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Eminem & Slaughterhouse Present New "Total Slaughter" Battle Rap Tournament

(AllHipHop News) Eminem helped pushed the battle rap scene into the mainstream with his 2002 semi-biographical film 8 Mile. The Detroit rap legend is now joining with the Shady Records group Slaughterhouse to support the next generation of battle rap emcees. The members of Slaughterhouse announced a new battle tournament series on RapFix Live.

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“We are doing ‘Total Slaughter Battle Tournament.’ We have a few of the elite battle rappers,” reveals Joe Budden. “Battle rap… it’s taking over. It’s the talk every street, every barber shop.”

Total Slaughter is airing online via Eminem’s VEVO channel. The tourney has been separated into two brackets. The participants are Math Hoffa, Arsonal, Dizaster, Daylyt, Big T, Marvwon, Aye Verb, and Cortez. The two finalists will be the opening bout for the main event featuring a rematch between Murda Mook and Loaded Lux.

The entire experience is also being captured for an online reality show as well. The eight rappers will live and train together similar to WWE’s Tough Enough and UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter.

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Check out Slaughterhouse announcing Total Slaughter and the tournament brackets below.


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36 Responses to “Eminem & Slaughterhouse Present New "Total Slaughter" Battle Rap Tournament”

      • Werd SOS

        you must have watched a diff battle man, even the US crowd went silent on Day, and shouted out crazy for Shotty, totally took that with ease man… watch it with the sound on next time.

      • cromthelaughinggod7

        Tell me how because they went crazy for both of their bars. Stop lying. You watched something else

  1. crazy white people

    No one cares about battle rap. I just wonna see Joe Budden & Tahiry fight and make up lol…Back to Sponla d o t c o m

  2. dehova

    Diz and Arsonal should get bye’s to the next round and Lux will destroy Mook. People caught on to the fact he just waffles now. Better to see Iron Solomon vs Diz or Arcane

  3. Spirit Equality

    Would be more interested in seeing former major label artists battle, like a Freeway/Cassidy rematch and a Casual/Saafir rematch (if Saafir is in battling form, I know he had health issues), with a headlining battle like Rakim versus Kane. You know, battles that rap fans have been waiting to see for YEARS. A guy with Eminem’s pull should be able to organize something like that. These other battles are the same old kind of match-ups we’ve already seen, despite the ability of the people involved. I like Loaded Lux like the next guy, but Eminem could really do something epic here instead of follow in the footsteps of other battle leagues.

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