly boycotted the award show because they didn’t televise the Hip-Hop portion. Rappers don’t have such solidarity in 2014, but Jay Z did voice his discontent in other ways. Nevertheless, if Kendrick is feeling a way about not winning any of the Grammys he was nominated for, he should rest assured that he’s in the company of true Greats. Below is a list of some of the big names and talented artists that never took home what Jay Z called a “zippy cup” to their home.

Tupac Shakur
Bob Marley
Snoop Dogg
Jimi Hendrix
Diana Ross
Chuck Berry (The creator of Rock-N-Roll music)
Notorious B.I.G.
Public Enemy
Ice Cube
Busta Rhymes
The Who
The Doors
Led Zepplin
Depeche Mode
Guns N’ Roses
Katy Perry
Cat Stevens
Florence + the Machine
Stevie Nicks
Martina McBride

And there are more…but this is a sample of many.

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  • Dee

    50 sold 13 million records and didnt win one either

    • illseed

      50 technically won a Grammy for “Crack A Bottle” by Eminem and Dr. Dre

      • Embassy

        cant believe Crack A Bottle was nominated for anything other than Wackest Em & Dre Collab Ever

    • Crenshaw on my shirt

      If he lost to any album besides Black Album, that’s some weak ass shit

      • Ronald Tregan

        I could be wrong but i believe he lost to Kanye’s College Dropout

    • Myleage

      wow really? well he did have a lot of competition. 2005 was def his year but 2006-thru 210 belonged to t.i., wayne, t.i. and wayne, jay z, and eminem respectively. 50 has been cold since

      • Eli Pinilla

        He ran 03-05 though…he shoulda at least got new artist. Or get rich shoulda won rap album of the year.

      • Myleage

        yes he should have def. won a grammy. i mean i like Ludacris but money maker should not have won a grammy imo

  • $11625525

    2Pac was Posthumously honoured for “How Do U want It”, so the list isn’t 100% accurate.

    • illseed

      That was a 97 nomination. You’ll need to prove that. This list is accurate.

      • list not totally accurate, fact check, not on wikipedia either lol

      • Steven Davis

        This List Is Not Accurate, Drake Just Won Last Year For Best Rap Album. As Much Of An Uproar It Caused When He Beat Nas’ Life Is Good Album You Would Think This Site Would Have Remembered That

  • kokok

    Drake won last year for Best Rap Album.

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  • As a voting member of the academy I think ALL Hip Hop need to do a serious FACTCheck, because a few people on the list has won, some multiple times!

  • loan

    Hip hop is now white. lol. like Scarface said it’s happening. Scores of
    white people have bought Macklemoore album vs. Kendrick. You teach a
    people that constantly oppresses your race your craft, this is a result
    of it. That’s why the Chinese killed Bruce Lee for teaching the west
    ancient secrets. So in the next 10 years their will be no more Drakes
    and Kendrick Lamars. lol. Oh, they will be around just not getting paid.

    • TruthSerum813

      If you look at the record sales Macklemore only outsold Kendrick by about 100K copies…….. So this whole “Rap is being stolen from us” argument is just melodrama from a bunch of negative people….. Sure, the white-washed media may award Macklemore and play his records on pop stations more, but when it comes to the album sales, he doesn’t sell very much more then Kendrick. The fans still know what time it is,

      • loan

        we will wait and see

  • Flight_91

    2pac got Robbed in 96..He should’ve won for Best Rap Album for Me Against The World..shit sold like 5 Million WorldWide and went Number 1 on All the Charts..

  • fiii

    not true… drake won take care album last year.

  • $18916246…is a new artist for all that it’s worth, everyone on the list above have had broad long standing careers, numerous albums. So he didn’t get a Grammy and neither did Canibus. Keep hating on his piers, Karma is real. Kendrick is blessed, he ain’t seen rough yet. The no Grammy nod is a petty bruise to dudes ego…If he’s as great as he thinks he is he’ll get over it. White folks can do what ever they want at their award shows, the list above says that if nothing else.

    • wickedjones

      im glad u know how this dude feel.

      • $18916246

        Your sight is 20/20.:)

  • Sinbk Legend

    How u start off with rap, and then make a list with the who and others in it????

  • Broderick Walker

    Drake Won A Grammy Dummies….

  • k dot got robbed, now they stealin our culture

  • crazy white people

    Come people..The Grammys is a WHITE Awards show so why would they let a black Rapper Win?? Back to Sponla dot c o m

  • Meez

    Drake winning a grammy over Nas is a tragedy by itself

  • rs_yes

    Maaaannnn Kanye has won a sh*t ton of Grammy’s. I never realized that.

  • Lorenzo Middleton

    Led Zepplin won Best Rock Album this year.